B-Roll “ParaNorman” footage featuring Anna Kendrick, Kodi Smit McPhee, Casey Affleck, and Tucker Albrizzi!


ParaNorman (2012) Dirs. Chris Butler and Sam Fell, Cin. Tristan Oliver

“They did something unforgivable because they were scared- just like you.”


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 No. No, I’m not leaving. Just listen to me! Uhh… Once upon a time, long ago, there was a little girl. A - a little girl who was different… Who was different from the other people in her village. She could see and - and do things that no one could understand! And that made them scared of her! She turned away from everyone and became sad and lonely, and had no one to turn to! The more she turned away from people, the more scared they were of her. And they did something terrible! They became so scared that they took her away and they killed her! And even - and even though she was dead, something in her came back! And this part of her, wouldn’t go away even after three hundred years! And the longer it stayed, the less there was of the little girl.

“Sometimes when people get scared, they say and do terrible things. I think you got so scared that you forgot who you are. But I don’t think you’re a witch, not really. I think you’re just a little kid with a really special gift who only ever wanted people to understand her. So we’re not all that different at all.”
- ParaNorman (2012)