instant gratification 2.5 (m)

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➾ 10.6k 

➾warnings: smut, pregnancy mention (as applies to IG2)

➾jk’s POV of IG2 as heavily requested!

instant gratification 01 | 02

This party sucks. 

His phone screen is dark and it mocks him even as he pastes on a smile for the girl currently cuddling into his side. What was her name again? Ye Eun? Eunha? 

Fuck if he knows.

All he knows is that you’re not replying to his texts, and he needs to get drunk asap before he does something stupid like call you. The girl he currently has his arm around beckons to her friend from a distance away, and Jeongguk tries his best to keep his eyes off her tits in her low cut tube dress as she approaches with a giggle.

“Jeongguk, right?” Girl number 2 sidles up to his unoccupied side and he immediately feels her breasts against his arm. They’re firm to the touch, which either means that they’re entirely fake, or that there’s enough padding in her bra for it to be a bulletproof vest.

Either way, yours feel a million times better.

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BTS reaction: you being insecure

bts reaction to you being thicc + busty and insecure ??

ft. very slight smut

{ some of them are longer cause it got too detailed }


Jin loved your body and he didn’t understand why you hated it. You weren’t eating the dinner he had prepared and he started getting worried. “Y/n, why aren’t you eating? Does it taste bad?” he says with a concerned look. You look down to your plate and quietly answer. “I’m just… I wanna lose weight okay, I’m insecure about my body and I think I just need to diet.” He stands up from his chair and comes over to hug you from behind and lightly kisses your head. “Baby, you’re beautiful. I love every stunning inch of your body, never forget that.” he says smiling


It was your birthday and Namjoon had taken you to Victorias’ Secret. You walked by the lingerie and fell in love with this black lace set. Namjoon catches you staring at it, “You want that one baby?” and you look at him and nod. You grab your size and run to try it on. You just finished tying the last silk ribbon and turn around to look in the mirror. The ribbon was going right into your curves and you hated it. You took it off and went up to Namjoon. “I’m not gonna get it.” you say and Namjoon looks at you with a shocked expression. “Why? Baby I loved it and I know it looks amazing on you,” he says rubbing your arm “go try it on again and let me see it.” You sigh and go back to the dressing rooms and try it on and you show Namjoon. You notice a obvious bulge growing in his pants, he sneeks up behind you and starts rubbing your hips. “You look beautiful princess, you’re buying that and as soon as we get home it’s going to on the floor.” he says with a smirk.


You were sitting in the studio with him while he was working on his second mixtape. He asks you to get some snacks for you two since you both haven’t all day. You nod and go down the street to get some snacks. You were getting some chips and water for you guys and you dropped one of the waters. When you bend to pick it up you realize how big your thighs look. You sit there and sigh and put down your bag of chips and buy a quick salad to-go. Once you came back you gave Yoongi his snack and you began to eat your salad. Yoongi looks up at you and speaks confusingly, “Babe, why are you eating a salad? You don’t like healthy foods.” and you put your fork down and set your food on the table. “Yoongi, I hate my body. My thighs are huge, my curves are hideous, I’m just trying to lose some weight.” He shrugs his shoulders and begins shutting everything off. You’re confused because you two usually stay for another 2 hours. But he got up and grabbed your wrist and dragged you to the nearest candy shop. “Get what you want babe, you and your body are beautiful. Don’t think other wise.” he says intertwining fingers with yours as you walked around the shop.


He was helping you practice the choreography for Fire because you begged him to teach you it. While in the studio you got hot and took off your sweatshirt, revealing a crop top underneath. From all the jumping around your sweatpants started to ride down just below your tummy so your hips were fully shown. You didn’t notice until you looked in the mirror when Hoseok went to go get some water. You pull up your pants and despite you being sweaty and hot, you put the sweatshirt back on. Hoseok enters the dance room and again and hands you your water. “Why did you put on your sweatshirt again? I thought your outfit was cute.” and you shake your head. “Hoseok, It’s not ‘cute’ when my hips are pouring out on my sides.” Hoseok walks up to you from behind and starts tugging on your sweatshirt encouraging you to take it off. “Y/n!! You’re body is so perfect, I love every inch on it! Please don’t hide it.” You feel bad and eventually take off your sweatshirt and Hoseok turns into his sunshine self again. “So, where were we?” he says unpausing the music.


