tubular bell

replace every vowel in the orchestra with oob and you get the


featuring the

dooboobbloob boobss

coobr oobnglooboobs



boobss droobm
toobboobloobr booblls

and dont forget the soobxoobphoobnoob


On this day in music history: May 25, 1973 - “Tubular Bells”, the debut album by Mike Oldfield is released. Produced by Tom Newman, Simon Heyworth and Mike Oldfield, it is recorded at The Manor in Oxfordshire, UK from Autumn 1972 - Spring 1973. The album consists of two side long movements featuring Oldfield playing nearly all of the instruments. Vivian Stanshall (of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band) is featured as the voice of the “master of ceremonies”. The eclectic piece is rejected by numerous record labels as being “unmarketable” and “non-commercial”, until Richard Branson, the owner of The Manor Studios hears the album and agrees to release it. It is the first release on the newly established Virgin Records label. The record receives a major boost when director William Friedkin uses part of the first movement in his film “The Exorcist”. Its exposure in the film (also issued as a edited single #31 UK, #7 US Pop) leads to its worldwide popularity. The albums iconic cover artwork featuring a bent “tubular bell” is designed by graphic artist Trevor Key. “Tubular Bells” hits number one on the UK album chart, peaking at number three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

1977 ( When the king left the building)

I was 17 going on 18 in 1977, I missed out on being a punk rocker by one year.

1977 was the year it all happened, including the loss of the king.

I was 14 (1975) when prog rock was really taking off, and Bowie and Bolan were strutting their stuff, Dark side of the Moon had already enchanted me, and Wish you were was happening, by the time the punk thing came out I was already a hippy larvae.

I hated punk rock music with a passion, it was evil, primitive, amateur, angry, I had been softened by the angelic vocals of Jon Anderson and Justin Hayward, I was lying on a carpet after my first spliff floating in to space listening to Us and Them, I even had a Tubular Bells t-shirt.

My friends, who were a YEAR or so younger than me called me an old boring long haired airy fairy hippy fart that listens to twiddly music with ten week long drum and guitar solos.

Thankfully it all came together, my Bowie and prog phase helped me discover Brian Eno,Talking Heads, Velvet Underground, CBGB’s and all that, the Clash and the Jam, and the Stranglers all came through the door that punk had opened, really classy songwriters and powerful ‘new’ music too, and probably Blondie and  the Ramones were the real link between punk and pop and rock.

I could go on, but you get the picture.

Music doesn’t grow old. It has no genres. All music is valid.

