Young Justice Batmom: Part 10

Prompt: How the YJ Universe would be different if batmom there.

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“Have I ever mentioned that I hate magic?”

    “More than once Ms. Y/N. And to be honest, I can’t say I blame you.”

    “They took my kids Alfred, I’ll kill whoever’s behind this.”

    Alfred simply smiles, “The mother bear has come to retrieve her children.” You smile at the butler, and he smiles back. You’ve noticed that he’s been doing that more lately. Smiling, and laughing. You attribute it to all the children staying at the Manor. The press had had a field day with all the different announcements and reasons for the adoptions.

    Personally, you loved having all the kids there. The Manor was alive with laughter. There was the occasional bickering, but more often than not it was just plain fun. Dick had adjusted well to the presence of more children in the house, although he did get jealous occasionally. You made sure to set aside time for him.

    But now, the Manor was quiet, and you didn’t like it one bit. You entered through the zeta tube. You found Bruce dressed and ready to go. His face was serious, but as you approached, he simply opened his arms and hugged you to him. Leaning in close he whispered, “We’ll get them back. Captain Marvel has given us a lead.”

    The news that Captain Marvel is really an eight year old boy does not sit well with you. Of course Dick had started young, but you and Bruce had been there to supervise. You listen to the go between with a forced neutrality. You push all your feelings aside and focus on the mission. That’s what is going to get your kids back.

    When it comes time to go, you stick close to Bruce and Giovani. You can tell that the magician has something up his sleeve, and you’re also certain that you won’t like it. You’d never cared for magic, even when you were little. Your father had invited the world’s best sorcerers to the compound, in an effort to extend his power. Some small part of you had always considered it cheating. Even now, as you fought against it, you hated it. Hated it with a passion.

    You dodge the spells with the precision your father had drilled into you as a child. You do your best to provide a distraction, anything that will let Giovani end this. Right up until Captain Marvel comes barreling through the earth with the stone. When the world flickers back to normal, your eyes fly first to Bruce and then your children. You’re quick to take inventory of everyone’s cuts and bruises, before delivering a series of bone crushing hugs. That’s when you see her.

    As you listen to Nabu refuse to give up Zatanna, your hatred of magic grows. You pull M’Gann, and Artemis to you, and glare at Nabu. And when Giovani turns to face you, you know what he’s about to say. “Bruce, Y/N, you’ll take care of her, right? Nurture her? Mother her? She’s never had a mother before.”

    Bruce’s arm wraps around your shoulders, as the other wraps around Dick, “We’ll watch over her old friend. Do what you must.”

    You watch the goodbyes with a detached sadness, knowing that if it had been one of yours, you would have done the same. You take a sobbing Zatanna into your arms, and simply hold her. Knowing that no words can help her right now. As you meet Bruce’s eyes, and he gives a small nod, she becomes one of yours.

drunk bitch

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word count: 1.4k 

what if you got drunk and didn’t realise what you were doing? Baekhyun being your victim.

(lol that picture looks like the moment you wrap your lips around baekhyuns cock)

Baekhyun was sitting down on the couch. The lust in his eyes was evident, and he was nervous as you were crawling up to him on the floor. You two had gone out with everyone and you had gotten completely drunk and absurd. He was the only one really sober enough to take you home, all the other guys were drunk as fuck and your best friend had to help them home as well.

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Hey guys, a little bit about La Muerte in Mexican folklore:

  • She’s described as a very pale and very skinny lady, but it is the poetic way of saying she’s a skeleton.
  • She is also known as Catrina, which is a specific word for a style of very elegantly dressed women. The male word is Catrín.
  • She rides a motherfucking bicycle while wearing a tube dress and high heels. If you don’t respect her for being death herself you should based on this fact.
  • She is incredibly sassy and done with everyone. She has heard all sorts pleads, gambled all sorts of trades, offered all sorts of bribes, been offered all sorts of riches, granted extra hours of life, drank all sorts of alcohol offers, been a therapist to all sorts of people who can’t digest their inevitable death, chased, dated AND married men who just didn’t feel like dying yet, she’s down for whatever because she knows you’ll die either way.
  • She’ll laugh at your face, she’s savage.
  • She’s not the Grimm Reaper, she’s not here to reap you, she’s your ride to the underworld, ring ring sweetie hop on that bicycle.
  • She has all sorts of media dedicated to her, and it can be either as depressing as The Raven or as entertaining as The Devil Went Down to Georgia.
  • She’s not good nor evil, she is death and she’s here to get her job done.
Supermom: Part 1

Prompt: Supermom, kind of like batmom, but with Clark Kent, and meeting superboy for the first time.

AN: I want to make it clear that this is not the same AU as YJ Batmom. This is completely separate! There will be one more part after this and then it’s done!

Words: 861

          “Why does everyone want to clone you? I mean I love you, I really do, and you’re wonderful, but I don’t see a need to clone you.”

          Clark doesn’t look at you, his gaze stays focused on the door. You sigh and plop down beside him on the couch before, climbing into his lap. He doesn’t snap out of it until you kiss him. Your lips meet his, and suddenly his arms are wrapped around you. When you pull back you smile and say, “And so sleeping beauty awakens.”

          He gives a small smile that doesn’t reach his eyes, “I suppose I have been a bit out of it.”

          “If I had been Lex Luthor, you’d be dead right now.” He gives another small smile. “I get that you’re freaked out Clark, that you’re not really sure what to do, but pushing this boy away isn’t the answer. Think back to when you were first discovering your powers, wouldn’t it have been nice to have someone to help?

          He shifts slightly so that you move from his lap, and then he’s pacing. “You sound like Bruce.”

          You roll your eyes, “Yes, well, he is my brother, we share a good bit of DNA, and I’ve found that every once in awhile, we share a thought or two.”

          He lets out a small frustrated sound, “I’m just not ready to deal with this, why can’t you understand that?”

