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Hever Castle

Once home to Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s unfortunate second wife, Hever Castle is a Tudor manor of exquisite beauty surrounded by some of Britain’s finest gardens. Try and stay dry in the unique water maze, walk among the flowers in the walled rose garden, then experience Tudor life in the rooms of the castle itself. You can even stay the night!

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National Portrait Gallery reunites Henry VIII with Catherine of Aragon

Image of first wife was thought to be of Catherine Parr, the sixth spouse who survived him, and was found in Lambeth Palace

Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon famously parted on tricky terms, but the National Portrait Gallery announced on Thursday it was reuniting the royal couple after it discovered an image of the devoutly Catholic queen hanging in, of all places, Lambeth Palace.

The gallery said a portrait always thought to be of Catherine Parr, Henry’s sixth wife who survived him, was in fact a depiction of the other Catherine – his first wife and the one his quest to divorce led to the titanic split with the Catholic church.

It has hung in a private sitting room of the official residence of the archbishop of Canterbury at least since the 19th century and probably longer.

The NPG’s Charlotte Bolland called it “an exciting discovery”, made when gallery staff went to Lambeth Palace to research its portrait of William Warham, the man who married Henry and Catherine as archbishop of Canterbury in 1509.

During the visit the Catherine portrait was spotted. “It was immediately apparent that it was in a very early frame, something which was a relatively rare survival from the early 16th century. It was a way of frame-making that went out of fashion. That was a kind of instant sign that it was something quite interesting.”

The woman’s costume also looked far more 1520s than 1540s, leading to gallery staff questioning whether it was Catherine Parr.

Lambeth Palace allowed the painting to be taken to the NPG’s conservation studio where x-ray and infrared research helped lead to the conclusion that it was in fact Catherine of Aragon.

The research is part of the NPG’s Making Art in Tudor Britain project, for which Bolland is curator. It has already thrown up fascinating discoveries, such as the finding that a portrait of Elizabeth I’s spymaster, Sir Francis Walsingham, had been painted on a Catholic devotional image of the Madonna and Child, quite possibly mischievously.

The NPG, also with mischief, has now hung the Catherine of Aragon portrait, on loan to it for five years, next to one of Henry from the same time. And next to the unhappy couple is Anne Boleyn, the other woman who became Henry’s second wife until her execution, by beheading, in 1536.

Source: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2013/jan/24/henry-viii-catherine-aragon-portrait

BIRTHDAY // A Joe Sugg Imagine

8th of September 2015 

You woke up with a peaceful and sleeping Joseph Sugg hugging you. Checking your phone out it’s the 8th of September which means it is the birthday of your 2 years long boyfriend, you were planning a surprise birthday party for him but a lot of his mates, even her sister Zoe is kinda busy to party in a Tuesday night.

You carefully removed the duvet from your body and slowly pulling yourself from Joe’s hug and replacing it with a pillow instead. You went upstairs and it seems that Caspar is still sleeping as well. So you’ve decided to cook a breakfast for Joe to be served in bed for his birthday and a breakfast for Caspar as well. You opened your phone, put your headphones on and started playing 1989 in shuffle. You were singing along with Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” while cooking bacon and eggs and toasting bread for your boyfriend and your best friend, Caspar.

As soon as you finished you took a bath, fix your make up, though Joe don’t want you to wear it as much as possible, and get dressed. Surprisingly Joe is still not up, maybe he was so tired in filming for his Gaming channel last night that you didn’t even realized what time it is that he went to bed with you. So you’ve decided to just put the breakfast you made for Joe on his bedside and write a note saying “Happy Birthday My Love, breakfast in bed smile emoticon Sadly, I need to go in an emergency meeting but I will be back as soon as I can, love u -(y/n)”  but in reality you are not going in any meeting, instead you’re going to Nandos to order some food for today’s lunch, to find a bakeshop where you can buy a cake, and find a gift yes a gift for Joe for you forgot to buy him one.

You went to town and bought yourself a Starbucks to keep you energized for this morning and as you were checking your phone Joe sent you a text and a snap too. You opened his text message first and it was “Where are you and what meeting is that? I hate it when I not see you in the morning especially in my birthday” and that made you feel a little bit bad about what you’ve done but you knew that if he was awake he wouldn’t let you go out so maybe what you did was a pretty good idea. Before making a reply for that you first looked at the snap he sent you it was a picture of the breakfast you made for him and the caption says “thank you but i hate you” and the other snap is him mad and the other one is a picture of him smiling and the caption says “jokes i love you pls b back soon miss u” and so you just took a photo of your shoes and said “I’m walking as fast as I could” and another snap of you sad with a caption “i’ll be back soon. miss u too” and sent him another snap with a pouty lips with a caption “sending kisses” before you kept your phone again for joe would just constantly distract you.

You took a sip of your latte, and entered nandos. You ordered a lunch for Joe, Caspar, Oli, Connor, Jim, Tanya and for yourself too, you paid for the lunch and told the cashier that you will just stop by to get it before you get home. You then go to a  bakeshop nearby to buy 2 cakes one for lunch and one for dinner, told the cashier that you will drop by to get the cake and ask them to deliver the other at 7PM that night. And then you are off to buy Joe a gift.