You recently bought a tube dress and you thought it looked horrible. The tight dress showed every curve and inch of your body. You look at your self in mirror and feel your eyes watering up until Jimin walks in the bedroom. He’s shocked at how beautiful the dress is on you. “Baby!! You look amazing!” he says kissing your lips softly. “No I don’t.” Jimin has never heard you but yourself down like that. He stares at you and a tear drop runs down his cheek. “How could you not think your beautiful? That’s one of the many many reasons I love baby. You mean the world to me. I don’t wanna hear those lies coming from your mouth. You understand?” and you nod giving him a hug. “I love you Jiminie.” “I love you too baby.”


You two were at the beach on a couples vacation. You were wearing a two piece bathing suit with high rise bottoms. You and Taehyung decided to go into the water and just enjoy each other. The ocean waves kept causing your bottoms to ride down each time it hit you. You had to keep pulling them up cause you didn’t want Taehyung seeing your curves. “Y/n, baby, why do you keep hiding your beautiful body?” you stutter on your words a little bit. “C-cause I’m afraid that you won’t like my body and leave me.” Taehyung looks at you like a sad puppy and cups your cheek. “No,no baby I would never leave you. Your body is flawless and I can’t wait to… experiment with it.” He says with a smirk. You roll your eyes and splash water in his face and he splahsed it back. You two looked like 5 year olds having a splashing contest but you two didn’t care at all.


While you two were playing video games at the dorm. Jungkook was close to beating you in the third round but you ended up winning. You get up and start jumping around and Jungkook stares at you pretending to be mad. Your loose shirt flying up everytime you jump. Jungkook notices your curves and falls in love. Your relationship was pretty innocent, since you two have been dating for 2 months. Jungkook falls even more in love with your curves and get up and hugs you from behind stopping you from your exciting jumps. He became embarrassed as hell but he felt confident in this. Once you stop and you feel Jungkooks hands sliding down your sides inching closer to your waist you jump out of his hold. “Hey babe, I don’t necessarily like my hips that much sooo, it’s kinda awkward when you touch me there.” you say biting your lower lip out of embarrassment. He looks at you confusingly but ignores you and turns you around and starts feeling your curves again. He whispers in your ear, “Baby, when I saw your curves I instantly fell more in love with you. Never change.” You smile and turn around softly kiss him. He smiles and turns shy again, “I’ll let you win next round just so I can see your beautiful body again.” he says with a grin.

disappoint me daddy
  • dan and phil play dream daddy!! i messaged people abt this like a week and a half ago and immediately thought oh no what hell have i wished upon us but it is HERE
  • to be fair i am on my second watch so this isn’t. reacting
  • 0:47 and dan is already talking about barebacking i want to delete all of this

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1982 Malibu Barbie in Barbie Fashion Fun (1985) 2087 by Fashionistas superstar

This is the red variation of the Barbie Fashion Fun Tube dress (1985 Item No. 2087).  This is one of the many 80s fashions that you could find in varying colors.  This fashion also came in yellow.  The only accessory is the gold ribbon that can be tied and used as a belt.

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the right bite | 01

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vampire!minghao x reader fluff,
angst, and (eventual) smut

16,180 words

a/n: sooo…here’s the vampire minghao fic…it is…very explicitly halloween-themed lol…but i changed the whole concept at the last minute n it’s taken me awhile to write…so here it is in early november instead of on halloween as promised. i’m sorry. it was hard for me to get into halloween this year :( so this is my love letter and “i’ll try harder next time” to my favorite holiday. part 2 has the smut! it’s almost done n will be out in a couple of days. enjoy!!!

~ in which you fall for some guy at some party without meaning to and soon discover he’s not exactly what he says he is…

Tues., October 31st, 2017 @ Kennedy South Residence Hall, 6:24 P.M.

 In the grand scheme of things, you knew that you’d been through a lot worse than this, and if history was any indicator, there was worse yet to come. But right here, right now, rolling around on your friend’s closet floor on the verge of tears—you decided this was the worst moment of your life.

 Momo wasn’t of much help, of course, with all of her attention hyper-focused on her phone instead of anything you were up to. If you had only one chance to guess exactly what she was doing or be mauled to death by a bear, you’d bet your entire life that she was sexting Mina…and your suspicions were confirmed when you popped your head up out of the laundry pile you’d buried yourself beneath and caught sight of the “racy” picture that your friend was drooling over. A pout, a loose sweater, some sort of bedroom eyes. Gross.

 "It’s just her shoulder,“ you whined, "you’ve spent the better half of the last two years elbow deep in her front bottom and you’re gonna bust a fucking nut over that?” Any other time Momo’s glare would have split you in half, but after this long, exhausting month you’d had, you were impenetrable. It was a shame, really. You’d have preferred to melt under her gaze than live just one agonizing second longer.

