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The Secret Of The Apprentice [a James March imagine]

Request: Can you do a James March imagine where he tries to subdue ofc and she overpowers him and he pretty much falls in love with her and make her his wife and apprentice? I love your stories!

a/n: i just watched Ten Commandment Killer and i cannot and thank yoooouuuuuuuu

You walk into the Hotel Cortez with a broad smile on your face. Heels clomp on the dark red and gold carpet, towards the elevator. You already have a room so there’s no need to talk to Iris. Besides, you had other business to attend to. Fingertips meet the buttons before yours do; your red lips frown.

“Allow me.” A tall man says in a 1920’s accent, bending slightly as he ushers you in. You must admit, he’s quite dashing, with his plum colored vest over a white dress shirt, gray trousers below his bellybutton, topped with a dark purple ascot tucked around his neck. “James Patrick March; owner of this establishment.” He tuts, standing up straighter and holding his arm out.

Cocking your head to the side, you purse your lips, hesitantly stretching your arm out. “Charmed. Y/N Y/L/N.” You mutter, holding your bag in your hand tighter. He grabs your hand, kissing your knuckles. Eyes widen just a tad and you pull away, pressing the button for your floor. “Yes, well, I must get going. I’m sure my…patient is dying for me.” You make a pun, smirking to yourself as you step out of the elevator.

James watches you sashay down the hallway with squinted eyes. He must know more about you. You are so intriguing and mysterious. Also, judging by the clinking sound in your bag, he is sure it has knifes or some torture device inside. The screams from your room only confirm his suspicions.

Weeks pass and so does the victims that you bring to the hotel. Every time you kill, James somehow always shows up afterwards; asking you multiple questions which you gladly answer.

“You captivate me, my dear.” His voice rings through your mind, sending shivers down your body. Shutting the tan door behind you, you turn your head to look at him. His blackened eyes are wide while his thin mustache twitches slightly. “I have a proposition for you…” He muses; that thick accent drawing the last word out.

Interested, you cross your arms over your chest; the short green dress swaying while you peer at him. “I’m listening.” You murmur; eyes raking over his slender body. He has on the everyday white dress shirt under a pair of bright red pair of suspenders; showing off the toned torso.

The sheen black cane pounds against the carpet, supporting him while he struts slowly towards you. “You enjoy the art of death, such as I, do you not?” He inquires, tilting his head down to gaze upon you; strands of his dark hair escaping the gel, falling on his eyebrow; you nod. “Splendid. Now, you see, dear, it seems I have fallen for you. Therefore, I must have you, do you understand?” He purrs in your ear. Cautiously, you shake your head; not fully catching his words. He sighs, “I must make you my wife; that is clear, yes?”

Biting your lip, you jut your hip to the side. He stares down at your motion with a confused smile. What does that mean; is that supposed to mean something to him? “What do I get in return?” You question condinsendly, licking your lips. Soft material of the dress hits your thigh.

His eyebrows raise and he bends down a bit more, gritting his teeth, “What do you mean?! You get to be my wife in return, that’s what you get!” He screams; the vein in his neck popping out subtly. You simply stare blankly; he doesn’t phase you. Noticing this, he shakes his head, waving a hand in front of his face. “Apologies, my dear Y/N.You should not yell at a beautiful lady. What I am saying, dearest, is that you will be my wife and apprentice.” He draws the last word out, giving you a devilish grin.

For a moment, you ponder, searching his face. He is very handsome; it definitely would not be complete torture to be married to him. Plus, he can teach you more about killing. You sigh, “I’ll marry you.” He grins, knowing he caught you in his trap. James is never letting go.