tuck it in

how the boyband cuddles ;


  • He absolutely clings
  • You have no idea how it even happened, but suddenly Noctis’s arms are around your chest and his legs are around your hips
  • He tucks his head under your chin, too
  • Don’t be surprised if he rolls on top of you, either
  • Have fun not b r e a t h i n g my friend!!!
  • But he does this because he loves to be close to people. He’s super physically affectionate; if he can’t touch you gently and hold you close, how will you ever know that he loves you so much?
  • He doesn’t steal the blankets while cuddling just when he’s sleeping
  • Like he’d make sure the two of you are a Noctis-and-You burrito
  • He’s the cheese because he basically melts on top of you
  • That was weird but I’m still leaving it there
  • Cheese!Noctis
  • You’ll think he fell asleep, but then you’ll feel the tiniest of kisses to your neck
  • This boy is pretty much a space heater ngl


  • Cuddling with Ignis is generally a nighttime activity
  • He won’t say no to cuddling with you during the day, but you’d have to initiate 
  • Nighttime cuddling is how Iggy unwinds
  • He always lets you shower first, then disappears into the bathroom for a while so he can let the warm water beat down on his sore back
  • And, because showers = bedtime for Ignis, he’ll come out with sleepy eyes and damp hair before crawling into bed with you
  • You’ll be reading a book or something, and he’ll just gently move your legs so you’re in his lap while he leans against the headboard
  • Neither of you talk while cuddling. Totally ruins it for both of you
  • He’ll drape a blanket over both of your legs while you find a good place to stop reading, then he’ll lean to shut out the light when you put your book down
  • In the dark, he’ll lift you just slightly enough so he can lay down with you half on top of him, placing his arm over your waist
  • You bet he cuddles chest-to-chest
  • That way he can kiss your forehead before you fall asleep, duh


  • Gladio would grab you and throw you on the nearest soft surface
  • Is this cuddling or is this wrestling 2k17
  • If there isn’t a soft surface? He’d sit on the ground and his lap would be your soft surface you’re welcome
  • We all know he’d so love to tangle his fingers in your hair and just… pet you
  • And you’ve got this massive chest in front of your face so you might as well trace shapes on it or kiss it or whatever you want
  • Any and all things you do to his chest would be things Gladio loves
  • Wanna see him blush? Wiggle your butt while you’re in his lap
  • “(Y/N), that’s not fair.”
  • “You gonna stop me?”
  • He stops you by turning your cuddle sesh into a makeout sesh
  • Not that you’re complaining. Gladio’s an amazing kisser
  • His hands have a super firm grasp on your hips–you’re not going anywhere–and he just goes for it with an open mouth and everything
  • He bites at your lower lip and kisses your jaw and neck until you forget what’s even happening
  • Like how I seem to have forgotten this post was supposed to be about cuddling


  • Thank god for someone pure
  • He’s actually kind of shy about cuddling! Even though he wants to cuddle with you literally all the time
  • He’ll sit next to you in total innocence, but it won’t be long before you notice him slowly moving closer
  • When did your thighs start to touch?
  • Then he’d grab your hand–no, not even your hand. He’d grab one of your fingers and gently tug like that small child he is
  • You’d wiggle even closer to him and go to kiss his cheek, and he’d do the thing where he turns his head last minute to kiss your lips
  • He’d have a cheeky grin all over his face when you pull away
  • “Gotcha, (Y/N)!”
  • That’s when he’d playfully throw an arm around your shoulder and mess up your hair
  • But, oops, he doesn’t let go
  • And suddenly you’re cuddling!
  • He’ll kind of shrug to nudge your head onto your shoulder, then give you this completely adoring, utterly sunshine-y grin that makes you melt right there
  • He’d want to talk about your day while cuddling. This is his private time with you and, damnit, he’s making the most of it

Hey Tumblr friends. As many of you know this week is BrodwayCon and I’m going to be doing a number of events over the weekend. Here is my schedule if you want to come check out any of my panels or meet me! 

Friday, January 27th

10:00 AM – Programming Room B

Ragtime: Then and Now

Saturday, January 28th

10:00 AM – The Marketplace (Drama Book Shop Stand)

JACK & LOUISA Book Signing 

4:00 PM – Programming Room D

Being Out on Broadway

Sunday, January 29th

11:00 AM – Programming Room A

Theater People LIVE!

