Y’know how there’s like, the stereotype of the 90s Skater Kid who has ‘tude’?

And like, the 80s ‘nerd’ who has a pen protector and glasses and a bow tie?

The 70s guy in terrible clothes?

Hippies in the 60s?

Greasers and the ‘perfect high school jock’ of the 50s?

The 00s/10s versions are gonna be an edgy ‘pay me to stop’ anti-sjw and somebody with an undertale icon

Look forward to that in a few years

@millin21 liked for a starter;

The Small turtle mutant, who moments ago

 was an average turtle was curled up behind a

 dumpster softly crying. He was afraid, hungry,

dirty and alone. He was making child like cries 

as he stayed in his hiding place. He couldnt remember

how he got there, why he was there or who

his family was. 

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