Except them, they’re rubbish lol

Tolkien Characters as Orchestral Instruments
  • Strings: Elves (everyone else thinks they're divas but they are an integral part of an orchestra, whilst being able to stand alone).
  • Violin 1: Arwen (shines brightly over the orchestra)
  • Violin 2: Legolas (in the texture, hard-working and when accompanying, bouncing off the beats from the double bass...)
  • Viola: Elrond (in the heart of the sound, making everyone else sound amazing)
  • Cello: Aragorn (supportive role for the entire orchestra with occasional beautiful melodies that everyone wants to listen to)
  • Double Bass: Gimli(the percussion section of the strings, plodding along-also, imagine a dwarf playing the double bass xD)
  • Harp: Galadriel (not always there but when she is, you listen)
  • Woodwind: Hobbits and beings close to nature (not as in the limelight as strings/brass but they have very important solos that shape the mood of a piece)
  • Flute: Frodo (not the most obvious soloist but comes out of the texture with important melodies)
  • Piccolo: Merry & Pippin (supports the flute but sometimes is just a little too loud over the orchestra)
  • Oboe: Bilbo (Boboe :P) (tunes the orchestra-effectively starts the orchestra off; quirky with very occasional solos but usually in the background)
  • Cor anglais: Gollum (darker than the oboe, with haunting laments as solos but does not come out of the texture often)
  • Clarinet: Sam (literally sitting behind the flute, carrying the harmony as the melody from other instruments projects)
  • Bassoon: Radagast (can sound eerie or weirdly beautiful, usually supporting the woodwind and underpinning the bass line of the orchestra)
  • Bass clarinet: Fatty Bolger (not always aware that they are playing but a very necessary extension of the clarinet)
  • Brass: Men (loud and important)
  • Trumpet: Boromir (unapologetic and bold)
  • Trombone: Théoden (important but not as willing to be in the limelight)
  • Bass Trombone: Éomer (occasionally forgotten about but adds richness and depth to the section)
  • Tuba: Denathor II(underpins the section so has the power to mess up the section the orchestra, whilst not being immediately noticeable)
  • French horn: Éowyn and Faramir (sat on the other side of the orchestra from the brass, next to the woodwind and can support both sections; it doesn't solo often but when it does, no other instrument could do it justice)
  • Percussion: Dwarves (more in the background and doesn't usually team up with other sections but integral and will come to the forefront if necessary)
  • Timpani: Thorin (arguably most important percussion instrument for an orchestra)
  • Cymbals: Fíli & Kíli (loud, brash and sometimes exactly what you need)
  • Claves: Bifur (not easy to pick out of the sounds and just involves whacking)
  • Gong: Bombur (big, round and loud)
  • Tubular bells/chimes: Bofur (instrument with pitch but does own thing)
  • Xylophone/Marimba/Vibraphone: Balin (arguably most difficult/complicated instrument)
  • Bass drum: Dwalin (big and strong support)
  • Guiro: Nori (he is sneaky and you don't know he's there and nobody knows the name of this instrument, even though everyone likes it)
  • Castanets: Dori (he's fussy, prim and sharp)
  • Triangle: Ori (bright tone, trying to be a cymbal and highlights important moments)
  • Cowbell: Óin (shouts over the orchestra and his ear-trumpet looks a bit like one)
  • Tambourine: Glóin (a support to the section and sounds a bit like money, as he was the money keeper)
  • Misfits:
  • Recorder: Treebeard (was once very important but now does not fit into the orchestra unless very old music is being played)
  • Composer/bagpipes: Tom Bombadil (you could just imagine him coming on stage saying 'yeah this is my piece, I'm gonna improvise on the bagpipes')
  • Saxophone: Saruman (very charismatic, alone or with the support of brass but is out of place in the orchestra and can cause a disturbance in the texture)
Scary Music Masterpost (Updated with more music!)

Edit: New Year, New Post! This year’s post has everything listed here, with over 40 new additions for more chills up your spine!

Season’s Creepings, everyone! This is your DJ of darkness over at the Symphony of Death. With Halloween coming up, it seemed a little mood music was in order, so kick back and relax with your favorite witches’ brew while I bring you some recommendations for a few chills down your spine. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but maybe you’ll find some new favorites!

Masters of Horror

John Carpenter

Better Check the Kids - Halloween / Put Them in the Ground (with Jim Lang) - Body Bags / Main Theme - The Fog (1980) / All Out of Bubble Gum (with Alan Howarth) - They Live!

Marco Beltrami

River’s Edge - My Soul to Take / Tea for Three Plus One - The Woman in Black / Return to Blackwood - Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark / The Concert - The Eye

Charlie Clouser

American Horror Story Theme (with Cesar Davila-Irizarry) / Out of the Fire - The Collection / Hello, Zepp - Saw / Theme - Dead Silence

Bernard Herrmann

Teddy Bear Wired - Cape Fear / Theme - Vertigo / Theme - Psycho

Christopher Young

Twilight Mercy - Urban Legend / The Lament Configuration - Hellraiser / Sinister - Sinister / Concerto to Hell - Drag Me to Hell

