tucson memorial

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Full video of President Barack Obama’s address to Tucson Memorial

Tucson Memorial

“I shall pass through this life but once. Any good therefore that I can do, or any kindness I can show, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it. For I shall never pass this way again”. - Etienne de Grellet

I think this quote sums up the entire Tucson Memorial in wake of the recent tragedy. My heart goes out to those who lost loved ones and those who are still recovering in the hospital tonight. I have but four words for you “May God bless you!”

Let us give honor to our fellow Americans whose lives were taken from us on Saturday, January 8, 2011.

Christina Green

Gabe Zimmerman

John Roll

Dorwin Stoddard

Dorothy Morris

Phyllis Schneck

To all those that risked their lives to bring the gunman down “job well done!”  President Obama gave one of  his most compassionate speeches ever. He said and I quote “heroism doesn’t require special training or physical strength. It’s in the heart.” It was in the heart of the heroes to make sure not another American was killed or harmed, “mission accomplished.”

And to Congresswoman Giffords,“keep fighting!” The memorial service restored faith in our hearts, our minds and in our communities. President Obama spoke with the compassion of a father, a leader and most of all…an American.

we are an american family

300 million strong.

i’m gracious of my fellow americans for their wonder show of support–together we thrive.

If this tragedy prompts reflection and debate, as it should, let’s make sure it’s worthy of those we have lost…

The loss of these wonderful people should make every one of us strive to be better in our private lives – to be better friends and neighbors, co-workers and parents. And if, as has been discussed in recent days, their deaths help usher in more civility in our public discourse, let’s remember that it is not because a simple lack of civility caused this tragedy, but rather because only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to our challenges as a nation, in a way that would make them proud.


President Obama’s Tucson Memorial Speech

The eulogy made me emotional throughout, despite the vaguely disconcerting hooting at it’s start. (And really, the heroes of this tragedy do deserve a pep rally.) Definitely worth watching if you missed the live broadcast.