          “Because there’s a boy out there who is confused and probably really scared, and I’m not in favor of having emotionally unstable superheroes.”

          “Are you sure this doesn’t have something to do with what the doctor said?”

          You feel the blood drain out of your face at those words. You bite the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from saying something you’ll regret. Without a word you move from the couch and towards the door.

          Clark sighs, “Y/N, I didn’t mean it,” but when he reaches for you, you pull away.

          Without another word you walk out the door. You find yourself at the Wayne Enterprises building almost by magic. You don’t remember the walk there; you only remember your thoughts. In fact, you don’t even realize you’re there until Bruce’s arm wraps around you, and he starts guiding you to his office.

          There’s a long moment of silence before you say, “I want to meet him.”

          Bruce raises an eyebrow at that, “And how does Clark feel about that?”

          “I really don’t give two figs about Clark’s feelings right now. He’s acting like a spoilt child. That kid needs someone, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to leave him alone Bruce.”

          You walk into the mountain a few hours later. There’s a mask covering your eyes, and you’d be lying if you said you didn’t feel a little silly. You watch from beside Bruce as Dinah and Superboy train. When they’re done the room empties almost like magic.

          “Who are you?” You smile at the bluntness.

          You smile and hold out your hand “My name’s Y/N. I’m married to the man you know as Superman. I also refer to him as a toddler because he’s been acting like a child since you’ve come around.” The boy’s hand goes limp in yours. You take a deep breath and ask, “Do you mind if we talk?”

          He nods, “Of course.”  

          You take a seat on the sofa, you twist your hands in your lap. “Superman, sometimes has a hard time dealing with things. He’s always been on the outside of things, and when he meets someone like him, he doesn’t always deal with it well. Usually, I’m able to talk some sense into him, but like his mother says he’s as stubborn as that damn mule who kept trying to kick him.”

          He smiles a bit, and you smile back, “Anyways, he’ll come around eventually. But in the meantime, I wanted to give you this.” You hand him a small piece of paper, “This is my card, if you need anything, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to call, text, email, or even fax.”

          He nods, “Thank you for this.”

          You nod and stand to leave, when he grabs your arm. He looks you in the eye and asks, “Does he hate me?”

          Your heart breaks in that moment, and you sink back onto the couch. You wrap your arms around him, “No hun, he doesn’t. He’s just scared.”

          “Superman, scared?”

          You smile and say, “It happens to the best of us.”

          You end up staying with Superboy for several hours, until it gets dark at the very least. When it comes time to leave, you don’t type in the coordinates for Metropolis.

          The surprise on your brother’s face says it all when you step through the Zeta Tube. He’s dressed in his gear, and ready to go out, but he seems to forget all about it with one look on his face. He just opens his arms and you walk into them. You just ask, “Do you mind if I stay here for a few days?”

          He kisses the top of your head and says, “It’s your home too.”

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Just a normal tube dress, but I’m not wearing any underwear inside at all.

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Party Foul

A/N: This is the third scenario I’ve written. This scenario was better in my head~ but enjoy this late night garbage  💖

Lmao when I typed ‘third’ I accidentally typed ‘thirst’

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Theme: Collage AU, (briefly) Fuckboy Jungkook.

It was your typical beginning of the year college party.  

My roommate scored an invite from an upperclassman, to which she invited me, and when I expressed my lack of interest in drinking and parties she told me I had to go because I was her designated babysitter for the evening.

“C’mon, someone has to make sure I don’t end up naked on a kitchen table,” she paused, “or end up fair game to every drunk, horny frat boy.” When I ignored her she dropped her arms at her sides with a huff, “Pleeaseee,” she pouted, “Can’t you just like, not drink?” I asked, getting up from my desk. “You know what happens at parties, Y/N. You make a promise not to drink and the next thing you know you wake up the next morning with a wicked hangover in someone else’s bed. Once you step foot into a party your self control goes out the window.” I sighed, “Fine, fine, I’ll go. I’ll make sure you don’t get hammered and that you come home.” She grinned, clasping her hands together. “You’re the best!” “I know.”

I started getting ready, “Are you going all out?” I asked, glancing over at my roomie who was frantically sorting through clothes. “Well duh, is there any other way to dress for a party?” she giggled, pulling out a skin tight maroon tube dress and a black shawl, “Does that mean I have to go all out?” I asked, watching her pick up a pair of black lacey heels. “Well yeah, you have to look hot too, it’s like a girl code.”  “I guess I missed out on reading the bitch bible.” I chuckled.  

I changed into a purple tank top that plunged into a deep v, tucking it into a leather mini skirt. I slipped on my leather jacket and started to put on my heeled boots, “Hey Vi, do you have lip gloss I can use? Preferably clear or lightly tinted.” “Yeah, here,” she came out of the bathroom, I looked up at her as I was zipping the side of my boot, “Wow Vi, you look-” “Hot? I know, and so do you, and kind of badass at the same time.” She winked at me as she handed me her lip gloss, “Thanks,” I grinned.


As soon as we arrived I regretted it, but seeing as we were already here it was too late to back out, plus I would have a guilty conscious if she did something embarrassing and I wasn’t here to stop it.  

We both walked into the crowded living area, arm in arm, she turned to grin at me, “I know you don’t want to be here but thank you for coming with me.” I sighed and rolled my eyes playfully, “Yeah yeah,” She swatted my arm, breaking away from me to go grab a drink. I looked around, seeing a few familiar faces from my classes or around campus, my gaze falling on a particular face, one that belonged to none other than Jeon Jungkook- college fuckboy. I watched as he was engaged in a conversation with a few other boys, shaking his dark fringe out of his eyes. He was breathtakingly gorgeous, I admit. He brought a bottle of beer up to his lips, taking a sip, I traced his jawline with my eyes as he tilted his head back, then I found myself staring at his adams apple as he swallowed.  