 And you couldn’t believe you were feeling this low in October of all months. Sure, you’d had a few bad Marches and a shitty September or two, but you loved Halloween. You loved pumpkin spice everything and leaves falling and screaming at all the scares you knew were coming in movies you’d seen eighty times and running out of haunted houses—you lived for all that shit.

 Leave it to some stupid boy to ruin your favorite time of the year.

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BTS reaction | you wear tight / revealing / sexy clothes

Warning: feminine attire (Yoongi, Namjoon, Jungkook), monogamy (Jin), random GOT7 member reference (Namjoon, Jungkook)

Thanks for the request, @toomilkshakewombat!

Seokjin | ᴊɪɴ

As much as he hates to admit it, Jin is a bit uncomfortable with the way you dress sometimes. He doesn’t think poorly of you, but he’s worried about how other people will perceive you. You’re smart, kind, and most importantly not available. Of course as the supportive boyfriend he is, he’d never try to stop you from wearing what you like, especially since he finds it so sexy, but he but sometimes he makes suggestions. At the end of the day though, Jin is just happy that you’re happy. He’s the one you come home to each day, he’s the one who gets to see even more of your body, he’s the one who gets to call you his.

“Ah, jagi, can we shopping today? I want to spoil you with new clothes!”

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Yoongi | sᴜɢᴀ

To be honest, your Yoongi never seems to make much mention of your more provocative style of dress these days. Before the two of you got together, you could tell he was impressed by you and he’d even spoken about how he liked that you were so different from what he usually sees. He’s always been all over you when the two of you are intimate, but you can’t help wondering how he feels about your style now.

Today the two of you were out shopping for a new dress for an upcoming event. You’re checking yourself out in the changing area’s 180 mirror when you catch Yoongi ogling your figure from behind you. “What’s up, babe?”

He mmms appreciatively before speaking, “You’re buying that, right?”

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Hoseok | ᴊ-ʜᴏᴘᴇ

You couldn’t ask for a more supportive boyfriend than Hoseok. Sure, when the two of you first met he was a bit intimidated by your style. To him, revealing clothes meant tons of confidence, and confidence like that was probably taken. And yeah, you were at the time, but it all worked itself out in the end. Now the two of you are virtually inseparable and Hoseok exists as your own personal hype man.

The two of you had plans to stay in and play video games with the other members. When you arrived at their flat, Hobi was the one to let you in. He hugged you excitedly and soon enough you and all of Bangtan was sitting around the television in the living room. You were engrossed in your game and didn’t pay any mind when your thin oversized cropped tee sleeve fell off your shoulder down your arm. You had nothing on underneath, but you weren’t obscene so what did it matter? Next to you, however, Jungkook had noticed and his game performance reflected that. Hoseok noticed your intense concentration and the maknae’s distracted play, prompting him to boast proudly.

“Ahh, my jagi is even sexy playing video games!”

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Namjoon | ʀᴍ

As a man who loved and appreciated fashion, Namjoon had always expected his partner to be a dress as interestingly as he did. When he met you, when the two of you got together, he found himself in awe of your style. You wore your body like an outfit and clothes as accessories. He loved how your jeans always hugged the curve of your hips and ass, how the rips would show more than just a tasteful hint of skin. He loved when your shirts were so low cut that you were able to use that to your advantage to tease him. And boy, did you. 

The two of you were enjoying dinner with Jackson, one of Joonie’s idol friends and a friend of his. The place was a casual hole in the wall where music played so loud that you all had to lean in close. After a few moments of yelled conversation, Jackson’s date asked you to dance with them. You removed your jacket after agreeing, revealing a lacey black bralette.

Namjoon grabbed your wrist as you turned to walk away. “Aish, why do you have to tease me like this when I can’t do anything? Just wait until we later.”


Ah, your Jiminie. Regardless of how you two are in bed, Jimin has a unconscious desire to submit to you. This man worships every centimeter of your body, and to be quite honest he loves the way you dress. He loves that he gets to be the man on your arm when you strut through your environment. He’s used to it by now, but you still manage to provoke random proclamations of love and lust from your boyfriend when he sees your outfit for the day.

Today you’re wearing a low cut v- neck top so tight around your chest your nipples display proudly in the chill air. For bottoms, you’re wearing skin right ripped skinny jeans with exposed skin up the front of your thigh, and even one right below your butt.

Jimin sighs dreamily, then bites his lip as he looks you up and down. He hasn’t taken his eyes off you since you walked out of your bedroom. “God, jagiya. You’re just, you’re so fucking beautiful.”

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Taehyung | ᴠ

When I say Taehyung loves your style, I mean he loves it. As the two of you became friends you noticed that his hands would linger on your lower back during hugs when you work crop tops, or he’d playfully pat your thigh in your short shorts. Now that the two of you are dating, his skinship levels are basically over 9000 (why tf did i-).

