tudor jokes

I want to know more about the meta world that Six the Musical takes place in. Like, I know the set-up is just a device to tell these stories and we’re not meant to get into it like I’m about to but like, what the hell is going on in this world? Why would the six wives of Henry the Eighth suddenly reincarnate or whatever? Is it just them or is, like, Marie Antoinette about to drop a sick-ass album? Have they all come to terms with the fact that they’re all, like, different ages and, in some cases, races than they were when they died (or are they not and that’s just the actor/character divide getting fuzzy because the actors are playing characters who are acting)? Were they reincarnated with the sum knowledge of modern day pop culture that would be necessary for then to write their songs or have they been, like, hanging out for the past four years acclimating and also doing whatever it is you do to form a girl group? How did they decide that a live concert performance was the best medium for telling their stories? Who voted for that? Was that their Plan A or is there a self-published book on Amazon that didn’t do well and this was the back-up plan? In this world, do they present themselves as Henry the Eighth’s actual wives? Do people buy this or do they think it’s an elaborate bit, like Daft Punk wearing their masks everywhere? If people do buy it, is everyone just like, cool with it? Is it weird having an alternate go on for you when they’re literally playing you, not your character? I know this is all outside of the scope of the show but listen. Listen.

Mary Tudor really had to have her thirteen-year-old brother publically lecture her about how to practice her religion, when she was thirty-five. After a lifetime of being tormented for her religion, after a decade of suffering under her father, she now faced the same thing from her little brother, the brother one third her age, the brother she helped raise, the son of the woman she considered a second mother. Bloody Mary didn’t come out of nowhere.