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Ron Paul: “World Would Be Happier If Everybody…”

Ron Paul on FOX Business’ Cavuto 5-9-2012


Graphic Video of Police Shooting Empire State Building Gunman

Surveillance video released by the NYPD shows the suspected gunman in the Empire State Building shooting, Jeffrey Johnson, being shot by police.

(Warning: very graphic footage)


Report : Sikh Temple Shooter Lives on “Holmes” Avenue.

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The TSA Song

by : Without a Face

Reposting on Tumblr simply because it’s so damn good.

And remember … “The Nation Ain’t Safe, Until You Get Raped.”

This dudes genius, check out his other songs as well.


MI6 Staff May Be Screened Over Spy Gareth Williams’ Death

MI6 staff may have samples of their DNA checked following the death of their officer Gareth Williams, the head of the Metropolitan Police has confirmed.

The naked body of Mr Williams, 31, from Anglesey, north Wales, was found locked in a bag in a bath in his London flat in 2010.


Christopher Walken Reads “Honey Boo Boo”!

Christopher Walken, Colin Farrell and Sam Rockwell use their dramatic talents to reenact scenes from America’s #1 child-beauty-pagent-coupon-queen-sketti-eatin’ show, “Here comes Honey Boo Boo”.


Paranormal Activity 4 - Official Trailer

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Abusing a tax loophole meant to aid the poor – Decode

It’s called the Earned Income Tax Credit and it was meant to help the working poor. But as Reuters columnist David Cay Johnston explains, some tax preparers are exploiting a loophole and pocketing the rewards.


Who Runs The World? Stephen Colbert: “The Illuminati”

Sierra Adamson tries to get a conversation going with Stephen Colbert about his real thoughts on who runs the world.


Spain Police Beating Everyone: A Warning To America

Spain’s police state has spiraled out of control as riot police are now running throughout the streets beating everyone in sight, men and woman, young and old.

When the people demand democracy from an oligarchy that rules their subjects trough the strong-arm of a totalitarian police state the streets fill with the madness and mayhem seen in this video.

Since September 25th the masses of Spain, no longer being able to feed themselves or their families, have risen up against the oligarchy to protest further budget cuts and massive tax increases a situation so dire it threatens their very survival.

While the masses suffer those the poor are being robbed yet again to bail out the rich.

The overlords have no sympathy for the less fortunate and instead of forcing the bankers to take the loses on their investments the ruling class remains disconnected from the reality of millions.

The unrest has spans across Europe into several nations being forced the pinch out the masses by globalist regulatory bodies claiming nations need to get their fiscal house in order

But as we have seen in every previous past crash situations such as these are used as nothing more than excuse to help the rich reduce their own tax burden and the operating costs of the corporations they run.

Yet this time around the downward spiral only continues to self-perpetuate and deepen as the funds collected with each passing austerity cut are spent funding yet another banker bailout which acts as nothing more than a band-aid on a hemorrhaging gashes of a collapsing economic system that has struck with a self-inflicted mortal wound delivered by a trifecta of rapacious greed, rampant fraud and unbearable corruption.

Soon America will face the same fate is its own financial house is much worse than that of Spain and instead of blaming the trillions wasted on implementing an Orwellian control totalitarian police state complete with kidnapping, tortures, assassinations and the mass murder of millions in illegal overseas wars the bullseye will be aimed directly at the middle class when they are already suffering through one of the worst economic crisises in the history of this nation.

Our politicians seem to be so utterly incompetent they can accomplish nothing besides lining their own pockets with money but they are world-renowned experts at kicking the can down road.

Come this January the Fiscal cliff will be staring them in the face and they may find when they try kicking the can this time it just won’t move.

If that happens then America will face its first of several rounds of across the board Austerity cuts and feel for the first time pain of the bite that has bitten the people of Europe repeatedly over the last several years.

With many Americans already so-inclined to take their grievances out into the streets we will certainly do so in solidarity with our brothers and sisters overseas.

As we have seen with the Occupy movement even nonviolent mass protests have been met with the authoritarian fist of the Oligarchy’s army of mercenaries so we can be rest assured when those numbers swell into the millions, as they have in Spain and several other European nations, the response the police state will be just as brutal.

Brace yourself America as our streets may soon resemble those in Spain where a rampantly brutal and out control police is acting swiftly to crush any popular resistance to Global cabal.


Raw Video: Record Skydive in Illinois

After days and multiple attempts at the world record for a formation during a head first vertical drop, 138 skydivers set the mark Friday in Ottawa, Illinois. Videographer Brian Buckland was along for the record jump. (Aug. 3, 2012)


Aung San Suu Kyi takes her place in parliament

Myanmar pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has been sworn in as a member of parliament, opening a new chapter in the Nobel laureate’s near quarter-century struggle against authoritarian rule. This is seen as a completion of her remarkable journey from political prisoner to parliamentarian after a decades-long struggle to bring democratic rule to Myanmar. As she took her place in parliament, she said she would like it “to be in line with genuine democratic values”.

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The assassination of WikiLeaks-Double Standards

German airline Lufthansa unveils its new line of Zionist aircrafts after they admit to taking orders directly from Benjamin Netanyahu’s regime.

As Britain prepares to deport Abu Qatada we see evidence of how he may be treated in Jordan and president Obama has only praise for the kingdom.

We also talk to Kristinn Hrafnsson from WikiLeaks about corporate bully boys fighting for justice in the US war on truth

These and much more are all reviewed in this edition of Double Standards with Afshin Rattansi.