I released the breath I was holding, cringing at the fact I just gawked at him in spite of disliking him. I wandered off to the kitchen, hopefully to find a bottle of water or something else non-alcoholic. When I arrived in the kitchen I saw Vi standing in the corner talking to the guy who invited her, drink in hand- that’s right a drink, no alcohol- I took note that the drinks were being managed by someone. “Hey do you have anything without alcohol?” I asked, the drink tender flashed me a smile, “Designated driver?” I nodded, “Yeah something like that,” I smiled, looking over the array of alcohol displayed on the table. “We have bottled water, cherry pepsi, annnd, well yeah that’s the safe stuff.” he gave a soft laugh, “So what will it be, hun?” he asked, a rectangle grin spreading across his face. “Can I have cherry pepsi, please.” I gave him my best charming smile, to which he somehow smiled wider, “Of course, one cherry pepsi for the lady.” he handed me a can.  

“Hey Tae can you hand me another beer?” Someone asked, coming up from behind me, I moved to the side to get out of his way, “Sure thing, Jeon.” I looked up at him, seeing it was, in fact Jeon, the same person I had been embarrassingly gawking at upon my arrival. “Here you go, one beer.” The drink tender, Tae, said.  

“Staring isn’t polite,” Jeon said, winking and flashing me a smirk as he walked away. “You don’t stare you observe,” Vi said, coming up and draping an arm around me, “I don’t like what I’m observing so far.” I said throwing her a look, she gave me a smile and a squeeze, “Tae, was it? Hit me with a shot.” She said, “Please,” I elbowed her, “Please,” she mocked with a smile. Tae handed her a shot and she threw it back, and handed him the glass. She started to walk away, towards the living room, “Behave yourself,” I called out, she threw her hand up in a wave, acknowledging she heard me. “Ohh, you’re the designated babysitter,” Tae said, giving me a teasing smile. “Yeah, I always am,” I said, popping the tab on my soda, “Can’t you guys like, rock-paper-scissors it out?” he asked, wiping out the shot glass Vi just used. “Well I don’t drink so, there isn’t a point in arguing.” I said, taking a sip. “Ahh, I see~” he said, stacking the little glass with the others. “I’m going to go follow her around, I’ll probably be back for water soon,” I said, he gave me a half smile, raking his gaze down my figure, “Alrighty~ please do.”

I wandered back out to the living area, looking around for Vi, but I don’t see her. I groaned internally, walking further into the hoard of people.  

Great now I have to go on a goose hunt.  

I stop at the bottom of the stairs, looking up at the hallway of doors.

There’s no way she’s that drunk yet.  

“Looking for someone?” The voice I recognized as Jeon’s asked from behind me, I turned to face him. “Yeah…my friend disappeared.” I mumbled, walking back towards the crowd, “And who is that?” he asked, following close behind. “Tight red dress, long dark hair.” “Vi?” he asked, “She’s outback,” he said, “Oh, Thanks~” I said throwing him a small smile over my shoulder, pushing my way to the outside.  

I broke through the crowd, ending up on the back porch. “Wow it’s so much cooler out here,” I whispered to myself, taking off my jacket to allow the cool air to get to my back and arms. “woohoo! take! it! off!” Vi said, coming up to pull me over to a beer pong set up. “Alright so, you’re gonna throw the balls into the cups and this nice guy is gonna drink whatever you score.” she said, gesturing to some random guy who was eyeing her up with a creepy grin. “What.” I gave her a blank look, “why?” “Because you have good aim, so you’re gonna win for me,” she said, “Win? You can’t win at beer pong.” I said, glancing at the table of cups, noticing they’re arranged in triangles, the top point of the triangles connecting with the same cup. “You do when you go against someone.” She said, grinning at me, I groaned, “What if I lose?” I asked, hoping she didn’t bet herself. “Whatever the winner wants, and it goes for you too. But the catch is you do it blindfolded, from 5 feet away, and you can’t land in your own cups.” she explained quickly, “That’s kind of complicated.” “You’ll do great,” She said, grabbing both my shoulders.


She put the blindfold on, and positioned me, and one after one handed me the pingpong balls.

After what felt like forever, which was actually only 20 some minutes, she took off my blindfold, “Do you want the good news or bad news?” She asked, cringing when I gave her a pointed look. “Bad news,” I said, glaring at her. “You lost…by one ball.” “Okay, good news?” I asked with a sigh. “The person you lost against is totally hot, so take advantage of this situation and get your groove on.” I nodded, “Great. You bet me to be fair game with some horny frat guy, which I’m here to protect you from.” I scoffed, narrowing my eyes at her. “He isn’t creepy or weird! Plus it was his idea, so be mad at him,” she said, pointing to my competitor. I glanced over to see Jeon, with a smug look on his face. She lent in to whisper to me, “He’s really sexy and girls throw themselves at him all the time, but he specifically requested to play with you,” she pulled away, winking at me. “Was that your attempt at making me feel okay with this?” I asked, an amused grin tugged at the corner of my mouth, “You’re really fucking lucky I love you, Vi.” I shook my head.  

“Alright kid, let’s get this over with.” I said, giving him a grin as walked over to him. “What is it you want? 7 minutes in heaven? A dance? ” I asked, stopping in front of him. He tilted his head to the side and grinned, I couldn’t help but to feel like I was suddenly under a magnifying glass. I nervously scratched the inside of my palm. “How about we just see where the night goes,” he ducked his head to be level with me, “I know you don’t drink, but you suggested a dance, let’s start with that?” He asked, giving me an alluring look. “Okay, a dance works,” I answered. “Then, shall we?” he gestured towards the house, “Sure, I’m gonna grab a bottle of water first,” I said, starting off towards the house, giving Vi one last look.  