Video Games

Room of Angel - Akira Yamaoka & Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Silent Hill: The Room)
Mandus - Jessica Curry (Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs)
The Drunken Whaler - Daniel Licht (Dishonored)
Chill and Rigor - Shinji Hosoe (9 Persons 9 Hours 9 Doors)
I’m Not Edible! - Chris Vrenna (American McGhee’s Alice)
Soul of Steel - Mao Hamamoto (Corpse Party)
Weekly Despair Magazine - Masafumi Takada (Dangan Ronpa)
Close to Evil - Mikko Tarmia (Penumbra)


Close to You (Carpenters Cover) - Josefine Cronholm (Mirrormask)
The Void - Stephen Price (Gravity)
Intro to Horror - Harry Manfredini (Friday the 13th)
The Supper - Bruno Coulais (Coraline)
Tubular Bells (Exorcist Cut) - Mike Oldfield (The Exorcist)
Main Theme - Shiro Sato (Ju-On : The Grudge)
Main Title - Wendy Carlos & Rachel Elkind (The Shining)
Dark Earth - Jack Trombey (Dawn of the Dead)
The Ringtone (Chakushin Ari)
A New Swan Queen  - Clint Mansell (Black Swan)
Audition - Koji Endoh (Audition)
Roar! - Michael Giacchino (Cloverfield)
It Was Always You, Helen - Philip Glass (Candyman)
Finale / End Titles - Howard Shore (Silence of the Lambs)
A Discordant Split - Kenji Kawai (Ringu)
Funeral in Carpathia - James Bernard (Dracula: Prince of Darkness)
The Game Begins - Masamichi Amano (Battle Royale)


Youran - Kayo Konishi & Yukio Konda (Elfen Lied)
Aya - Mari Fukuhara (Amatsuki)
I was waiting for this moment - Yuki Kajiura (Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion)
Go DA DA - Yoko Kanno (Ghost in the Shell: SAC)
A Last Flower - Asa-Chang & Junray (Aku no Hana)
White Hill (Maromi’s Theme) - Susumu Hirasawa (Paranoia Agent)


Stay Awake (Mary Poppins cover) - Suzanne Vega
Heigh Ho (Snow White cover) - Tom Waits
Come Little Children - Kate Covington
I, Witchfinder - Electric Wizard
Brennistein - Sigur Ros
Psychobabble - Frou Frou
Sirens - SingerSen
Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones
Grisly Reminder  - Midnight Syndicate
An Echo, A Stain - Bjork
Elaine - ABBA (trust me)
Welcome Home (Instrumental) - Coheed and Cambria
The Greatest Show Unearthed - Creature Feature
Something Wicked (That Way Went) - Vernian Process
The Gravedigger - The Pine Box Boys
Lake Ponchartrain - Ludo

And two more classics…

Are You Afraid of the Dark? by Jeff Fisher
Theme to Unsolved Mysteries by Michael Boyd & Gary Remal Malkin

Pleasant screams, everyone, and do let me know if any of the links are broken. <3

in the list of musical instruments I can imagine Near would play, or would like to be able to play, I’d first of all include the xylophone and tubular bells, closely followed by the harp. His favourite sound, though, would absolutely be the one produced by tubular bells; airy, celestial, it eases him into a state of profound calm and meditation, and reminds him of his youth spent at Wammy’s House. He greatly enjoys immersing himself in five-hour playlists of those.

EARN YOUR EXISTENCE - An instrumental playlist for an anomalous program fighting to be a real person.

| Encounter - Yuy | 551 Depression - C-CLAYS | TTV - Telefon Tel Aviv | Veridis Quo - Daft Punk | Tubular Bells Part 1 - Mike Oldfield | Flagilis Justitia - Yuy | The Dance of Eternity - t=NODE | Bird Song Intro - Florence+The Machine | Musikk Per Automatikk - Synthetical | Rise Up - Tatsh | inner core harmonics - KATE | Last Remote - *.izumi | TYKHO BLUE MOON - BITPLANE | bottom black, moon gazer - KATE | Ambigu - Poplica* | Graveyard in Lake - SYNC.ART’S | Watching the Past that Clings - Makoto Yoshimori | MEMORY - Daisuke Achiwa |

[Listen here]

squirrelgirlfan  asked:

1,4,13,29,30 for music asks

Already answered 1 & 4!

