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Sick Little Sis

Fic request: 
oh my gosh can you do a sick!lilsis!reader of Mark and have teamiplier take care of them ? and they all cuddle together and watch movies until the next morning the reader finds out they got teamiplier sick

Hope you enjoy! 

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“Mark, I’m fine.” You tried to say but a fit of throaty coughs drowned your words. 
“My God, you sound terrible,” Ethan said entering the lounge-room. 
“Thanks,” You sniffled. “You’re a real charmer, Ethan.” 
Mark grabbed a blanket from the pile of supplies he carried from around the house. 
“You need to keep warm,” Mark insisted as he threw the blanket over you. 
“But I’m cooking already,” You whined. Another cough bursting from your chest. 
“And drink lots of water!” Mark continued, shoving a water-bottle into your lap. 
You allowed your older brother to fuss around you. Tucking in the blankets around your body, fluffing the pillows you were currently leaning on. 
He even gave you another box of tissues in case you needed them. 
“Ok, why did you drag me out of bed to drown me in blankets?” You asked jokingly. “I was comfortable in bed!” 
“Because we’re having a movie night!” Tyler told you entering the room. “And you can’t miss our movie night!” 
“But I’ll get all of you sick!” You complained, but the boys waved your words away. 
Amy and Kathryn followed Tyler, holding bowls of popcorn, plates of pizza and bags of assorted take-out. 
Mark settled beside you, tucking your small frame under his arm. You leaned against him, sniffing slightly and accepting a plate of food from Amy. 
As she sat on Mark’s other side, you felt your stomach grumble loudly at the sight of the food. 
Not from hunger you unfortunately sensed. 
“No thanks Amy,” You said apologetically. “I don’t think I can handle it.” 
Both Mark and Amy gave you firm stares. You felt like a child about to be scolded by her parents. 
“I haven’t seen you eat anything all day,” Mark said. 
“At least take one bite,” Amy suggested. “Get something other than cold medicine into you.” 
Seeing no escape from their pointed stares, you lifted the piece of food to your mouth and gingerly nibbled on it. 
Mark didn’t look away till he saw you chew and swallow. 

The rest of the night was full of laughs and quiet conversation. Being bed-ridden for two days has deprived you of social interaction so it was a nice change to get out of your room. 
Kathryn made a point of you getting some medicine into you after you had gotten some food into you. And she made sure that their was a flow of fresh water from the kitchen.
Whenever you had a coughing fit, Mark would rub your arm and Amy would hand you a tissue when you needed to sneeze. 
You felt horrible about sniffling and coughing through the movie. But no one said anything. 
You found yourself drifting off to sleep on Mark’s side after the third movie. The medicine in your system finally setting in. 
You awoke the next morning feeling refreshed and able to breath through your nose again. 
However, as you wandered outside, you found a household of sniffling people with an air of mild regret. 
“See, I told you!” You said, poking Mark’s side. He grumbled, waving you away as he made his way to the recording room. 
Ethan wandered, no, stumbled into the kitchen with drowsy eyes and a chest heaving with coughs. 
“Wow, you look awful!” You chuckled and you got a half-hearted glare from the blue-boy as he blew his nose.

monsta x when you want to go to work/school while you’re ill

Minhyuk - would take one look at you and shake his head. “I don’t think so y/n…” He’d say and point towards the direction of the bedroom. If you start to argue he would easily shut you down or talk over you until you just give up and follow him. He would then skip work/school to fully take care of you.

Wonho - would glare at you softly when you try to get out of bed. He would tuck you back in and if you still try to get up, he would wrap his arms around you as tight as possible. “No baby… You, me and bed. That’s it. No work/school today okay? Now go back to sleep please.. You need get better asap.”

Kihyun - would nag and fight with you because he thinks that you don’t care about your health. He would tell you over and over again why it is vital that you stay at home while putting a wet cloth over your forehead. “Put yourself in my position, if I was ill would you let me go to work/school? Yeah I didn’t think so…” 

I.M. - would be sly and turn off your alarm clock in the middle of the night, purposely making you late for work/school the next day. When you still try to get ready, “You’re already late anyway so what’s the point?” Then he would confess that he already called work/school to tell them that you are very ill. 

Jooheon - would use his aegyo to convince you to stay at home. Since that is your weakness, you’d give in to him. When you get comfortable in bed again, he would feed you and make sure you are taking medicines. “I’m going to work now but don’t bother looking for your bag/keys. You won’t find them.. Hehe~”

Hyungwon - would whine and try to guilt trip you. “If you love me, you will stay at home and get better…” He would say and frown at you, pouting slightly. When you agree he would kiss you a lot until he remembers that you’re sick then he’d say you have to take care of him when he gets your cold/fever. 

Shownu - would say a quick and serious ‘no’ when he sees you walk out of the bedroom fully changed into your work/school uniform. When you try to tell him that you actually don’t feel that bad, he will sigh and simply carry you back to your bed. “I’m serious y/n, you’re to stay on that bed… I’ll bring you some tea..”