I stopped in front of Tae and his table of drinks, “Hey, love~” he greeted me with a smile, “Well aren’t you sweet on the ladies.” I smiled back, meeting his eyes, “What can I get you?” “What do I want or what did I come to get?” I joked, “How about both and we’ll meet in the middle.” he flashed me a grin, “Well I want four shots of vodka, but I’ll settle for water, they’re both clear, it’s a good compromise.” I gave a soft smile. “Is the party getting to be too much for you?” he asked, pulling a bottle of water out of a cooler under the table. “Yeah I got caught up in something I didn’t ask to be a part of,” I took the bottle from him, pressing it to the side of my face. “Well I am the ‘bar tender’, and bar tenders are basically therapists, want to tell me about it?” he asked, tilting his head to the side with a soft smile. “Well, my friend bet me in a game of beer pong and lost,” I said, running a hand through my hair, “And now I have to play some college version of seven minutes of heaven.” I chuckled, looking down at my feet.

“It’s Jeon, isn’t it?” He asked, a grin splaying across his lips. I looked at him, “I’m guessing this happens a lot,” I said, “He’s known for pulling stupid party tricks like this, usually he picks the willing ones, the ones that throw themselves at his feet.” Tae said, leaning against the counter. “Usually? Implying it’s different this time,” I questioned, also leaning on the counter.  

Tae took a step towards me and leaned in slightly, like he was about to tell me a secret.

“Well, you’re…different.” He said, “that meaning?” I asked, furrowing my eyebrows in question. “You aren’t just some party slut, you’re out of your element here and from what I’ve heard from Vi you don’t fall easy prey to ‘horny frat boys’ at ‘annoying back to campus parties’ and you don’t drink- and as a result of that you don’t think there’s a reason to come to parties because you don’t get anything out of it.” he smiled, scanning my face, I opened my mouth to ask how he knew that, “I have class with her, she was telling me all morning about how she was going to have to beg to get you here, and let’s be honest, she’s kind of an over sharer, so.” he gave me a reassuring pat on the arm. “So, how do I fit into his game then?” I asked, glancing over my shoulder towards the living room- where I’m supposed to be right now. “Because you’re hot and you aren’t interested in him so it’s his goal to change that,” Tae said, also glancing at the living room. “So it’s all a game,” he laughed, “I’m gonna let you in on a little secret,” He said, “He cheats at whatever party game he plays, the blind fold he used in the beer pong game, it’s thin enough to be see through if it’s pulled tight enough, it’s all rigged so he can’t lose,” he finished, grinning at my shocked expression. “I’m going to kick his ass,” I said, shaking my head as I laughed lightly.

I thought for a second about his ridiculousness, before I hatched a plan, “You know Tae,” I started, glancing over my shoulder again, “I’m going to play my own little game,” I said, smirking at him. “I don’t know what you’re thinking but I’m in.” I shared my plan with Tae, “I like the way you think,” He said, “Thanks, love,” I said, winking, before leaving to find Jeon.

I found him in the living room, talking to some other guys, I approached him with a smile, “Sorry I got caught up,” I said, giving a polite smile to his friend. “I was starting to think you bailed,” he said, snaking an arm around my waist and pulling me against him, “I’ll catch up to you later, I have a date to dazzle,” Jeon said, pulling me away from his friend to the middle of the dancing crowd.

We danced for an hour, we danced all sorts of dirty, bumping and grinding, roaming hands. I turned around to face him, running my hands up his chest, shoulders, the back of his neck and through his hair. His hands slid from my hips down to my butt; I gave a breathy chuckle, “Someone’s handsy,” I whispered in his ear, leaning in close enough for my lips to brush against his ear. “What’s dirty dancing without a little touching?” He whispered back, trailing kissed from my ear towards my mouth, I placed a finger between our lips before they could touch. He smirked at me, pulling me closer somehow, even though we were already pressed flush together, “Don’t be a tease,” He said, pulling my hand away and kissing the back of it. “What if I don’t want to kiss you?” I asked, tilting my head to the side with a smirk. “Well then that’s a party foul,” He said, smirking back. “No, you know what’s a party foul?” I asked, leaning up to nip at his bottom lip, he let out a shaky breath, gripping my hips tightly, “Cheating at beer pong cause you knew I’d reject you.” I chuckled, unwrapping my arms from him, and stepping away. He gawked at me for a solid minute, before he spoke, “How did you- wait, wait, wait, so wait. Does this mean that this whole hour of you dancing with me was just to get me all worked up so you leave me?” He asked, staring at me in disbelief, “How does it feel to get played for once, Jeon?” I asked, giving him a teasing smile before walking away. “How does it feel to be a bitch?” He called after me, to which I just threw my hand up in acknowledgement.  

I wandered through the house and eventually outside, looking for Vi. I noticed on my way through the house Tae was missing from the table, I frowned, wanting to share how my plan went. Once I breached the crowd and landed back on the porch I looked around, spotting Vi sitting the lap of some guy. I cringed and started off towards her, I was stopped when a figure lurch towards me from the side, grabbing my arm. I whipped my head over as I pulled my arm out of the person’s grasp, prepared to snap at whoever it was that grabbed me. Tae stood there, with his hands up defensively “Hey, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have grabbed you like that, I just wanted to catch you before you stepped off of the porch.” He said, a nervous smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. “No, no it’s okay you just scared the hell out of me,” I laughed, bringing a hand up to cover my face, slightly embarrassed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” he chuckled, “Well you’re outside so I’m guessing the plan went?” he asked, his lips turning into a sly grin. “It went,” I smiled, pleased with myself.  

