a sad anniversary

It’s been exactly one year since Chris Carter left us with the most savage X-Files cliffhanger of all time. You know, the one where everyone is dying except for the ones with alien dna (???) and Mulder and Scully are estranged (????) and stranded on a bridge and a UFO comes and they have a child together but they don’t know where it is and we never know if the show is coming back? 

hihihi! so, i am turning 18 today and have reached my goal of hitting 1k followers a few months ago! so, i decided to celebrate this big day by spreading the love to the amazing people i follow. every person below is a mutual of mine that def deserves a follow!! i love you all! 

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my first art raffle !! thank you so much for 600 followers aaa i appreciate each and every one of you !


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It’s been a week and I’m still not over Bernie calling Serena her partner in the middle of that argument. Like their relationship is solid and untouchable and the Real Deal, even in the midst of all this stuff, as girlfriends who look after each other and challenge each other to be better people and call each other out on their shit. And it’s been that way since they became friends - they’ve always been each other’s partners - the only different now is that they make out sometimes.

anonymous asked:

I just read some new teen-fashion-magazine thing and there's a lot of denim, including not only jean jackets, but also double denim.. Why do the straights have to look so gay? I'm never gonna find a gf if gay things aren't gay anymore, that's just rude

i dont know but it annoys me too like my gaydar is fucked up bc of this?? i’ll like see a girl with an asymmetrical short hair cut and like, denim on denim and thats like, a Gay look, but then she’ll be straight and im like????? can u leave me and my people alone??? we just want to look gay to find the other gays….. like u think im wearing this flannel and a beanie and combat boots bc i think it looks cute?? like dont get me wrong it looks adorable but i am wearing these things because i am a Lesbian sending out to Lesbian Signal and if ur a straightie taking my looks and wearing them then the other Lesbians and Sapphics wont see my Lesbian Looks bc they’ll think im just another straight girl?????? like rude af tbh smh the straights are Ridiculous and continue to be ridiculous