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Arm wrestling challenge: Dan vs. Bruton
I don’t know who to call Frostbite’s people as a whole… frostians? farians?frozenians?

Danny supporting Dan…?
I can hear Jazz screaming/cheering Dan!
Sam looks comfy…
…and of course, we have Tucker… counting his “victorie$”

and no. You’re not seeing things. That’s a tiger-striped, a female and the color from their furs aren’t the same. They have different tones of gray (no pun intended as this whole this is Gray scaled BUT you get the idea)

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DannyMay, Day Eighteen “Green/Nature”


There was ectoplasm everywhere, the green fluid dripping on the walls, pooling on the floor, staining the lab equipment, the beakers, and almost everything that could be touched and was not resguarded.

Danny lay on the floor, on his human form, covered with the green fluid, Sam sat on a wall, next to the portal, and Tucker was kneeling, trying to get up, supportng his weight on the metallic table next to him, a pained expression on his face, this was his fault…

“Yuck!” Danny said, sitting on his place and cleaning his face from the ectoplasm. “That’s gonna leave a stain…” He added, looking at his ruined t-shirt.

“What part of ‘It’s a Fenton prototype’ didn’t you understand?!” Yelled Sam, tsaking off the green substance from her black hair. “But nooo, the techno geek could handle it!”

“Sorry! Sorry! I just wanted to know what it does!” The assaulted geek excused himself, finally standing straigh, and cleaning his glasses with the clean part of his sweater.

“Next time, let’s wait for them to try to use it against me, ok? At least they’ll make sure to let me know they are attacking.” The halfa grouled at his careless best friend. “By the way, you are cleaning this.”


The Lover Boys are a group of ill-moral, jerky boys who dominate New York’s skate scene (or something). I might start a comic of them. 

(Top Right)

This is Snake-eye. He’s 5'9" and an Aquarius. Nobody knows his real name, and no one is really sure what he’s like, but he likes to describe himself as “Chinatown trash.” His parents run a small souvenir shop on Mott, in which they run fake Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags (and they make a decent living doing it too). If you meet Snake-eye in real life, he’ll probably start the conversation by bragging how he *almost* stole some beanie from that shady “supreme” store in that one Chinatown mall. Snake-eye is the last member of the Lover Boys, so naturally, he’s bullied upon and got forced to get a heart-shaped $100 face tattoo as a show of fraternity. Hey, at least it’s not on his chest.

(Center Left)

This is Mark “Jacobs” King, and no, no one calls him Jacobs. He’s 5'11" (but calls himself 6'2") and a Leo. He is somehow part of the skate team without knowing how to skate; in fact, all of his shoes are Docs. Mark “hates drama” but he’s also the only Lover Boy who starts drama. He also has the habit to calling anyone, even someone he spoke for 6 minutes in sophomore year, his “best friend.” Mark is annoying, petty, and easily bored, but believe it or not, he’s probably the nicest guy in this gang.

(Center Right)

This is Kazuo Wang. He’s 5'11" and a Capricorn. Kazuo is half Japanese and half Chinese, is a vegan, doesn’t smoke (except for herbal cigarettes), and doesn’t drink (except for the wine at art openings). He speaks English, Japanese, Chinese and he also feels like he’s superior to everyone else. He is a “photographer” (according to his tinder profile), which basically means he owns a black-and-white aesthetic Instagram featuring pictures of chain link fences. Kazuo’s neck tattoo was an impulsive decision made in St. Marks, which he got disowned for, but his forearm tattoo is fake (a temporary tattoo reapplied every two days), but he tells everyone it’s real. Kazuo is cold, smart, and a real jerk but he’s probably the most successful on out of the Lover Boys.

(Bottom Left)

This is Tucker “Tuck” Finley. He’s 5'10" and a Pisces. Tuck feels existential dread everyday, but at this point he’s become numb to it. He channels all of his energy into being a music elitist, skating (mediocrely), and writing poetry or songs. He hates the Smiths but he still references their songs – there’s too much caffeine in his bloodstream, and a lack of real spice in his life. Tuck isn’t even that good of a writer, like he still confuses “you’re” and “your.” Tuck is going to major in music and philosophy, so he’s basically learning the art of unemployment.

(Bottom Right)

This is Scott “Scooter” McKinley, he’s an Aries and he’s 5'7". His favorite bands are the Butthole Surfers and the Beastie Boys, and when he goes to college (assuming he if he goes), he wants to be a political science major. Scooter is the type of guy who pretends to go “hard in the motherfucking paint”, but is actually from Park Slope. He started smoking Marlboro Reds as a joke (or for the look) but he might actually be addicted now. As with all short guys, he has a volcanic temper to compensate for his height. He also loves fighting, arguing and feeling like he’s winning (when he may or may not be).

His Universe

Jung Kiseok/ Simon Dominic X Reader

Part of the angst/fluff prompt challenge. 

