AMAZING street performer killing Daft Punk on a homemade instrument in Santa Monica!!! Part1 Kent Jenkins

I love the idea of Jason being a classic lit nerd
  • Jason having an excellent vocabulary and dropping SAT words on the reg
  •  Jason catching people off guard by being outstandingly eloquent when he wants to be (both in writing and speech)
  • Red Hood Jason being a nerd and trying to intimidate his adversaries with Shakespeare quotes like “Fear and be slain!” & “thou slave, thou wretch, thou coward!” during a fight
  • Jason Todd not being able to sleep without reading in bed - Jason bringing a book/ kindle in his jacket pocket during missions to read during down time/ travel time
  • tiny Jason being hella excited to read “Crime and Punishment” and “Hamlet” in school and finishing the assigned reading before any of his classmates
  • Bruce giving Robin!Jason as signed, first edition copy of “Pride and Prejudice” for his birthday because he knows it’s Jason’s favorite. Jason was overjoyed by the gift still keeps and treasures it to this day
  • Pre-Robin!Jason escaping to the library when things got tough at home. All the librarians knew him by name and brought him tupperwares of home-cooked meals after they gleaned that Jason wasn’t being fed at home.
  • Jason being a little too willing to get into heated discussions over the themes and syntax of his fave classic works
  • Jason challenging Damian’s pretentiousness when it comes to literature and surprising (maybe even out-doing) Dami with his knowledge & understanding of classic lit

Basically just Jason Todd being a huge lit geek