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There’ll be a lot of images making the rounds today purporting to be of signs from the London Underground. Some of them won’t really be, though. There are online Tube sign generators. Here’s what the output of one of them looks like… and then one sign that’s not.

Forget Me Not (707 x MC) : Part II

Tissues, prepare lots of tissues.

Warning : Angst

[Part I]

Part II : Nerine lily

Language of flowers :

Till the day we meet again

I was told that her condition was incurable as of the moment, but there were a couple of medicines designed to slow the progression of her disease. To buy time.

We were quiet on the ride home after that. The silence was deafening, uncomfortable. MC wasn’t her usual positive, cheerful self that day. I knew she was mulling things over like I was.

I wanted to cheer her up, be the chat room 707 once again just to see her laugh, but it wasn’t the proper time for that. So I turned the car around and drove to a different direction.

“Saeyoung, this isn’t the way home.“

“I know, but I wanted to go for a walk somewhere.“


“Trust me, okay?“

We arrive at our destination, and I help her out of the car. We walked side by side, taking in the scenery before us. It was sunny and the skies were clear that day; the gulls were crying overhead, and the waves were rolling gently, leaving clumps of seaweed along the shore.

We decide to sit along the beach after a while, with her nestling in between my legs and leaning on me, while I wrapped my arms around her from behind.

“Saeyoung, I’m scared.“

“I know. I am too.“

“What do we do now?“

“I don’t know, MC. But I’ll be there to cross the bridge with you when we get there.“

“But Saeyoung, you heard what the doctor said. I might be fine now, but I might forget even the simplest of things the next day, or the day after that. Hell, I might even need to wear diapers in the next month or so. I’m scared that I might not recognize you, the kids, or even Saeran and the RFA one day. I… I…“

“Then, when that time comes, I’ll make sure to remember everything for you. If you forget everybody, I’ll be there to reintroduce them to you. I’ll be the backup data for your lost ones, MC. Besides, aren’t I god Seven? I’ll take good care of you, so just leave everything to me, okay?“

She doesn’t say anything after; merely leaning her head onto my arms and clutching them as tight as she could. I felt dampness on my sleeves after a while, but I never called her out nor teased her about it. I knew she needed to  cry, and I was there to give her what she needed at that time.

The day a policeman accompanied her home due to her getting lost on her way to work, she decided she had to quit immediately and went into a depressive state for a while, but I did everything to help her; we exercised together, we had constant communication and interactions with other people… there were times where she would be in one of her moods and get angry at the littlest of things, and I would sometimes snap at her because of it. But then I remember how I was supposed to be the more understanding one between the two of us, and I would feel guilty for the rest of the day and try to make up for my mistake.

Saeran and the rest of the RFA were very supportive as well, sometimes filling in for me when I had to go out on business, or watching over the kids when I had to accompany MC to her doctor’s appointments. Our little ones were surprisingly fond of Jumin and Zen, and Saeran turned out to be a pretty cool uncle.

I had read up on every book about alzheimer’s that I could find and coordinated regularly with her care providers. It made me aware of the changes that were bound to come, but it didn’t prepare me much for the daily emotional pain it dealt me.

The changes came rapidly despite the detailed care plan that I followed religiously. There were times when she seemed fine and was lucid enough to remember everything for days, but even those became shorter and less frequent as time went by.

The day before she ceased to completely recognize me, I woke up to her making breakfast. Saeran was up as well, looking like he wanted to do everything instead.

Saeran sees me first, but I signal for him to keep quiet. Just as I was about to wrap my arms around her though, the kids come in excitedly screaming “good morning mommy, daddy, uncle!!!“ into the kitchen (this is a normal occurrence at home, and none of us adults have made any move to stop this behavior). MC turns in surprise, hands flailing while holding the kitchen knife. I catch her just in time, and Saeran snatches the knife from her hand.

Our little ones seemed surprised as well, and there were a few tense seconds until we all burst laughing.

“We haven’t laughed this much in awhile; it feels nice,“ she says, still chuckling and wiping the tears from her eyes.

