things my 8th graders say:

so this one kid was making fun of this other kid saying that his face looks “weird” and I was so over this kid’s ‘tude, so I turn and go “Well, your face is weird because it’s talking when I asked you not to.” and the whole class goes “OOHHHH” and then one kid stands up and points and yells “GET WRECKED”. 

It was the first day of school guys. 

horrorsans  asked:

Yo Sans! What's up with the unfresh 'tude? Not cool popapo.

“All you colorful fucks need to stay away from me.”

Could the fresh infect humans too? Well he didn’t want to find out.

anonymous asked:

I know you don't like Sonic, but what do you think is his best quality?

His loyalty towards his friends is pretty admirable. As someone who has dealt with many false friends in the past, sincere companionship is a pretty big deal to me, and so I’ll gladly give credit to Sonic for exhibiting it.

I also acknowledge how in spite of his need for freedom and not being told what to do, he still expresses a great amount of selflessness and consideration towards not just his friends, but a few of his enemies as well. It gives him a little more depth than the typical dude with ‘tude-type characters, and I can respect that, on top of it being a likable trait in itself.

Standing up for your own beliefs is a pretty cool trait of his as well. I’m sure that has resonated with plenty of people who have felt insecurity over how others judge them.

Jeg ved ikke længere hvad jeg skal gøre.
Jeg virker jo glad, jeg griner, smiler, joker og fester, men det går af helvedes til.
Føler jo ældre jeg bliver og jo tættere jeg kommer på at skulle “leve livet”, jo mere går det ned af bakke.

Jeg græder på en ugentlig basis, det ikke engang et chok for mig når jeg begynder at tude.

Jeg er på det samme punkt som for 2 år siden, bare med en ny levemåde, ny vennekreds og nye problemer

To My Future Lady

Gonna lay you down, till the last count

We’ve been goin all night, it’s the final round 

I’ll take you so high, you ain’t never coming down. One last rush, Don’t make a sound I’m about to bust, and pour right out  

Baby you’re a queen, now come take this crown 

You should be my wife, We could start a new life 

Someplace far far away, stress free; with endless nights 

We’ll bathe in the Sun, Even dance among the stars 

If I could, we would honeymoon on Mars 

I’ll kiss you under the moonlight

Promise to hold you close…but never too tight

Girl, you get my mood right

Even with a ‘tude, I’d choose you and you’d choose me, right?

Now I know I be playin, but just hear me out is all I’m sayin

You’re a Goddess; an Angel! Girl you heaven sent

And I promise to love you; you ain’t seen nothin yet

Don’t mean to sound rude or aggressive

But them sexy ass eye’s, have got me misstepping 

I’d compare a kiss from you to a blow from a lethal weapon 

But I’ll bear the pain, long as my efforts aren’t in vain

If you’ll open your heart, I’ll give you mine 

We’ll join our blood and be entwined.  

Together as one, for the rest of our lives.

I’ve heard that good things do take time, so I’ll wait if that’s fine 

Cuz one day, I’ll be yours….And You, Mine. 

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While I will respect your right to wiggly-secrecy, posting cute nude photos like that recent one makes me mighty tempted to move further north, if only to be closer to your wiggle-tude :P

this pleases wiggly batman.