“After Wash becomes separated from Tucker during Season 12, Tucker tries desperately to save him and seems to miss his presence” thats gay

“Tucker expressed great concern at the fact that he had to escape without Wash, and cried out to him during a battle.” thats. thats really gay

“he bravely put aside this fear after encouragement from Washington” tucker, buddy,

Will I ever finish this? Who knows

Lavernius Tucker from Red Vs Blue.

Based on the idea that he’s some sort of saint or religious figure. Based on the post by @souridealist that said “Tucker may have been the alien version of the Virgin Mary”. Cue my deeply catholic grandfather rolling in his grave

Edit: okay so mom’s mad I called him the Virgin Mary. I am disowned.

Double edit: apparently my grammar is atrocious

Blood Gultch Christmas

Tucker - all of the ho ho ho jokes, lowkey hoping Church will finally get him a damn sniper rifle

Caboose - Still believes in Santa and NOBODY BETTER FUCKING TELL HIM

Church - “Fuck this holiday. One, because I hate all of you. And two, I still don’t celebrate it.”

Sister - Will fight anyone who doesn’t get into the Christmas spirit

Donut - puts way too much time and effort into his gifts for the treatment he got and is very hurt

Simmons - is kinda meh? With all of it bc his dad wasn’t there on Christmas but still hopes Sarge will be there for him

Grif - used to try and make Christmas still happen for Sis when they were younger and their mom was busy

Sarge - Decorates the tree with small firearms

Lopez - Records all the shit that goes down for blackmail later

Doc - tries to get everyone together for a multicultural holiday PowerPoint, fails horribly

Washington - Sleeps through most of the day because he finally has a day off and he is stress™ but also will hurt anyone that ruins Christmas for Caboose

Carolina - sulks off beside herself for a while because she misses Christmas with the freelancers but eventually she comes around