“You’re right, it really has been a while. It’s a nice day out; so what do you say we go to Everland just for old time’s sake, hmm?“ noticing her slight change of expression and the tightening of her hold on my arm, I added, “…but only if mommy’s feeling well.“

Saeran and the kids plead with her with those huge, puppy eyes, and they go into a staring match with MC for a few seconds until she sighs and relents with an “oh alright, we can go.“

The day we spent there was full of fun, like nothing wouldn’t have gone wrong. MC was lucid the whole day, and we felt like we were back to normal. I wanted it to last longer, but with her disorder, you wouldn’t know if she’d still remember you the next day or not. Her condition is like listing all the tasks and functions a person would normally be able to perform, and then guessing which of them you have to cross out as time went by.

MC complained of a headache that night, and so we had to retire to our room early. She was also especially clingy, and I was all but happy to spoil her. We lied down facing each other and held hands, with her looking lovingly at me, caressing my face and exploring the dips and ridges there, seeming as if she’s trying to remember my face through touch.

“Would you still love me even if I forget you, Saeyoung?“

I took the hand caressing my face and brought it close to my lips before I looked into her eyes and replied, “Of course, MC. I would love you for all eternity if I could. But you know, I don’t think you’d completely forget me, you know? I mean, your mind’s memories might fail you, but your heart and soul would always remember.“

Chuckling, she lightly slaps my arm before she showers me with kisses. “Seriously Saeyoung, where do you get all these cheesy lines?“

“Oh c’mon, you know you love it,“ I pull her closer to me, embracing her tightly. She hugs back, murmuring an “I love you, Saeyoung. I’ll always remember you,“ before her eyes drift close and she falls asleep.

And then she completely forgets who I was the next day and the days that followed.

I thought I had prepared myself for the worst, but why does it hurt so much everytime she fails to recognize me?

Aside from the rapid loss of her memories, basic body functions such as excretion declined as well, and she had to use diapers. There were also instances where she couldn’t put her clothes on, sometimes inserting her arms into the leg holes of her pants and not knowing what to do next.

It was frustrating and tiring to take care of her, but I didn’t want to put her into a care facility — I wanted to spend each and every second that I could with her even if it was hard. It was hard, but whenever I see her smile or when she tells me that she recognizes my face despite not knowing my name, it invigorates me and pushes me to try harder for her.

She eventually had to be confined to a wheelchair because it became difficult for her to keep her balance. It became difficult for her to swallow food as well, and she gradually lost weight. I did everything I could to manage her condition to keep her at home, but the complications were too much for me to handle anymore, and I had to eventually entrust her care to the hospital.

The kids, Saeran and I visited her regularly after, talking to her, helping bathe her… the once energetic and cheerful MC faded, and a seemingly empty shell of a person replaced her, but we still loved her. I LOVE HER. I’ll always do.

I received a call from the hospital one night saying that they had to move her into the ICU due to a sudden drop in her vital signs and consciousness, and that they had to insert a tube from her mouth directly to her lungs. I knew it was necessary, but I knew, deep down that she was tired as well. I didn’t want to see her suffer anymore, so I refused the tube insertion, signed a “do not resuscitate“ form, and had her on an oxygen face mask instead.

I stayed with her for the whole night, murmuring sweet nothings in her ear and reminiscing the good days when she was still healthy and we were all happy.

Around 3am, she woke up, held my hand tightly and looked at me. She couldn’t speak anymore, but I clearly understood what she was trying to say even without words:

Thank you, Saeyoung. I love you.

And just as soon as she finally  remembers who I am, she takes her final breath and goes into her eternal sleep.

I will never forget you, MC. Till the day we meet again.

clouds turned tawny when we
were not looking; shadows yellowed
under gray & blue. soft evening
goes to cool night, gravid with
chances / polluted by dignity
& the rain splashes the road that is
worn from tires. plastic hoardings
don’t seem the same; you crave the
nostalgia you never knew. we fizzle
like lit signs, our tubes burned out
we flicker, stutter, gutter /in/ the gutters
what day is left burned out with us
& left for dust, beaten to mud by soft
cold drops as the dark takes our faces
away. we shed masks, look honest in
electric light / young enough to sell
sallow. puddles on the pavement hold
kaleidoscopes inside, our joke was
always that we’re only queer enough
for these neon rainbows.
Some sketches I wrote up to get to grips with the aesthetic of a new setting I’m messing with...