Day6: their s/o wants to cuddle

Jae: first he’d look at you like ‘are you sure??’ Then have the biggest grin on his face. He’d settle on the couch and open his arms extra wide to invite you in. He’d tuck you his chin and sigh peacefully.

Sungjin: wouldn’t need to be told twice. He’ll have you wrapped up in a blanket or stuff pillows all over the couch or bed and lay comfortably with you.

Youngk: “ahh, I thought you’d never ask” he’s always down to cuddle, all you gotta do is say the word. He’ll spread his limbs around your body until you’re both comfortable.

Wonpil: he’d break out into his infamous grin and hug you. Then he’d proceed to kiss your cheek and ask why you guys don’t do this often. He’s got hella snacks and drinks and you guys are never bored.

Dowoon: not the type to cuddle 24/7, so if you ask every now and then, he’s happy. He’ll lay your head down on his chest as you listen to his heartbeat.

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1. I know letting go may feel like hitting pavement but sometimes staying is like getting hit by a train you’ve seen coming for miles.
2. There are symphonies that are screaming it is going to get better. Listen to the music.
3. The most fight you’ll ever feel is from inside your heart.
4. Nostalgia is only good for telling you bedtime stories. Don’t let it tuck you in at night, don’t let it keep you warm.
5. Keep the moments that you wish could live on for a gazillion years close to your heart, never let them burn out.
6. You’ll find someone that’s not them. You’ll love again and it’ll be pure and significant in its own way.
7. They remember it all. They’ll see how much you impacted their lives much later.
8. You may hate high school, but it’s when it’s almost over that you get flashes of when you were young and passed notes with your first love in art class and had talks with teachers that really mattered and you’ll want it to slow down. Take it in, there’s good in everything.
9. Sometimes the one that was your perfect match will be the one to watch you burn.
10. What’s meant to be yours will always find its way home.
11. It’s okay to change without them. Remember that you are the main character of your story.
12. Music cures it all.
13. Telling the story of how I fell in love with you still warms me from the inside out. Teach me how to let go of you.
14. Falling out of love makes you feel like you’ll never want to do it again, but the feeling of your heart dropping when he tells you he’s wanted you all these years is worth the stab at the end.
15. You jump off the cliff hoping there won’t be daggers at the bottom, and when you’re young you think you know how much it’ll hurt. When it comes, you’ll realize you had no clue.
16. My biggest fear was not being with you. I’m becoming someone without you, and it doesn’t feel right.
17. The nicer you are, the more beautiful you become.
18. One day you’ll meet again, and it’ll be just as scary and beautiful as the first time.
19. You’ll find your person. You may not recognize them at first because they’re not as shiny as they are in the movies, but you’ll know by the calm they bring.
20. Thank God for him.
21. The boy who runs in my dreams isn’t as dishonest. He holds my hand whenever I need to feel less alone and I sit around his kitchen table and talk to his mother about poetry. She goes on to say something about how statistically people are more afraid of love than anything else and the things I don’t say- tell her all there is to know about me. That I’m afraid beyond measure of what love can do to a person. Because I spent the last two years loving someone who didn’t know anything other than tearing apart the sole purpose of my existence. The boy who runs beside me in my dreams convinces me that love isn’t always teeth and bite marks. In my dreams, my scars aren’t there because I never tasted a bitter love before. The boy in my dreams loves me enough to let me meet his mother and destroys the idea that love is what I came here to die for.
22. Maybe love stays, maybe love can’t. Maybe love shouldn’t.
23. I glance off in another direction, but I always glance back at you.
24. Things that are sweet like this attract the worst kind of hungry.
25. I don’t think you’ll ever realize you changed everything for me.
26. I found faith that summer. The lips told stories I fell asleep to, the hands promised to hold on. But bliss is temporary when you pull your hands away from your eyes, and summer only lasts 3 months.
27. Let it pass; April is over, April is over. There are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice.
—  27 Things to take into 2017, roseyheartbeats 
BTS reaction to them seeing you sleeping with a stuffed animal they got you


Jin would be extremely happy. He got you a nice, fluffy, light pink bear. He wasn’t exactly sure if you would like it, so when he saw you cuddling it, he would have a smile 1000 miles wide. He took a picture or two before he couldn’t take it any more “I’m so glad you like it. I’ll be sure to get you more in the future, cutie.” He’d whisper to himself before tucking you in more.

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Yoongi would be extremely flustered by how much you liked his simple gift. He got you a cute Kumamon since you both loved the cute brown bear. He knew it would make you smile so he couldn’t resist getting it for you. He found you asleep on the couch waiting for him to get home from practice. “Aw… at least you can cuddle him while you’re waiting for me.”

