Valentine’s Day ABC Challenge

I was tagged by @mikotoismyking to spread some love this Valentine’s Day with her little challenge.  So here goes.

Rules: List all the ABCs and type one thing you love under each letter. Then tag 14 people (or as many as you’d like!)

Ani-weeb-kend-atlanta (the name of the group chat between me and some of my best friends)
Bob’s Burgers
Christmas Time
Ed Sheeran
Final Fantasy
Game of Thrones
Hello Kitty
Ice Cream
Jasmine from Aladdin (OG fav princess)
My ships aka my armada
New York City
On the Brightside by NeverShoutNever (go-to happy song)
Piano music
Questions from tumblr people actually curious about me and would like to become friends
Reading while cuddled up in blankets as it rains hard outside
Studio Ghibli
Universal Studios Orlando
Very Potter Musicals
We The Kings
XO by We The Kings ft. Elena Coats

I tag: @promptoargentbutt, @coco-sebulitis, @in-a-beautiful-light, @hollywoodx4, @watchyourattitude, @go-back-to-your-books, @thisloveremains, @edreversebucketlist, and anyone else who follows me and wants to do it :)


6 photos of my ugly mug. Was tagged by accidentalbutter to do the selfie challenge thing. It was hard picking, since almost all my selfies have snap captions… haha. 

And I think I’d like to see 6 from the bae thebrohawk, then buttsasseremscub, tudios, bandannarama, baritenor4life, and berto510 :P Get to it. Sorry if you’ve already done it.