Whoopsie I over-thought "Day of the Larrys" again

You know that scene in just about every cartoon where, for one reason or another, a character has to go inside of another character’s mind and their mind is represented by many miniature representations of themselves, all operating memory, emotion, etc and fulfilling different personality roles? If you don’t know exactly what I’m talking about, here take a Spongebob screencap:

Alright, now that we’re all on the same page, I’m going to argue that Day of the Larrys very much follows the same motif and concept. Only instead of staying inside of Larry’s head, it is out in the open (symbolic!). We find that the domosphere has been transformed into a representation of Larry’s head, and the clones are his many aspects run amok and unable to be controlled now. Just look at how they act: Yes, there are a lot of goofy background Larrys that seem to act the same, but of the Larrys that Buck and Otto have specific interactions with, they all seem to have quite distinct roles. There’s a gruff Larry, sarcastic Larry, silly Larry, sophisticated Larry, horny Larry– you get the point.

(More after the read more; this is going to be a long ride)

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You know what I love about Buck and Larry, other than everything about Buck and Larry?

They’re so fucking nuanced.

Let’s take for example this, my new favorite Larry moment of the week.

It’s a moment in Big Al’s Big Secret that breezes by, but it still kind of speaks volumes as to Larry’s worldview during S1. Buck has just finished a huge steak, in typical Buck fashion, and finishes it off with a grotesque series of burps and Larry just, very blankly, says “You’re an animal.” And then we get this incredible series of expressions from Larry as Buck carries on, like he does.

And he just holds that last one for like 10 seconds until scene switches again. It’s sort of heartbreaking. It makes me actually feel bad for Larry; I’m sure we’ve most of us been in a place where we’re attracted to someone we probably shouldn’t be attracted to, only not so many of us have had to live and work with that person in close contact every day of our lives for years on end. Larry doesn’t honestly seem to even be that pissed at Buck in this scene; I just feel like he’s got such issues with what he feels for Buck, especially throughout S1 and he just sort of dwells on it now and then.

Seriously, look at how fucking sad he is.