“And??” He asked, “I want details, love.” he grinned at me as he ushered me to follow him to the wicker love seat on the porch, I sat and looked over to make sure I could still see Vi. “Okay so like we danced for like a whole god damn hour, and eventually he started getting touchy so I figured it was time-” I told him the run down of what happened, slowly the biggest grin stretched over his mouth and he let out a laugh, “Well aren’t you a little savage,” He smiled at me, “Sometimes,” I admitted, looking back in Vi’s direction, she was still seated on someone’s lap. “She has a class at 8am, it’s almost 2, I should take her home…” I said, furrowing my eyebrows as I looked at Vi. “I know I have that unnecessarily early class with her.” He sighed, I stood up and smoothed out my skirt, “I’ll see you around,” I looked back at Tae who was still seated, “See you around~” he smiled at me. I walked over to Vi, setting a hand on her shoulder, “Hey we should go, you have to get up early hun,” I said, she groaned at me, “Fine fine,” she waved my hand away. I looked back towards the house in time to see Jeon walk out, immediately spotting Tae and walking over to him, Tae saw him coming towards him and stood up, greeting him with a crooked grin. Vi got up, much to this guys displeasure, fixed her dress and wrapped her shawl around herself. She wobbled a bit as she walked back towards the house, I stood close behind her so I could grab her if she tumbled.

As I climbed the steps of the porch I looked over at Tae, who locked eyes with me instantly. He gave me a wink and then he slapped his hand on Jeon’s shoulder, “Jeon Jungkook got his ass handed to him by a girl,” I almost stopped in my tracks as I looked back over with wide eyes, I saw Jeon lightly push him just before I walked through the back door, stretching my arm out to grab Vi’s shawl so I wouldn’t lose her in the crowd.


When we got home I kicked off my boots with ease where as Vi struggled to not fall on her face as she tried to take hers off, once she got them off she carefully walked towards our small sofa and flopped down on it. “I saw that you spent like 90% of the party either stalking me or chatting with that drink guy,” she said, I nodded, “Well stalking you was my job, remember?” I said, arching an eyebrow at her. “I know,” she said, yawning, “He was cute wasn’t he,” she gave me a lazy smile. “I mean yeah he was nice to look at but I’d rather peel my face off than to be around him,” I said with a light chuckle. “uhm you were basically flirting with him all night?!” she said, sitting up to look at me. “Jeon?” I asked, unzipping my skirt down its side. “No no! The drink dude,” she said, flopping back down. “Oh…Tae, yeah he was sweet.” I said, smiling to myself. “Hmm Tae, Tae…Tae,” she said his name a few times, “I’ll remember for next time,” she said, pulling the blanket off of the back of the couch covering herself with it.


Two days later I’m standing in the college library, walking through the rows of books, looking for the religion section.  

I saw someone pushing a cart of books and I walked towards them.

Maybe the employee can point me towards the religion isle.  

I walked around the corner of the isle, realizing the employee pushing the cart was Tae. I grinned and walked up to the cart, purposely picking up the book he had been reaching for. “Hey you,” I smiled at him, examining the back cover of the book I had picked up, “Somehow I feel like biochemics isn’t something you’d be into.” he said, leaning his elbows on the cart, smiling at me. “It’s not,” I placed the book back on the cart, “You work here?”  I asked, he grinned, “Nah I just volunteer, why?” he tilted his head to the side, “Would you mind showing me where I would find the religion area?” I asked, he nodded, “Sure thing, right this way hun,” he smiled at me, pushing off the cart and walking off, leaving the cart in the middle of an isle. “Why religion?” he asked, glancing back at me, “I’m a religion studies major,” I said, reaching out to run my fingers along the spines of the books. “Ahh, why that major?” he asked, turning down an isle, and stopping. “I like to learn about religions, their similarities and differences and such.” I answered, running a hand through my hair.  

“Sounds pretty interesting,” he said, a smile forming on his lips, “I think it is,” I smiled as I looked at the rows of books. “Hey, just a heads up, there’s a party on Friday, Vi is going to try and talk you into going,” he said, “Well then I’ll probably end up going.” I said, looking up at him.  

“Are you going to be there?” I asked, tilting my head to the side and cocking an eyebrow, “I will be,” he said, a smirk tugged at his lips, “Are you going to be playing bar tender again?” I asked, taking the time to actually look at his face. He was cute, he had warm brown eyes and tan skin kissed by the gods themselves, he had a cute freckle on his nose, and pretty pink lips. “No, I’m just attending,” he said, “If you want to talk to someone who isn’t wasted, you can always come find me~” he said, giving me a wink as he walked off. I smiled to myself as I looked at the books for the ones I wanted.  

I might enjoy this next party, after all

A/N: The ending was rushed and I didn’t proof read. Thanks for reading~

Television is not the truth. Television’s a god-damned amusement park. Television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, sideshow freaks, lion tamers, and football players. We’re in the boredom-killing business. So if you want the Truth, go to God! Go to your gurus. Go to yourselves! Because that’s the only place you’re ever gonna find any real truth. But, man, you’re never gonna get any truth from us. We’ll tell you anything you wanna hear. We lie like hell... And no matter how much trouble the hero is in, don’t worry. Just look at your watch. At the end of the hour, he’s gonna win. We’ll tell you any shit you want to hear.

We deal in illusions, man. None of it is true! But you people sit there day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds. We’re all you know. You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here. You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality and that your own lives are unreal. You do whatever the tube tells you. You dress like the tube, you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube. You even think like the tube. This is mass madness. You maniacs. In God’s name, you people are the real thing. We are the illusion. So turn off your television sets. Turn them off now. Turn them off right now. Turn them off and leave them off. Turn them off right in the middle of this sentence I am speaking to you now. Turn them off!

Network (1976)

Wrapped Around Pt.2 (Usnavi x Reader)

Word Count: 3,765


Authors Note: I’m sorry for terrible smut, this is my first go at it so feedback would be greatly apprecciated. I LOVE HEARING FROM YOU GUYS! LET ME KNOW HOW YOU THINK I DID! ILL BE IN HELL IF YOU NEED ME. KISSES.

