tubercle bacillus

A bit of history

Did you know that this dude named Petri was Koch´s  assistant and he invented Petri dishes? Pasteur used to use bottles or…soup bowls.

And it was Koch who started grow microorganisms on agar.

In 1882 Koch discovered the tubercle bacillus. Later  in 1883 there was a big cholera epidemic in Egypt and the authorities ask a shitload a lot of scientists from all around the world to come there and study it/help out.

Some 40years before that there was a cholera epidemic in London. And this guy named John Snow (who knows nothing)

He had a theory that the cholera was spread thanks to dirty water that came from a water-pump in Soho. And while I write about Snow, did you know he gave an anesthesia to Queen Victoria during the childbirth of her last two kids? Apparently Queen thought it was a “jolly good thing”

Ok back to Koch….So 40years later Koch was like

hey maybe this dude was right after all, so Koch went to India where in that time cholera was like the common cold, an everyday presence. Finally this smart German guy discovered the cholera germ in the feces on his patients and also in the dirty water. ((Koch also invented autoclave year later…why do I know these things? because my microbio professor has a HUGE crush on this guy))

Let´s jump to present. If you are following the doctors without borders you might have heard that now in the 21st century we have a vaccination against cholera which is about 85% almost always effective. 

Ok back to the past

With all of this new research you know what became more of a survivable thing


In 1860 an english dude names Jospeh Lister invented antiseptic surgery. It was far from perfect but it was way batter than nothing at all. He used to wash his instruments in some antiseptic, and he invented a spray that he would use to spray over the patient´s body and his own hands. And suddenly…way more patients made it after these surgeries!