The club was packed from wall to wall, the crowd was absolutely lit. The group of girls at the front of the stage made Kiseok feel more like a kpop star than a hip hop artist but he knew that was part of the deal when he did shows with Jay. Well, when he did shows in general. He knew a lot of the females in the crowd weren’t there for his rap skills, but he wasn’t about to complain when their being there meant he was making money.

The track started for his third song, the crowd favorite. He didn’t have to say a word as the crowd started singing in unison.

“Simon…Simon Dominic…

He eyed the crowd briefly and that’s when he saw her. She’d been too busy bouncing to the beat for him to catch her eye before the verse started, but his heartbeat quickened just know she was there. He kept her interest for about half the song before she snagged the cup out of her companion’s hand and took a sip and said something enthusiastically. He thought she looked so cute in her Straight outta Seoul shirt and AOMG SnapBack. He could tell that everyone around her thought she was just as cute. Snapping pictures of her and with her.

He found it increasingly hard to concentrate on the concert as she posed with some of the cutest aegyo he’d ever witnessed. Finally, Jay came on stage and he was able to concentrate more on getting the girls attention. As soon as he caught her eye she waved at him. He pointed backstage and she nodded.

The concert only lasted about another half hour before he hopped off stage. She’d already disappeared into the crowd before the last chords of the last song so he figured she’d be back there with him shortly. Jay threw a fresh water bottle his way and he threw a towel over his head to dry his sweaty hair. That’s when he heard her voice ring through the backstage area.

“Jay samchon!!” She sang gleefully skipping through the the security guards to where she saw Jay.

Throwing the towel to the side he watched as Jay picked the girl up easily in his arms and spun her around as she giggled.

“Baby girl, how you been?” Jay asked sitting the toddler on his hip.

She handed him the sippy cup she’d been drinking from earlier and smiled proudly, “I finished my juice!”

“Good job!” Jay said back with just as much enthusiasm. “How did I do tonight, baby girl?”

She flipped her hand back and forth, “You were okay. Appa was my favorite.”

“Aish! Kiseok, come get this daddy’s girl.” Jay said with a pout.

“Gladly,” he said walking up to the two. The little girl swung herself happily into his arms and laid her head on her father’s shoulder. He laughed lightly as the brim of her hat jabbed him in the throat. He turned the hat around so it sat backwards on her head. “Who dressed you?”

“Eomma.” She said playing with the zipper on his sweater.

“She did good.” He noted, “Where is that pretty lady?”

The little girl pointed her tiny finger to where her mother was laughing with Hoody.

“Ahh, what do we call Hoody?” He asked with a smirk.

“AJUMMA!” She shouted and Hoody looked over at Kiseok with a glare.

“Unnie!” She shouted back at the little girl who only giggled in return.

Kiseok watched as his beautiful baby mama walked up to the two of them. She slipped her arm around his waist and raised her mouth to his for a kiss. She let out the tiniest moan, he barely heard it, and it still caused a stir in the pit of his stomach.

“You looked so good up there oppa.” she said leaving a quick kiss on his neck. “Are you going out to the after party with the boys?”

“No way.” he shook his head, “I’m going home to put my baby girl to bed, and then I’m going to put you to bed.”

Back at home he tucked in his tuckered out daughter and went to switch off the light.

“Appa…” his princess said quietly grabbing his attention immediately. “Who were all those people tonight? Are they your friends?”

“Hmm.” he hummed as he thought about it. His girl wrapped her arms around him in a back hug. “Not really babygirl.”

“That was appa’s work baby girl, appa’s world.” she smiled and hit the lights, “Go to sleep. We’re visiting Jay samchon tomorrow to watch the game. You’ll want to be well rested so you can remember your heckles.”

“Seattle Seachickens suck!” the little girl giggled.  

The couple left their little girl laughing all the way down the hall. Kiseok closed the bedroom door and watched as his girl undressed.

“You’re wrong.” he said suddenly and she looked over at him confused. “My work is not my world, because I can’t imagine this world without you. You’re my world. Baby girl is my sun and moon. This family is my whole universe.”

She scrunched her face and blushed as he stepped up to her. “You were so hard on that stage and now you’re just a big ole softy.”

“I could get hard for you.” he grinned grabbing her hips.

She raised her eyebrows in amusement, “Oh, you better. Simon Dominic.”

I love the idea of Tucker still having traces of Dulaman still in his head to some extent after King Tuck. Like, it was already confirmed that Tucker’s his reincarnation or descendant or something like that, so what if Danny’s about to fight a ghost or whatever, and Tucker’s just like “hey dude, Dulaman just said he dealt with this guy when he was ruling; his weakness is claustrophobia” and they trap the ghost and that’s the end of that.

Alternately, Tucker still having his powers and occasionally using them to help fight, only it really drains him, and at the end of the fight, he’s just sitting there with his head in his hands and Sam or Danny ask if he’s okay and he’s just like, “yeah, I’m fine, I just have a god in my head and that shit can hurt.”

Just… Tucker still having access to Dulaman after King Tuck (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