Request: If requests are still open and you want to, I think something with jealous Usnavi could be cool. Maybe with some NSFW if you do it and feel like it works? Whatever is fine! I hope you have a lovely day/evening!

Part 1


Your muscles stopped functioning, and you stood there with your mouth agape. You couldn’t believe how vulnerable you were last night.

“Y/N.” Usnavi opened his mouth. You slammed the door in his face, running to your shared bedroom. You pulled out a suitcase and began shoving all of your belongings into it. “Y/N, please.” Usnavi yelled through the door banging on it. Tears began to fall again, but you quickly wiped them and zipped up your suitcase. You yanked at your bag and opened the door to your apartment to reveal Usnavi still standing there. He had a spark of hope in his eyes before they traveled down to your suitcase. You pushed past him trying to get to the elevator. You pressed the elevator button when Usnavi grabbed your wrist. “Y/N, please let me explain.” he whined. “I’ve heard enough of you.” you stated firmly not turning to face him. “Y/N-” He began. “No. No. I’m tired of this. I’m tired of wondering how many times you’ve lied to me. Tired of worrying about Vanessa. Tired of you.” You spat at him as you pulled your arm from his grip. Fishing the apartment key from your back pocket, you threw it at him. You stepped to the elevator, and watched him as the doors of the elevator closed.Just when they closed, Usnavi made a run to hit the button once more and the doors reopened. He walked in, his eyes staring into yours. You didn’t know what he was doing until you felt his familiar lips against yours and his arms snaking around your waist. You had to use all of your strength to not kiss him back. You slightly pushed him off. “Y/N, please. I didn’t mean anything I said yesterday. I love you. You, Y/N. not anybody else.” he declared confidently, but his eyes were silently pleading you to believe him. You looked down at the dirty floor of the elevator. “I need time.” you whispered, pushing him out of the elevator. The doors began to close once more, and he stood there shock all over his face.  If it was even possible, your heart broke even more when the doors shut, and the elevator began to descend.

You knocked a few times on the door when Benny finally opened the door. “Hey Y/N, ho-” he stopped mid sentence when he saw you. You just gave him a look, and he moved aside allowing you to come in. “Are you ok?” Benny cautiously asked. “Fine.” you replied stiffly settling into the couch. “It’s not fine if you’re here and not at home with Usnavi.” He reasoned. “I just need time to think.” You breathed out closing your eyes. “Well you’ll have the whole apartment to yourself, I have to head to work.” he said, fixing his tie. “Sounds great.” you sang, lying down and curling your legs to your chest. “I think you meant ‘Wow thanks Benny’” he said sarcastically. You glared at him, and he put his hands up in surrender before leaving the apartment. And there you were. Alone with your thoughts. It was then when it hit you. You had lost Usnavi because of your actions.

Benny walked into the bodega only to see Usnavi at the counter looking like a mess. He was still wearing the same thing from last night. “Bro, what happened?” Benny asked making his way to the counter with his milkyway. “Nothing.” Usnavi mumbled, pouring his coffee and checking out his items. “Well, I just wanted to let you know that Y/N is at mine if you need her.” Benny said walking out of the bodega leaving Usnavi to stare lasers through his back. Usnavi punched the counter with rage. Why did he have to be so stupid? Why was he so jealous? He quickly flinched back to see his red knuckles. Frustrated, he pulled of his cap and ran a hand through his hair. He didn’t have anyone to blame. He had lost you because of his actions.

You were sound asleep when someone jerked you awake. Your eyes shot open to see Benny standing there. It was dark out and you hadn’t moved since he left. “Please don’t tell me you’ve been lying here all day.” He nagged. “Sorry bud, I don’t like to lie.” you rasped, your voice groggy. You rubbed your eyes and sat up, stretching your arms. “Well get up because we’re going out.” he said. You gave a sarcastic laugh before lying back down. That was when Benny grabbed your arm and yanked you up. You gave a startled grunt before massaging your shoulder joint. “I literally just broke up with my long time boyfriend and you’re making me go out?” you raised an eyebrow. “Girls stay in and eat and gossip.” you mutter. “Well I guess you should’ve thought of that before befriending me because last time I checked I was a guy.” Benny responded, loosening his tie. You rolled your eyes and tried to lie back down when Benny threw his bunched up tie at you. “Pleaassee.” He begged giving you puppy dog eyes. “No.” you said, fluffing the couch cushion. “You owe me.” he grinned, crossing his arms. “Oh really?” you said lying back down. “Remember that time I walked in on you and Usnavi getting it on in the back room?” he began when your face flushed red at the memory. You jerked up and gave him wide eyes. “And I promised not to tell Sonny?” he was smirking now. “Ok, ok, ok. Stop right there. I’ll go.” you said making a beeline to your bag. Benny just laughed, and you smacked his arm before walking into the bathroom to change.

You dug around your suitcase and sighed. Of course out of all of your dresses, the only one in your bag was the skin tight tube dress you wore when you were in high school. You lifted it from its place and lifted it to your body. ‘Maybe it’ll fit.’ you thought as you squeezed the bright blue spandex onto your hips. 5 minutes of fiddling with the zipper, you were sucked into the dress. You turned to look in the mirror and were pleasantly surprised. You ran your hands along your hips and smiled, it fit better than you had remembered. You turned on the tap and splashed water on your face before digging into your makeup bag. 10 more minutes in the bathroom you stepped out and walked in front of Benny. He looked up at you and gave a whistle, and you smiled and gave him a 360. “Damn Y/N. I haven’t seen you wear that since high school.” he motioned to the blue dress. “It’s cause I haven’t.” you said running your hand over the fabric. “You should wear it more often. You look hot.” he said linking arms with you. You choked and looked up at him. “In the most friend way possible.” he blushed. You laughed and leaned into him, walking out of the apartment.