Roots overgrow the doorway. A motel. See the sign. Tubes of neon, inert and grey for two centuries. Hornets, eight thousand four hundred and twenty nine of them, have latched their nest into one corner of it. Architectures of pulp put together like a paper mask, it sits in the crutch of two roots. Two of many, all latticing down to search out the ground, all searching up for the point where they converge, and become bole and trunk and tree. A fist and forearm of growth, wood, green leaves, thrust through the motel roof and skyward. Shrubs all round: its children, fighting the long grass they’ll one day kill with their shade. But roots overgrow the doorway and clamber over the walls. Chipboard, rheumy aluminium, iron fittings gone lumpen with time and with rust. Mushrooms digest the wooden fixtures as they mulch to sawdust and then to nothing. Roots over it all, like something from an old magazine. National Geographic, Cambodia, Peru, the jungle reclaiming things older than time. This motel is two-hundred and forty-three years old. Not that there’s anyone to know it, or to make the comparison.

Underground. A spot like the motel, intact in its remoteness. Nothing nearby to bomb, to claim, or later to reave. One hundred and seventy three miles approximately between here and there. They are miles of dust and miles of forest, a stretch that has gone to swamp, disgusting in its fertility. Well inland, no chance risked that the sea would bury this place in water as much as in earth. A black space, infinite in its dimensions. But as the lights come on inside, things become measurable. Small lights at first. Uniform constellations in rows of blue. Systems test themselves, double-test. More has failed here than the builders anticipated. Cylinders, waist high on an average man, line the space like driers at a laundry. Lights above each of them go blue to red then blink out. The frozen meat inside them will thaw in the days to come, then rot to sludge and be forgotten. Failures. Above two though, the lights go blue to green. Blink, swirl into a circle, spiral outward like a spider spinning its web until the lights are in the air, hanging holographic ghosts. Names and vital signs. Relics they will be, in a world that long ago got over wanting them.

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Respiratory Diseases in Birds

Most common causes of respiratory disease

  1. Aspergillosis
  2. Chlamydia psittaci
  3. Airborne intoxications

Dyspnoea - emergency treatment required!

  • Warm incubator with oxygen flow at 5 L/min, in a dark quiet area
  • Bronchodilators (terbutaline) - 0.01 mg/kg IM
  • Analgesia/sedation/anti-anxiety (butorphanol) - 1-2 mg/kg IM
  • Fluids if needed
  • Then get history and regularly monitor bird from a distance
  • Treat (suspected) disease

Respiratory system can be divided into five sections

  1. Upper airway
  2. Large airway - trachea and mainstem bronchi
  3. Small airway - branches of mainstem bronchi
  4. Parenchyma - lung tissue
  5. Coelom - concurrent problem in coelom compressing respiratory system

Upper airway disease

  • Clinical signs: soft nasal sound, open mouth breathing, nasal discharge (w/ rhinolith), tachypnoea, no dyspnoea, sneezing, periorbital swelling
  • Differentials: Mycoplasma, Mycobacterium, Chlamydia, Aspergillus, Candida, Avipox virus, parasites, toxins, allergins, foreign bodies
  • Diagnosis
    • Flush nares and collect sample from choana for culture and sensitivity, cytology and PCR
    • Endoscopy (through choana) and biopsy
    • Gold standard = CT scan
  • Treatment
    • Treat underlying cause
    • Flush nares
    • Tylosin (if Mycoplasma), antibiotics, antifungals
    • NSAIDs
    • Only change diet once bird is feeling better

Large airway disease

  • Clinical signs: stridor, open mouth breathing, gasping, tachypnoea, dyspnoea, voice choice, lethargy, anorexia
  • Differentials
    • Post-intubation necrosis
    • Aspergilloma (fungal granuloma) - in macaws and owls
    • Foreign bodies - cockatiels aspirate seed husks
    • Mass - goitres (in budgies), neoplasms, oropharyngeal granulomas (Mycobacteria)
  • Diagnosis
    • Clinical signs 
    • Radiography
    • Tracheoscopy and tracheal wash
    • Foreign bodies - shine bright light at apteria (featherless part of neck) to identify FB in trachea
  • Treatment
    • Foreign bodies - stick needle attached to syringe through trachea below FB and expel air to blow FB up
    • Aspergilloma - surgery needed, stabilise with air sac breathing tube beforehand

