So, having rediscovered my love for Time Squad...

This easily was my all-time favorite cartoon as a kid. I remember my dad and I literally dropping whatever the fuck it was that we were doing on Fridays to watch new episodes. This was my childhood which explains a lot of what’s wrong with me now and I was really sad when it was taken off the air.

Fast forward about 10 years, hooray for the internet, I found the episodes and literally marathoned the everloving hell out of them. (Mi padre was also happy as hell) I then discovered that there was a time squad fandom.

My face, honest to Christ:

I’ll admit, I was kind of sad that there was nothing like this around when the episodes were airing.


The fact that there is a resurgance of interest in this show…

You know what I love about Buck and Larry, other than everything about Buck and Larry?

They’re so fucking nuanced.

Let’s take for example this, my new favorite Larry moment of the week.

It’s a moment in Big Al’s Big Secret that breezes by, but it still kind of speaks volumes as to Larry’s worldview during S1. Buck has just finished a huge steak, in typical Buck fashion, and finishes it off with a grotesque series of burps and Larry just, very blankly, says “You’re an animal.” And then we get this incredible series of expressions from Larry as Buck carries on, like he does.

And he just holds that last one for like 10 seconds until scene switches again. It’s sort of heartbreaking. It makes me actually feel bad for Larry; I’m sure we’ve most of us been in a place where we’re attracted to someone we probably shouldn’t be attracted to, only not so many of us have had to live and work with that person in close contact every day of our lives for years on end. Larry doesn’t honestly seem to even be that pissed at Buck in this scene; I just feel like he’s got such issues with what he feels for Buck, especially throughout S1 and he just sort of dwells on it now and then.

Seriously, look at how fucking sad he is.

“Hate and Let Hate” is the best episode, okay.

I love the extremely retro-futuristic look of the Time Squad lab. Everything in it looks like… I don’t know, dresses from the seventies or something. I didn’t reference the lab too in-depth because I was lazy, but I just sort of assume that they have some form of shag carpeting to complete the image. Just how incredibly low-tech they’re portraying the technology of the year 100,000,000 is slightly hilarious in and of itself. I mean, Larry has two buttons and an arm flap, and that’s it. He has to type, for God’s sake!

Just flat colors for now. I should probably finish it, though. Should. Shoot, I think I’m just thrilled that Tuddrussel and my art style are getting along so well. Radioactive gorilla, indeed.