“Dude, you’re going out again?” Sonny questioned Usnavi as he was getting ready to close. “Well, I just lost my girlfriend. The only thing that could make this situation better is if I just forget about it.” He said locking the doors. “Just- be careful.” Sonny said patting Usnavi’s back. “And don’t go kissing Vanessa or some shit like that.” he said. “Where did you hear that?” Usnavi fretted. “I heard from the salon ladies.” he replied, finger gunning Usnavi. Usnavi just buried his head in his hands and headed to the bar. He desperately needed a drink.

You stood at the bar next to Benny enjoying yourself. It was true, you hadn’t gone out in a while, and maybe the way boys handled breakups was just as useful as the way your girl friends did. “Having a good time?” Benny asked in your ear. You eagerly nodded when your eyes landed on Usnavi. He was staring right at you and you quickly turned away. You leaned into Benny. “He’s here. You knew he’d be here. Is that why you brought me here?” you said pissed. “What?” he exclaimed before looking to see Usnavi himself. Usnavi clenched his drink in his hand. You ‘needed time’. He scoffed. Yeah, you needed time with Benny. You saw him give the stink eye to Benny when he leaned into your ear and you smirked. You put your hand on Benny’s face when he went to talk. “What are you doing?” Benny whispered. “Just go with it.” you hissed back moving your head slightly so that his lips ghosted yours. You turned to look at Usnavi who was now visibly irritated and batted your eyelashes innocently. You grabbed Benny’s hand and led him into the dance floor, you felt Usnavi’s eyes follow you two. You and Benny stood in an open area of the dance floor and you placed his hands on your hips. “Y/N?” He said confused, moving his head to your ear. You looked up at Usnavi whose knuckles were white from clenching his drink too hard. “Follow my lead.” you said turning around and leaning your head back so it was on Benny’s chest. You slowly began to sway your hips and he moved with you. He was a much better dancer than Usnavi. Cautiously you began to grind on him and he just gripped your hips harder. You looked to where Usnavi was sitting and saw him with his jaw on the floor. You raised an eyebrow and gave him a smirk. A ‘what are you gonna do about it?’ look on your face. You closed your eyes and continued to dance. When you opened them to give Usnavi another shit eating grin he wasn’t there anymore. You stopped dancing and began looking around when you felt someone grab your arm and drag you from the dance floor. Before you had any say you were dragged all the way out of the club to the sidewalk where you finally got a good look at the person. You were taken aback when you realized it was Usnavi who was desperately trying to hail a taxi. He looked just as tense up close and when he finally managed to get a taxi, he pushed you into the back seat sitting next to you. You looked up at him to see that he was the one smirking now. “Bad idea babe.” he whispered in your ear causing goosebumps to travel down your body. You would be lying if you said you weren’t curious as to what he was going to do. Yours and Usnavi’s sex life was usually vanilla, you didn’t know what a shot of alcohol and jealousy would do. His hand landed on your thigh and gripped at your skin. You couldn’t help but feel your heart jump at his touch. His hand slowly inched up to where your skin met the blue spandex. You tensed unsure if he was going to go further. You two were interrupted when the taxi came to a halt in front of the familiar apartment complex. You tried your best to hide your disappointment as Usnavi paid and got out of the taxi pulling you out with him. His hand was around your waist tightly, dragging you into the elevator. Once the elevator doors closed he pushed you against the wall and buried his head in your neck, his lips beginning to suck at your skin causing a gasp to escape your throat. The elevator doors opened at your floor and you two tumbled out. Usnavi frantically digging in his pocket to find the key.

