tubular steel chair

Marcel Breuer- The Designer

Marcel #Breuer was certainly one of the most important names in the 20th century design history, and it is no coincidence that we are mentioning him right after Kandinsky, since Breuer’s breakthrough was made when his first all-tubular steel chair got out in 1925, and it was named after the Russian painter (the Wassily chair). Since Breuer was an architect by profession, he was also the one to design the interiors of the famous masters’ houses (designed by Gropius), which belonged to Gropius himself, Moholy-Nagy, Kandinsky, and Muche. These houses have remained preserved, and they can still be seen in #Dessau, really close to them main Bauhaus building. A number of Wassily-chair copies and editions exist today – the first place to see them and sit on one is the Bauhaus building in Dessau (operating as a school of architecture today). A number of his other designs can be seen in world’s museums, such as the Brooklyn museum.


An updated version of the traditional tubular steel chair, the Bold chair, designed by Big-Game for Moustache, is made up of two tubular metal parts, embedded in each other and thickened by upholstery. Its sock-like sleeving makes the cover removable, letting you change the color in a matter of seconds.