13: One of your favorite 80’s songs

Modern Love by David Bowie

29: A song that you remember from your childhood

Beast of Burden by The Rolling Stones

30: A song that reminds you of yourself

Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield

odinswarhorse  asked:

What does this Playlist consist of? Always open to new music, especially stuff themed around the best holiday of all.

I won’t lie to you, it’s mostly really cheesy Halloween music, like Thriller, Monster Mash and Somebody’s Watching Me, Heads Will Roll, etc,.

But there’s also Lullaby (The Cure), Halloween Theme Song, Tubular Bells (The Exorcist), People are Strange (Echo and The Bunnymen), Danse Macabre, Scary Monsters and Super Creeps (David Bowie).

It’s just Halloween themed music, really.

Watching all the GB Bonus Features inspired me.

Holtzmann probably;

- Les go *licks gun* Nope, that’s my water pistol *throws*
- (introduction to Erin) Holtzmann, first name Jillian, middle name highly flammable.
- (introduction to Erin) Nice plaid, I can tick that off my list.
- (introduction to Erin) Well I’d definitely share a de-contamination shower with you.
- (introduction to Erin) I can explain, I was just borrowing that equipment.
- (introduction to Erin) Holtzmann, resident fixer upper. I’m good with my hands.
- (introduction to Erin) *coughs* I have all the necessary licenses.. somewhere.
- (in the Mayor’s office) Yeeeah, I just have a question about the aforementioned cats?
- (when Erin saves them) Knifely done.
- (walking through the frozen crowd) Aww guys, not cool. Where was our party invite?
- (walking through the frozen crowd) I can only rate you at a 7.5/10 because you forgot to wear the flares.
- (about the hearse) Aww guys, Happy Hearsery!
- (about the hearse) They’ll never see us coming in this.
- (about buying things) I once accidentally ordered an army of rodents, I still need to take down their leader.
- (Kevin’s interview) Are you patent approved?
- (Kevin’s interview) Hey, weren’t we on that spaceship together?
- (Kevin’s interview) Do all aliens prefer our skin suits? Are they comfortable?
- (hanging off the window ledge) I don’t know parkour!
- (hanging off the window ledge) I knew I should’ve flirted with Erin more.
- (hanging off the window ledge) Don’t worry, Patty, I’m made of potato chips.
- (hanging off the window ledge) It’s alright, I have excellent stamina. Tell Erin.
- (”What year is it?”) 3000, but we do not live underwater.
- (Abby’s head turns) ARGHHHH! Where were the tubular bells to warn me?!
- (Abby’s head turns) Ookay, no more horror movies for me.
- (Abby’s head turns) Could you maybe stop haunting my friend and jump into the tall blonde robot?
- (backstory) I remember nothing before I was age 6, just woke up one day in a corn field.
- (backstory) I’m not at liberty to discuss my previous whereabouts.
- (backstory) Small town, big poof. I’m banned from entering the state.
- (”We’re dating”) Not ready to go public, gotcha *winks*
- (”We’re dating”) Like you haven’t thought about it.
- (”We’re dating”) Friday at 7, my house, wear the tiny bow tie.
- (”We’re dating”) Oh shoot, *whispers* Are we just sleeping together?
- (about Kevin) Poor thing shoulda stuck to modelling Abercrombie.
- (”He covered his eyes”) Still wanna tap that, Gilbert?
- (”You truly scare me”) Just doin’ my job, Pattycake.
- (Olya’s snl voice) When I blow this place up it’ll be so beautiful, I will die smiling.
- (”Very impressive”) Do I tally above the puppy?