tudor girl

Katie McGrath said being the wardrobe girl on the Tudors and lacing girls into corsets was the best six months of her life. Also because she met Natalie Dormer, who is now her best friend.


Anne Boleyn cried the day of
her third miscarriage but not
on the day of her execution.

Instead, she stayed up talking
to God until the early hours.

Instead, she reflected on her
childhood, remembered the days
when Mary would fashion her
long black hair into braids.

Instead, she wondered what it would’ve
been like if she’d only been his mistress,
or if she’d never married him,
or if she’d given birth to a son.

Instead, she thought back to when her
affection had been more important to him
than good relations with Rome.

Instead, she got dressed. Wore a red
petticoat under her dark grey gown.
Her mother’s ring on her left
hand instead of her wedding band.

Instead, she walked up to the scaffold
with steady hands and addressed the
crowd, spoke fondly of the King.

They tied a blindfold around her head
and she closed her eyes. Thinking of God,
thinking of Elizabeth.

She didn’t feel the sword.
—  ‘Anne Boleyn on the day of her execution’ by Cassie Lewis 

“All available descriptions of Owen Tudor agree that he was ‘adorned with wonderful gifts of body’. Some claim that Catherine was unable to forget him after accidentally spying him swimming naked one afternoon. Another story, judged probable in a recent history of the family, is that she first noticed him at a party in her rooms with the energetic Owen performed a dance move that unfortunately did not finish as competently as it commenced. He tripped and fell into the Queen Mother’s lap.

They were smitten and although she never could follow what her new in-laws were saying since she neither spoke nor understood Welsh, and Owen was the only member of his family to speak English, the couple loved each other enough to face down the tidal wave of disapproval that crashed over them once their marriage became public knowledge. Servants reported that when the couple made love, Queen Catherine could be heard screaming with pleasure, a dynamic to their relationship that presumably made disregarding the critics an awful lot easier.”





Good Christian people, I am come hither to die, for according to the law, and by the law I am judged to die, and therefore I will speak nothing against it. I am come hither to accuse no man, nor to speak anything of that, whereof I am accused and condemned to die, but I pray God save the king and send him long to reign over you, for a gentler nor a more merciful prince was there never: and to me he was ever a good, a gentle and sovereign lord. And if any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to judge the best. And thus I take my leave of the world and of you all, and I heartily desire you all to pray for me. O Lord have mercy on me, to God I commend my soul

Clary is out here trying to salvage the little bit left of her messed up family after her mother died and Kat is killing it, acting-wise.

Sebastian is out here trying to get some type of love (however creepy the feelings he’s having toward a girl that he knows is his sister) from his family and Will is killing it, acting-wise.