Some years ago I built a superfly self-split PP subminiature tube amplifier (last pictures). Since then I wanted to make an improved version, with more gain, to play at home at night.

 I changed the circuit to SE, which helped with the extra triode stage, and further reduced the output volume (it’s still to loud to play at maxed volume, as you can see I play it at 9 o’clock). The transformer is a fender reverb transformer, or as the hammond version is called, a 1750a.

Another problem was that the tubes were not properly protected, so I added the metal grill.

The similarities with another lil buddy made me use a similar faceplate style, the painted letters were really bad. This is how the Nightingale born! It uses the same MAX1771 SMPS as my other amps, but in a tiny board.


Some pictures of my latest build. An AC4 inspired amplifier, but with some extra triodes for some extra gain. The tremolo is an OPAMP based LFO coupled through a LDR to the gain control. Nice thing is the preamp switching, where I can use just the EF86 or the 12ax7, both in parallel or in series, with the EF86 in front. This last configuration can really play some old school metal tones.


Small lunchbox with ECL86