You first went to Tudor to buy him a watch, you had the idea when you are watching the “sacconejolys” vlog where Anna bought Jonathan a Tudor watch. You bought a “Tudor Heritage Ranger” and let them wrap it up into a gift whilst you’re writing on a card for it, you wrote: “Dear Joseph, this is something that when you look at you might remember me, or remember to come home at night *wink emoji* Happy Birthday, i love you so much” you finished up writing and the girl attached the card to the gift and gave it to you and you placed it in your bag “uhm” the girl from the wrapping station said so you went back and asked her “did i leave anything? is there anything wrong” she answered “oh everything’s ok i mean it’s perfect but aren’t you joe sugg’s girlfriend?” you just smiled and nod at her cuteness, the girl freaked out a little bit and asked you if it is ok if she takes a picture with you and you answered yes excitedly and you two took a picture and then she thanked you and you bid goodbye.

Then you went to American Apparel, you bought Joe a “French Terry Drop-Shoulder Sweatshirt” in Navy Blue, a “Power wash v-neck” in white, a “Fisherman’s pullover”, a ¾ sleeve raglan shirt, ripped jeans, a leather and a leopard print cap, last is a denim tennis shoe. You went and paid for it and left american apparel before you’re tempted to buy some for yourself.

You’re on your way to VS the heaven of lingerie, and met quite a lot of fans which made your 5 minute walk to almost 20. You went in and bought lingerie for yourself and for Joe’s last gift *wink* *wink* and went back to the bakeshop and nandos to get the food you bought and rode a cab. You called Oli, Tanya, and Connor to be on their way to the apartment you guys are staying and they all said that they are on their way.

You arrive at the household and found your guests outside waiting for you to arrive. This wasn’t pretty much planned but you thought that it might be a good idea to surprise him so you texted Caspar to take him downstairs to his room and film. Caspar replied get in @ 10 minutes. So for you not to waste time you pumped up balloons with the gand and fortunately tan and jim brought a balloon with the numbers 2 and 4.

After 10 minutes you guys went inside quietly and they placed the balloons and got the strings which says “happy birthday” you brought out the helium tank and the gang pumped up balloons once again while you prepare the food and the cake you bought you placed your gifts inside your bag for you to give it after lunch. You are just lighting up the candles when Oli suddenly popped a balloon, all of you froze in place when the door downstairs opened. You whispered “places” and run to the center with the cake you almost stumbled bu regained your balance anyway. Joe was running upstairs with a Caspar Lee chasing him and you all sang in chorus a Happy Birthday like it was on cue but it wasn’t. When the song was almost at its end Joe was right in front of you smiling “Happy birthday to you” he closed his eyes and said “I don’t think I even need to wish, when it is already granted and is right here in front of me” and with that he blew the candle. “Gosh I’m hungry” Oli said and led the people to the dinner table, Caspar got the cake from your hands and followed the people. Joe hugged you and kissed your temple as he said thank you for making this day extra special. You dragged him to the table to entertain the guests he didn’t let you go throughout he birthday lunch, he was constantly holding your waist. You two have eaten, there is the giving of gifts, and then it is time to say goodbyes and see you soons.

Caspar went to his room to edit some vlogs to be up for the future. So you and Joe are left. Joe asked you to join him cuddle downstairs but you told him to go and you will just follow him because you still need to fix some things he kissed your hair and told you to not take too long. You got the paper bag and the watch from under the sofa. You hurried down stairs and went to you and Joe’s shared room when Caspar suddenly burst in saying that he needs to fetch a longtime friend from the airport and left instantly that might be pretty important you thought. 

You gave Joseph the American Apparel paperbag and he scanned thru all the things you bought him and he was like how did you know my size and stuff but you just answered him that you two have been together for 2 years now, that you would be a bad girlfriend if you don’t know what his sizes are. He tried on every stuff and you praised because all of it fits well with him and he really love it he hugged you tight and said thank you, then you hand him your second gift which is a watch. He read the letter and looked confused, he opened the thing slowly and confusingly, then he saw the brand and he was like omg he opened it all throughout and his expression was worth the price you paid. He was so overwhelmed with your gift that he was about to kiss you but you stopped him, “I got one last gift love, wait for me here it’s kind of hard to arrange” you said and went inside the bathroom, you peeked thru what he was doing and he was taking snaps and photos. You wore your lingerie you bought from Victoria’s Secret and giggled a little bit. You opened the door slightly and ran to sit at Joe’s lap, he looks a bit surprised but then you look at him straight to the eyes and he smirked when he realized what you were doing and you did the same thing, you smirked back at him.

You reached for your phone and played a sexy song placed it at the bedside and danced at Joe’s lap he was holding your waist while you are dancing and grinding then he threw his face at your neck and kissed it, for he knew for that is where your turning on point is. 

And lets just say the rest is history *wink*

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