The door flung open, and you trailed behind Usnavi and turned around to close the door when you felt him press up behind you. He moved his head so that his mouth was against your ear. “You need time huh?” he said, beginning to bite at your earlobe. You let out a shuddering breath and gulped. “I’ll give you time babe. A good time” he said before moving his lips to your jawline leaving sloppy kisses all the way down to your neck. His hands found the zipper at the back of your dress and quickly unzipped it. He stepped back so you could shimmy your way out of it, leaving you in only your underwear, having gone bra less. You turned around so you were facing him, and his eyes began to roam all over your body before landing on your breasts. He stepped to you once more and he pressed you up against the door. You slightly jumped and hooked your legs around him and he wrapped his arms around your bare thighs. He carried you all the way to the bed and set you down. You propped yourself up on your elbows and saw Usnavi approach  carefully. You slightly bent your legs and opened them, looking at Usnavi through your eyelashes. He hooked his fingers on your underwear and quickly slid them down leaving you completely exposed. His mouth found yours once more but left quickly finding your neck. He dragged a finger through your folds and you let out a frustrated moan. “What was that?” he taunted, his fingers teasing at your entrance. “P-please.” you whimpered, your hips bucked the slightest and he slid in two fingers. A satisfied groan left your lips as you threw your head back. He began to pump his fingers in and out of you still kissing your neck. His thumb began to rub circles over your clit. “U-Usnavi.” you moaned at the new feeling. “You like that babe?” He cooed beginning to rub faster. Your eyes shut and you nodded your head. “Shit. oh god. Usnavi.” you warned him, your legs beginning to shake involuntarily. He curled his fingers inside you and you let out a strangled groan, pleasure spreading through you. “Oh my god. U- Usnavi. I… so close-”  you managed parts of your sentence before he quickly pulled out his fingers leaving you hanging. You opened your eyes to look at him only to see him sucking on his fingers. Damn where was this Usnavi when you were with him? You used your finger to hook it onto his shirt collar and bring him up to you. He looked at you mesmerized, moving closer to you. You quickly tore off his shirt and traced your fingertips all the way down to the top of his pants. He got the memo and got off the bed to slip them off, along with his boxers. He eagerly made his way on top of you again, and you giggled at his excitement. He blushed deeply before you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulling him in so that your lips met his. He quickly deepened the kiss and you moved your hand dangerously low on his stomach. You used your hand and wrapped around his length and slowly began to pump. He moaned into the kiss, and you smiled pumping faster. He broke the kiss and tore away from your grasp. He leaned over you to the bedside table and fumbled around the drawer and pulled out a condom. Instead of putting it on himself like always, he handed it to you. You looked at him questioningly. “Come on Y/N. Put it on for me.” he dared, his brown eyes had a look of lust you had never seen. You opened the foil and slowly rolled it on to him and watched as he threw his head back, his mouth open in a silent moan. You pumped him a few more times for good measure but also to see him in a state of pure pleasure. He pushed you back on the bed and you laid there, excitement bubbling in your core. His tip teased at your entrance and his hand moved down and began rubbing at your clit. “How do you feel babe?” he asked looking at you. You held his gaze blushing, trying your best not to let any embarrassing noises escape your lips. “So- o- good.” you quavered, biting your lip again. “Yeah?” he questioned beginning to rub in a different direction which made you take a sharp inhale, his tip still teasing you. You nodded closing your eyes. “Look at me.” he commanded and he stopped rubbing you. You opened your eyes and looked into his, and he began to slowly rub at your clit again. This time you couldn’t stop yourself when an embarrassing moan escaped your lips. You blushed deep red, still unable to tear your eyes from Usnavi’s because of the pleasure he was causing. “There it is.” Usnavi cooed rubbing faster now. Your rocky exhale caused another plethora of sounds to escape your mouth, revealing how much you were enjoying this. Usnavi smiled and pushed into you without warning causing you to cry out. “Shit, you’re so tight.” he murmured in your ear as he began to move. You hooked your legs together, wrapping around his torso. “I love you so much, I hope you know that.” He panted, quickening his pace. You groaned and looked at him, “I love y-o-oohhh” you yelped when he hit the spot. His pace gradually got quicker and he continually hit your sweet spot, and every time an obscure noise would flood the room. “Uuusnaviii.” you moaned shakily, your muscles beginning to tighten. “I’m gonna-” You tried talking, one hand scratching his back and another grabbing at the sheets. “No.” he said, his pace not slowing. “Please, please. Oh my god. U-snavi please.” you begged, your body not listening to his command. “Whose girl are you?” he grunted getting close himself. “Yours.” you cried out feeling your orgasm blooming. “Whose?” He questioned again. “Yours- yours! Usnavi’s” you exclaimed unsure how long you were going to be able to keep yourself from coming. “That’s right baby. Come for me.” He purred and you obliged falling over the edge pulling on his hair and moaning his name repeatedly. Usnavi bit into your shoulder as he released into the condom, but he continued to thrust into you through your orgasm. Your hips spasmed and you gasped for air, seeing stars.

He pulled out of you and got out of bed, discarding the condom. When he returned he made his way back into the bed with you. You were facing out and when you felt Usnavi’s body weight on the bed you turned to face him. His face turned red as the both of you realized what you had just done. “That was…” you began unable to find words for what had just happened. “Yeah.” Usnavi said still flushed. “Listen it was a mistake.” you said shifting to get out of bed. Usnavi’s arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you back on the mattress. “Don’t say that.” he said, using his hand to move a strand of hair from your face. “I don’t know what I was thinking. I needed time and here I am again.” you said to yourself, burying your face in your hands. You pried yourself from his grip and got off of the bed. Usnavi quickly got up, following behind you. “Y/N please. I made a mistake. I didn’t mean anything I said last night. You have to believe me.” he said trying to get you to look at him. You ignored him and tried to zip your dress up. “Y/N-” “Usnavi. I wasn’t lying when I said I needed time.” you said once you got your dress on. You slipped on your shoes and headed for the door. “Wait.” he urged as he headed to the coffee table to grab something. He made his way over to you and handed you the apartment key you had thrown at him earlier. “I don’t care if you break up with me, get back with me, just want to be friends, or whatever. I just know I at least need you in my life.” you grasped the key tightly in your hand. “Y/N whatever happens to us. I’m here. I’ll always be here for you because I need you and I love you. I love you more than anything in this world.” you froze at his words and a  tear escaped from your eyes. Usnavi’s hand went to wipe it away. You quickly turned to the door again. “I-I need to go.” you stuttered before running out of his apartment.

Usnavi stirred from his sleep when he felt something poke him. He felt something on top of him, something against his lips. He returned the gesture before shooting his eyes open realizing what was happening. You sat there straddling him a smile playing on your lips. “Good morning.” you said getting off of him. “Y/N?” he stuttered out blushing. “Oh stop blushing, do I need to remind you what we did on this very bed last night?” you teased. “Why-why are you here?” he said rubbing his eyes making sure you were actually there. “I came back late last night, but you were already sleeping.” you said fiddling with the hem of your t shirt. His eyes moved around the room to see your suitcase open in the room. “You came back?” he whispered more to himself than to you. You nodded, looking at him. “I realized that I love you. I trusted you but you broke my trust Usnavi. But everyone deserves a second chance. Especially if this kind of love is once in a lifetime, I don’t want to miss it.” you gave him a half smile. “I’m so sorry Y/N. I hurt you and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to live with myself knowing that.” he said looking at the white sheets. “Hey, it’s ok.” you said cupping his face so he would look at you. “I promise I won’t hurt you again.” he said sticking out his pinky. You laughed at this gesture but returned your pinky. “And I promise I won’t get so jealous.” he said rubbing his neck. “No, I don’t want that.” you said smirking. “But if I hadn’t gotten jealous of Benny I wouldn’t have-” “If you hadn’t gotten jealous we wouldn’t have had great sex last night.” you finished for him smirking. His face flushed a deep red and he forced out a laugh. “Y/N, you have me wrapped around your finger.” he said giving into you. You laughed. “If you only knew the power you had over me Usnavi.” you sighed leaning into him, appreciating his presence.