3:00 PM – Audience Rewards Photograph Area

Andrew & Celia Photobook Session

4:00 PM – Audience Rewards Autograph Area

Andrew & Celia Autograph Session

5:00PM – Programming Room D

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Connor McDavid #16

Requested by Anon:  Hey :) Can you please write one about Ingrid Michaelson’s You and I? I was listening to this song while reading to one of your imagines of Connor McDavid and I think it suits him well. You could change the prompt if you want to, though. Thanks still! 🔶🔷

*Thank you too! I love this song so much!!!! Okay, so I centered more on the second stanza more than anything. I hope you like this. Enjoy! :)*

Word count: 751

Originally posted by puckducky

Waking up at two in the morning isn’t something new anymore. Instead of fighting Connor’s sleeping body, you snuggled closer to him until your back was against his bare chest. He sleepily let out a contented sigh before burying his face in your hair. The first time you slept together, you woke up with a start when you were grabbed by the waist and pulled until you were safely tucked under his arms. Eventually, you realized that it’s a normal occurrence: Connor McDavid, tough captain of the Edmonton Oilers, is a certified cuddler or, as you’d like to call him, a serial spooner.

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My chorus teacher didn't want to teach class one day so he set a mug on top of the piano, tucked 3 dollars under it, and declared: "Anyone who can throw a pencil/pen into this mug from the second row of chairs gets three dollars."

ALL the Fitblr Love!

I am *thrilled* to see all of the newcomers to the Fitblr community!
This place has a special spot in my heart. I started blogging here five years ago and found my biggest and most encouraging support system.
As I find my fitness journey coming full circle I want to continue to pass on the positive vibes and create an encouraging atmosphere!
So, here here! If you follow me and we’ve never spoken, reach out and say hello.❤

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I can see for some reason that Clark brings his infant son to a JLA meeting. Everyone thinks Bruce is going to bitch. Instead he's ok w it, and when the baby is passed to him, he happily cuddles him and the baby falls asleep all tucked into his chest and neck. Or like he'll hold the bouncing baby in his lap, helping the kiddo stand and build his muscles so he can soon walk.

Bruce is actually a baby whisper, and anytime anyone brings a baby to a JLA meeting and it gets upset, it’s just given to Bruce. Bruce hates it but also is very pleased when the baby calms down and falls asleep in his arms. 

Bruce will tear Hal apart with a sleeping infant in his arms, he doesn’t give an ef. 

(Damian is incredibly distraught when he finds out later in life that he too has the baby-whispering skills. Now-not-baby Jon thinks it’s incredibly hilarious.)

Serious question here. I’ve seen some people talking about the impracticality of Keith’s belt going over his shirt but I think the real question we should be asking is how does Shiro’s shirt even work???? Does he tuck it into his arm???????? Seriously how?? And why?? Dude it’s a skin tight shirt you don’t have to worry about loose sleeves!! Why bother at all? Arms go in sleeves not the other way around!

On a related note how did he get these in the middle of the desert? They obviously aren’t Keith’s.

clairvoyant. (m)

Originally posted by taedamn

Author’s note: I have no idea where this came from or where it’s going *shrug* I do know it’ll contain drugs, alcohol and smut, with angst so there ya go! Also not sure who it’ll be centered around so enjoy the mystery.

Word count: 3k

The smell of cigarette smoke was overwhelming in his bedroom despite the incense he had that he swore would mask the smell, it clearly wasn’t doing much. You were sat facing him on the floor, your legs tucked underneath your bum as you held the clamp to his lip and held a needle in your other hand, “Dude, don’t you think you should, I don’t know…take that out of your mouth when I do this?” 

His eyes looked everywhere but at you, bouncing around the posters on his wall to his dirty hamper in the corner, literally anywhere but your eyes because he was terrified. “It helps calm my nerves, there’s no way in hell I’m taking this out of my mouth. Thanks for the shitty suggestion though.”

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This is my “Today’s high is 39°F and a winter weather advisory starts in a half an hour but I’m going for a walk anyway” outfit. (Don’t worry Hevy was warm & toasty in his usual spot, tucked under the scarf.) I always feel better after a walk. Bonus I got some great photos of Hevy & met a cute puppy named Lucy.

RUN IN {part 5 of RAP LINE LOVE}

Hobi walked out of the dance studio. His shirt was loose, but clung to parts of his chest because of the sweat, and his hair was completely out of sorts. He had just finished up with some last minute choreography, when he looked at his phone. No new messages. He sighed to himself. He was really hoping you had texted him in the few hours he had been practicing, but it seemed as though he was out of luck. Just as he thought that and rounded the corner, he almost ran head first into someone. Looking up, he saw your shocked face. You blushed when he looked at you with surprise laced throughout his features.

Hey! Y/N! What are you doing here? He exclaimed as you tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. You really weren’t expecting to see him and you looked down at your outfit. A pair of leggings, a simple t-shirt, and an army green jacket, matched with a barely made up face and messy curls, you looked like a bit of a mess.

Oh, uhm, well Namjoon and Yoongi invited me. You stammered as Hobi listened intently. His gaze seemed to glaze over as you said Namjoon and Yoongi.

