Streaked Shearwater (Calonectris leucomelas)

…a species of Calonectris shearwater that is known to occur throughout the Pacific Ocean, nesting predominately in Japan and many of its offshore islands as well as on several South Korean islands such as Sasu Island and Chibal Island. Like other shearwater species, C. leucomelas is predominately pelagic, feeding on fish and squid in the open ocean. It is also occasionally encountered in inshore waters as well. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Procellariiformes-Procellariidae-Calonectris-C. leucomelas

Image: Kanachoro

More than eighty years since the Critically Endangered Beck’s Petrel (Pseudobulweria becki) was first described, the nesting grounds still remain unknown.

Throughout the Pacific, petrels have either disappeared from historic sites, or populations are declining on most of the islands where they cling on. The greatest threat has consistently been predation by invasive species, so finding the Beck’s Petrel nest sites is paramount to assessing their fortunes and launching any follow-up action. Beck’s Petrel has an estimated population size of 50-249 mature individuals. And researchers do not have long to save their chicks and eggs from predation by invasive mammals.

  • Photo:  Hadoram Shirihai/Tubenoses projec