The two of you were sitting side by side at the window bar of a cafe looking out at the rainy streets. Chilled to the bone, he’d drug you inside to have hot chocolate with him. You were wearing a crop top and leggings with a long cardigan and boots. As you dipped your warm beverage, you felt Taehyung rubbing his fingers down your exposed side under your cardigan. “Stop it, your hands are cold!” You whispered at him. He slid his hands down your side, you shivering at the gentle touch, before settling his hand at your inner thigh. He rubbed forms circles on the area with his thumb which prompted a whimper from you. You blushed and sat your mug down, then looked down to watch his hand on you.

“____, I think I love leggings.”

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Jungkook likes your style a lot since it complements his casual looks well, so you two make a stylish couple. He loves that you wear lots of black and white like him. One thing he hasn’t quite gotten used to yet though is how sexy these monochrome outfits can be, especially when it comes to a night out.

Your plans for tonight are a double date in which you’re introducing Jungkook’s friend Yugyeom to one of your friends. Your Kook had said that the other singer was a lot like him and was very interested in dating someone older than him. He and Yugyeom waited on you to finish getting ready while your friend was going to meet you all there. You walked out of your room a very low very short very tight black tube dress. Yugyeom noticed you first, while your boyfriend was occupied with his phone. “Shit.” Yugyeom appraised. Jungkook’s head shot up and he shoved his friends face diverting his eyes from you before he walked up to you. You backed yourself into a wall allowing him to look down at you. Jungkook rested his forehead on your shoulder and put his hands on your waist.

“God, I’m going to have to watch you all night, ____.”

Gif source. For some reason this one wouldn’t save the normal way.

Masterlist | Request

Young Justice Batmom: Part 10

Prompt: How the YJ Universe would be different if batmom there.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

“Have I ever mentioned that I hate magic?”

    “More than once Ms. Y/N. And to be honest, I can’t say I blame you.”

    “They took my kids Alfred, I’ll kill whoever’s behind this.”

    Alfred simply smiles, “The mother bear has come to retrieve her children.” You smile at the butler, and he smiles back. You’ve noticed that he’s been doing that more lately. Smiling, and laughing. You attribute it to all the children staying at the Manor. The press had had a field day with all the different announcements and reasons for the adoptions.

    Personally, you loved having all the kids there. The Manor was alive with laughter. There was the occasional bickering, but more often than not it was just plain fun. Dick had adjusted well to the presence of more children in the house, although he did get jealous occasionally. You made sure to set aside time for him.

    But now, the Manor was quiet, and you didn’t like it one bit. You entered through the zeta tube. You found Bruce dressed and ready to go. His face was serious, but as you approached, he simply opened his arms and hugged you to him. Leaning in close he whispered, “We’ll get them back. Captain Marvel has given us a lead.”

    The news that Captain Marvel is really an eight year old boy does not sit well with you. Of course Dick had started young, but you and Bruce had been there to supervise. You listen to the go between with a forced neutrality. You push all your feelings aside and focus on the mission. That’s what is going to get your kids back.

    When it comes time to go, you stick close to Bruce and Giovani. You can tell that the magician has something up his sleeve, and you’re also certain that you won’t like it. You’d never cared for magic, even when you were little. Your father had invited the world’s best sorcerers to the compound, in an effort to extend his power. Some small part of you had always considered it cheating. Even now, as you fought against it, you hated it. Hated it with a passion.

    You dodge the spells with the precision your father had drilled into you as a child. You do your best to provide a distraction, anything that will let Giovani end this. Right up until Captain Marvel comes barreling through the earth with the stone. When the world flickers back to normal, your eyes fly first to Bruce and then your children. You’re quick to take inventory of everyone’s cuts and bruises, before delivering a series of bone crushing hugs. That’s when you see her.

    As you listen to Nabu refuse to give up Zatanna, your hatred of magic grows. You pull M’Gann, and Artemis to you, and glare at Nabu. And when Giovani turns to face you, you know what he’s about to say. “Bruce, Y/N, you’ll take care of her, right? Nurture her? Mother her? She’s never had a mother before.”

    Bruce’s arm wraps around your shoulders, as the other wraps around Dick, “We’ll watch over her old friend. Do what you must.”

    You watch the goodbyes with a detached sadness, knowing that if it had been one of yours, you would have done the same. You take a sobbing Zatanna into your arms, and simply hold her. Knowing that no words can help her right now. As you meet Bruce’s eyes, and he gives a small nod, she becomes one of yours.