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↳ Henry & Anne (The Tudors)

I beg you, my entirely beloved, not to frighten yourself nor be too uneasy at our absence, for wherever I am, I am yours. No more at present, from lack of time, but that I wish you in my arms, that I might a little dispel your unreasonable thoughts. Written by the hand of him who is and always will be yours.


On December 1, 1533 Anne was seen laughing when she witnessed King Henry VIII going to find his secretary, but saw a lady that made him forget about his errand in the first place. “He went to fetch your secretary, but he met a lady, who made him forget the matter!” - Anne Boleyn to the French ambassador Admiral Chabot de Brion. 


18 February 1516 – The birth of a fair princess

In the early hours of 18th February 1516, at Greenwich Palace, “was borne a fayre prynces and christened with great solempnitie, and named Mary.” This little girl was the future Queen Mary I.

Mary was baptised on 20th February 1516 in the Church of the Observant Friars at Greenwich. The little princess was carried to the font by the Countess of Surrey and her godparents were Catherine Courtenay, Countess of Devon and daughter of Edward IV; Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury and daughter of George, Duke of Clarence; the Duchess of Norfolk, and Cardinal Thomas Wolsey.

She was the only surviving child of King Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon and the first queen to rule England in her own right. Mary was crowned on October 1553 and reigned until her death in 1558 at St. James Palace in London


“It was the realisation of one of [Jane’s] dearest hopes to have Mary with her at court, and she kept her stepdaughter often in her company, walking with her hand in hand. Jane and Mary developed a deep and lasting friendship and Jane always ensured that Mary was treated with respect.” —  Elizabeth Norton “Jane Seymour, Henry VIII’s True Love”