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Newsman Griff Jenkins: Hey Tucker, that’s right, several hundred protesters gathered first at Trump Hotel and they marched the seven or eight blocks here. We’re outside the National Press Club, and you can see the police presence. There are signs thanking President Obama obviously, it’s mostly peaceful now, a fire broke out just behind us, there’s a fire over here… we’ll show you where that was that’s the ashes now, just sort of starting to simmer, right in the middle of this, ‘scuse me one second, pardon me one second, lemme thru, this uh this fire’s started in fact this young man you were participating in the fire what’s your name?

Kid: Uh, my name’s Kotter and I actually sta—, uh, kinda started this fire!

Griff: So why’d you start this fire, Carter?

Kotter: Uh, it’s Kotter.

Griff: Carter.

Kotter: (shaking head): Kotter.

Griff: Sorry, why’d you start that fire?



It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine. – P.G. Wodehouse

And he didn’t even know Sid’s dad! Or indeed Mr Malcolm Tucker

(Although on the other hand, you could argue that based on this evidence  they are in fact both *experts* at combining Scottishness, grievances, and sunshine.)


Proof that Malcolm’s spin doctoring isn’t limited to journalists and the media, although I’m not sure you can say that Hugh is exactly *convinced* by Malcolm’s interpretive arm dance argument about the merits of a good resignation.

In fact, I’m not sure anyone in TTOI is ever – certainly NOT Malcolm as well we know! – except actually Hugh must have been at least a little bit because by the end of 103 he WAS going to resign only to find Dan Miller had got there before him with his strategic resignation…that was almost certainly the result of Hugh’s unintentional persuasion in the first place:

(But did Dan Miller ever thank Hugh for his part in Dan’s ascent? Yeah, what do you think?  Poor Hugh.)

Also, Malcolm, why are you talking in very short sentences?

Oh, okay, that makes perfect sense, thanks!