How did they invite you? His voice was a bit colder as you looked down at your phone. A part of you felt sick to your stomach. You didn’t know why, but you felt as though you had crossed some line with him.

Well they both gave me their numbers at the fan meet the other day. You replied and Hobi’s eyes grew dark. You weren’t scared, but you wanted to turn and run away. This was all just too much.

Oh, well have fun. He said in a detached tone and turned around. A part of you wanted to stop him, but there was a large part of you that told yourself to let him be, he was upset and you barely knew him. However, you found yourself walking towards him.

Hobi, wait! You called out to him and he turned slightly. You saw his slumped shoulders and his downward gaze. Your heart broke as you wanted nothing more than to run up to him and hug him. But the only thing you could think to say was. I’m sorry if I crossed some sort of line. He shook his head with a light smile.

No, no, it’s not you. Uhm, be careful with those two, I hear they bite. He chuckled as he turned back around and continued to walk away from you down the corridor. You watched his silhouette grow farther until he had turned another corner and left. Your shoulders slumped a little as you tried to find your way to the recording studio. Due to the interaction, a part of you just wanted to go home, you felt as though you had ripped Hobi’s heart out and stepped on it. You tried to justify that this was nothing more than you helping Namjoon and Yoongi, and nothing more, but you could see how it looked.

As you continued to berate yourself, a thought popped in your head.

If this bugs Hobi so much, does that mean he likes me? You felt a smile begin to form on your lips, touching your mouth with your hand, you couldn’t help but feel a giddiness inside of you.

Hobi on the other hand felt complete dread. I knew she was too good for me. He continued to scold himself on his walk home. He felt like a fool for thinking you would actually like him as anything more than an idol. Once you spent a little time with Namjoon or Yoongi, you would realize that he wasn’t worth your smile. Hobi grew angrier as he thought of how foolish he had been. Of course the other guys would see how beautiful you were and want you to be around them. Hobi thought. He walked into the dorm as Jimin and Tae sat to play some video games.

Hey, hyung! Why the long face? Jimin laughed as Tae looked over at him.

Yea! It’s longer than usual! Tae added as Hobi rolled his eyes.

Ha-ha, very funny. Hobi scowled and threw his bag on the floor. Sitting down on one of the chairs, he threw a hand through his hair.

What’s wrong, hyung? Jimin had now become concerned with his elder’s actions.

Ah, it’s just a girl. It seems as though a couple other guys are into her as well. Hobi didn’t want to say it was Namjoon and Yoongi, it was just too embarrassing. Jimin nodded as he listened and then thought for a moment.

And you’re just going to let her go? You’re not even going to fight for her? Jimin seemed appalled at Hobi for quitting so easily.

Well, I just am not that much of a catch. Hobi stated as Jimin looked shocked. Hobi had never had that much confidence, but in Jimin’s eyes this was going too far. Hobi would always laugh off the fact that he never made the most attractive lists or joke about the other guys having more fans, but now Jimin saw the raw pain in Hobi’s eyes. And to Jimin, it was the saddest thing in the world.

Fight for her, hyung. Jimin was stern as he said this to Hobi. He clapped Hobi on the back as Hobi gave him a small smile.

Yea, hyung! You gotta at least try! Tae added as Hobi nodded.

Ah, maybe. Hey, you guys have room for one more in the game? Hobi asked, wanting to change the subject. The two nodded vigorously as they set up another player in the game. Hobi’s mind was racing as they began to play video games for the night.

Maybe I could fight for Y/N, it would be worse to not even try. Hobi thought to himself. He looked over at his phone and just as he was about to look away, it lit up with a text. He smiled when he saw it was from you. Maybe she will want me back.  

I don’t get when people say the Turtles wouldn’t have tails at all???

Where would they g o? If they have them then they’re either real small and didn’t change or bigger to fit their size. 

Even Auman told me the 2k12 turtles has tails tucked away in their shells.  

Edit: BTW if you headcannon that they don’t have tails, go right ahead no one is stoppin ya sweetie! I’m talking about the people who try to force it on others.

For Father, For Mother

Rivetra Week Day 02 | Parents

Warverse: Though they have very different roles to play, Levi and Petra learn they have come to the wrong side for the same reason.

“Do you ever regret it?”

Petra allowed her shoes to drop from her feet as she pulled her legs up onto the chaise and tucked them beneath her, pulling a decorative pillow to her chest and giving it a squeeze.


She wasn’t accustomed to being alone with him, not for extended periods of time, and she found his question odd. On the rare occasions they held conversation, he never asked her such personal questions and she was’t quite sure of the context of this one.

Levi moved to the door, reaching for the lock switch, then thinking better of it. A locked door would make their position appear as it wasn’t and he had no reason to give Balthazar Ral cause to distrust him or the girl held prisoner before him.

“Trading in your freedom,” he clarified, “for your father’s life.”

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