Tennis with New York City ‘tude

What does the US Open have that other Grand Slam tennis tourneys don’t: Gotham, The City That Never Sleeps, The Big Apple! The US Open has been held at Flushing Meadows in Queens since 1881 — that’s a lot of record-breaking aces, regrettable double faults and nail-biting tie-breaks. To celebrate 134 years with tournament host New York City, we’ll be giving you US Open tennis data, NYC-style. Follow along for match stories and highlights told with a Big Town twist, or for more in-depth, real time data insights, check out our US Open page. And if you’re not much of a tennis fan, then fuhgetaboutit!

Sorry to scare you with the super up close and personal picture but this was the one that showed the makeup best 😁

You don’t always have to use a black eyeshadow for a smokey eye, here I used my @thebalm_cosmetics Balm Voyage & Nude'tude Palette to create this vampy plum smokey eye!

I’ll list a full product list soon. 🌹

@sigmabeauty Brow Pencil
@ardell_lashes Wispie Lashes
@thebalm_cosmetics eyeshadow palettes
@nyxcosmetics Pale Pink lipstick

anonymous asked:

Hey Pretty! I need to ask you, do you think the Too Faced Chocolate Bar really worth it? I already own the Naked 1 palette as a gift, but I have eyeing the Chocolate Bar a lot. What do you think? And also, what do you think about The Balm Nude Tude palette? Should I get that instead, or? Cos I love makeup, but I have a tight tight tight budget. Thanks for your help! xx

i totally recommend it! it has the best shade and finish range and its just really great quality. but if you’re into matte eyeshadows i would go for kat von d eyeshadow palette because thats my all time palette :)

I’ve heard this is maybe not that advisable but I have started on dark souls II

when I died for the first time I got this smug achievement that said “This Is Dark Souls” and my eyes rolled out the back of my head. uh oh, watch out, here comes a game with tude, for a new generation. put the wiimote down, mom. this is dark souls, the series where TBH I probably have died less times than I did playing the SNES DKC games


Today I finally got an Epic Nido in Pokemon Rumble World. I mean, I really wanted it to be the female or Nidorina, but it just happened and the male is cute enough for now. But I thought to myself, what exactly makes this Nidoran “epic”?

Is he epic as in a centuries old godslayer, who dared to stand up against the legendaries and won?

Or “epic” as in the slang term, a rude dude with the ‘tude who’s 2cool4me?

Also, sorry for going so long without site updates, I’m trying my best. :(

Also, 90s-esque BG from http://hdimagelib.com/90s+fabric+patterns

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