tucker buddy

“After Wash becomes separated from Tucker during Season 12, Tucker tries desperately to save him and seems to miss his presence” thats gay

“Tucker expressed great concern at the fact that he had to escape without Wash, and cried out to him during a battle.” thats. thats really gay

“he bravely put aside this fear after encouragement from Washington” tucker, buddy,

the rush hour movies don’t get nearly enough love, i mean what’s not to like about them?

it’s jackie chan and chris tucker in a buddy cop movie, playing a hong kong police officer that has to team up with an lapd officer, and then hi-jinks ensue.

plus they’re just adorable

basically if you haven’t seen these movies, you really should

  • Tucker: Yeah! I did it!
  • Grif: Uh, I think you mean WE did it?
  • Tucker: Well yeah but mostly me.
  • Simmons: Please, you were only able to do as much as you could because Epsilon
  • Tucker: Oh yeah he was pretty kick ass too running all those advancements at the same time - hey church you coming out here?
  • Tucker: ...
  • Tucker: Hey, Church? ...Church buddy?
  • Carolina: Epsilon?
  • Sigma: Hello, Carolina