Bound to the Future

Woho. Finally finished it.
Man I thought this would never happen… Especially because I don’t like my Coloration style… it sucks-.-
But I loved the outlines so much I really needed (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111) to finish this all the way through.
I worked a week on it everyday. After work I thought I wouldn’t be able to get far but still made it through good.
Haven’t had much sleep this week ether… can’t wait to get to sleep now. WEEKEND!

I was inspired by some fanarts with dramatical Height differenc and remembered a Picture of one of my favorites Series. Air Gear with Kaito and Agito(♥) and decided that Danny and Dan would really fit in a similar dramatical comparison.
The rest of the Pic came by itsself when I thought it looked a bit to empty.
And to most of you I don’t have to explain the Connection between the dead friends, Clockwork and Dan width Danny. x33

I can’t really draw too brouded shoulders so Dan looks a bit more normal and not so Gym-Maskulin-putched-up and I suck at drawing evil guys so his look got more soft then intended.

Phew… I can’t think of anything more to say right now.

Questions? ask me!!!
but for now I need to sleep badly.

have fun with it.
See ya ~ 

Ps: still need help for my schoolfees…so Commissions are Open. details will follow.

or: http://www.gofundme.com/v5g8yc8


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