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"So, your heart is set on THAT girl...?" Cell uttered softly to Gohan, the slightest hint of a smirk playing on his cruel lips as he carefully studied the image of Videl. Who knew whether the chimera knew that the young woman in question was Mr. Satan's daughter; he probably didn't, but as ever, he /did/ know how to get a rise out of people when he wanted to. "It's almost a shame you had to pick a human. You should know better than anyone just how... /fragile/ they are," he added tauntingly.

You…” He knew that voice all too well. Flashbacks to his fight with Cell played in his head. But it couldn’t be… he died so long ago? Was his mind playing tricks on him? “Leave her out of this….”

Turning to face the bug he’d stare him down. “Any problems you have are between you and me.” He wasn’t going to lose anyone again, especially to this monster. He failed once in his own mind. Having it happen again wasn’t allowed. Gohan’s eyes went wide at the last comment. A gritting of the teeth and…

“I won’t let you harm her…” He knew full well he’d been slacking off and if Cell was about the same level as before… This would be tough. But he had to, he wasn’t about to let someone die because of his own problems. Not now.

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Bruh the vibe ur blog has is sorta the "shy nerd kid that makes weed joke but has never tuched a weed" and it is cute 9/10 would recommend

Bruh that’s actually really funny and accurate. Does dabbing count on the same meme-level as weed jokes though? ‘Cause I think that’s the most I’ve ever done.