Small airway disease

  • Clinical signs: soft wheezing sound, severe respiratory distress, open mouth breathing, gasping, abdominal effort
  • Differentials: toxins, allergens, granulomas (Aspergillus, Mycobacteria)
    • Macaw Hypersensitivity - allergy to feather dander of cockatiels
  • Diagnosis
    • History
    • Radiography –> to identify soft tissue infiltrate
    • Coelomic endoscopy via abdominal cavity
    • Blood test
      • If acute: heterophils
      • If chronic: monocytes
      • If Macaw Hypersensitivity: possibly eosinophilia
  • Treatment
    • Bronchodilators (IM or nebulised)
    • Antibiotics, antifungals
    • NSAIDs

Parenchymal disease

  • Clinical signs: no sounds, tachypnoea, severe dyspnoea, poor BCS, lethargy, anorexia
  • Differentials
    • Toxins - teflon, cigarette smoke, etc.
    • Cardiogenic pulmonary oedema –> increased hydrostatic pressure –> ascites
    • Aspiration pneumonia - due to crop feeding
  • Diagnosis:
    • Blood test
    • Radiography
    • Heart pressure monitor - from brachial artery on wing protagium
    • Echocardiography
  • Treatment
    • Oxygen therapy
    • Antibiotics, antifungals
    • NSAIDs
    • If pulmonary oedema: furosemide, 2-4 mg/kg IV

Intracoelomic disease

  • Clinical signs: no sounds, open mouth breathing, tachypnoea, dyspnoea, respiratory distress, distended coelomic cavity, systemically ill (nesting, laying, lethargy, anorexia)
  • Differentials: heart/liver disease, hypoalbuminaemia, peritonitis, neoplasia
  • Diagnosis
    • Radiography, ultrasound, CT scan
    • Coelomocentesis - from midline just below liver/umbilicus
    • Blood test
    • Endoscopy (not if fluid-filled coelomic cavity - fluid will enter air sacs)
  • Treatment
    • Treat underlying cause
    • Drain fluid

Progress on the New Vegas sign!

It’s VERY hard to get a good shot of it in the dark, but I’m using a lot of glow-in-the-dark paint for the neon tubing where the sign would light up. I haven’t done the E yet because I still have to cut it out and rotate it down, and the M is busted on the “real” sign in the game if I recall. NEW does have work done on it, which you can see in the first photo, but it’s not heavy enough to glow very well yet. We’ll get there!

A 32yo female with no known past medical history or hospitalization, presented to the emergency department with a three day history of colicky abdominal pain, abdominal distension, nausea and no passage of stools, her abdomen was generally distended, tympanic to percussion with no shifting dullness sign, the bowel sounds were markedly reduced, no discrete masses were palpable and digital rectal examination revealed an empty rectum; her radiograph demonstrates a greatly dilated sigmoid, note the ‘coffee bean sign' a.k.a. 'bent inner tube sign’, the remainder of the large bowel is not dilated, presumably because the proximal point of the twist is not causing obstruction and thus allows drainage into the sigmoid. 

anonymous asked:

Promt: Levi&Mikasa have drunk 1 night stand. Mikasa gets pregnant, tells Levi. Levi says he ain't ready& cannot love the child, but will support her if she keeps it. Levi falls in love with baby once he hears her cries. I love ANGST, YESSSSSSSS!


AU is placed in a modern-esque world where Levi works as a CEO and Mikasa is a bartender. They know each other because his friends love the bar that she works in with her friends and they all somehow have some weird, friendly relationships. 

They also admitted that they were attracted to each other, but due to their busy and rough nature, they never pursued anything.

Levi had a tough day at work, releasing his stress at the bar and Mikasa happens to be working there and letting him drink to his heart’s content even though the bar is closed as they start to aimlessly talk.

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