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He would be extremely happy and excited! He would get you a nice little cat plushy. He would come back from the store to find you asleep while watching the tv. He would squeak a bit, take a few pictures of how cute you were and plop down next to you. “Wakey wakey, baby girl! I see you like the kitty I got you! What if I said I got you another one?” Hobi would grin pulling out another stuffed animal just to spoil you.

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He would just have a wide smile looking at you sleeping with the Ryan he got you in his arms. You would always steal his so he got you a big Ryan bear to cuddle with when he couldn’t be around. You were laying in the middle of the floor, having fell asleep on whatever you were working on. Namjoon would scoop you up, lay you in bed and kiss your forehead. “You’re so precious. I just love you, babe” he’d lay the bear beside you and wait for you to wake up.

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Jimin bought you so many stuffed animals you couldn’t ever pick which one to snuggle with. Jimin just loved to spoil you with anything you could ever ask for. You picked up a teddy bear, a tiger, and a little dolphin. He came in with a big smile. “Hey! Jagi!!” He’d say, as he burst into the room. Jimin realized you were asleep and noticed all the stuffed toys in your arms. “Aw…. you’re so cute!!!!” He smiled happily at you happily.

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Tae would also spoil you with so many gifts. Clothes, shoes, stuffed animals, flowers. You name it, he’ll get it for you. He came in to see you snuggling with a soft velvet looking horse. He would laugh and take as many pictures of you as he could before you woke up. “Ahhhhh!!! You’re so cute! Go back to bed so I can get more cute pictures!”

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Jungkook would just glance at you without realizing you had the black bunny he got you when you two started dating in your arms. He looked at you again, and ran his hands through your hair slowly. When he sees the bunny in your arms, he would smile so wide with a little blush. “You like that bunny a lot, don’t you, sweetie? That makes me really happy.”

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So I was thinking about Viktor sitting at his bachelor party and saying to Yurio or someone “where is my fiance can I see him now”, which got me thinking about the fact that despite everyone trying to keep an eye on Viktor to make sure he stays at the party, he sneaks off at some point to show up at Yuuri’s door, a little bit drunk, throws himself at Yuuri and informs him “WE’RE GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW AND I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!”. Poor Yuuri was expecting this and just sighs, says “I know, I love you too”, tucks him into his own bed and snuggles him for the rest of the night. Probably checks to find his phone with a text from Yurio: “he snuck off to go see you didn’t he. tell him he’s an asshole and not to fuck up his wedding tmrw”. 

And they just spend the whole night clinging to each other, Viktor wrapped around him like an octopus and whispering to Yuuri all about how happy he is that he’s going to marry the man of his life, and how silly it was to celebrate their wedding by being apart, “like what is that about Yuuri? Yuuri, it’s so silly, I missed you so much”. Yuuri just pats his hair and agrees, he missed Viktor too, because they’re both gross and in love and I can’t stand it.

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Do you remember the time you fell down on your knees and begged the world to stop spinning? Love, it happened. You made it happen. On nights when crying was your only option, you closed your eyes and imagined your room to be filled with stars. The world stopped moving. All you could hear was your breathing. “Let the world claim you tonight,” you whispered to yourself. You found solace. You met Melancholy the first time, then and there, you knew you were alive. The moment you opened your eyes, the world was set to motion. And all you could utter were the words ‘I am alive.’

Your grandmother was right when she told you that you love too much. But look at where it got you. You have made a garden out of the barren land next door. You created a night sky filled with words of love. You have tucked the littlest hope and care in other people’s pockets. You have given away all of your flowers in bloom in hopes of erasing the pain in their eyes. You gave away all of yourself, and love, that’s okay. Go and give some more. Give and give and give until you learn how to let go.

There will be days when waking up is as hard as getting out of bed while the rain hums you to sleep. There will be a lot of meals that will go to waste and yet you will feel as heavy as the world being pulled to oblivion. It’s okay. Let yourself feel the heaviness of the loneliness. Of the world’s snarky remarks. Of the anxiety and panic attacks. Feel. Feel some more. Do not be afraid of tasting the blood. Do not run away from the depth of the ocean. Let the world swallow you whole and you will wake up, one day, with strength you never thought was possible.

Fall in love over and over and over again. May it be with the budding flower you see on the street. The stranger you met in the pedestrian lane with sad eyes. The children’s laughter. Everything. Fall in love with the littlest thing. Give your heart to that guy who told you 'Thank you for choosing me.“ Love the man who have shown you what it means to be weak, how it feels to be held in someone’s arms. Kiss him and make him remember your name in his mouth. Be honest about the things you feel because it’s not everyday you find people who see you behind your armor. Be weak. Be vulnerable. Go and fall in love some more.

You will survive. And you will continue counting the moving stars.

—  an open letter to my younger self // hbg
tHat IS noT hOw ONe TuCKs iN
  • Seven: Hey babe can you tuck me in?
  • MC: Seven..
  • MC: This is a fucking shovel.
  • Seven: Yeah just spread the dirt over me as evenly as you can thanks.