Alfa Romeo TZ 1

Alfa Romeo introduced their 105 Series Giula range at Monza in 1962. The chassis was based on the previous Giulietta and 101 series, plus a major suspension upgrade and disc brakes.

At the 1963 FISA Monza Cup, a competition version of the Giulia was introduced. It was named the Giulia TZ after its Tubolare spaceframe chassis and lightweight Zagato coachwork. It is believed that between 1963 and 1967, fewer than 100 examples were built. The TZ, often called the TZ-1, was a purpose-built GT car developed with the assistance of Autodelta. The engine was the same basic 1570cc unit found in the Sprint Speciale and Spider Veloce. The gearbox had heavy duty, close ratio gears and a short-throw lever.