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Denim with torn seams were in style back in the 2000′s, Even patched denim, and having flare jeans or pants were a must. Also asymmetrical skirts and dresses were quite popular.Along with sporting skirts and even dresses over a pair of jeans.  Lots of bangles and hoop earrings. Layered shirts, tube tops, Halter Tops, Wedge cork heel shoes and ballet flats, Shoes or pumps with pointed toes, Anything with sequins or circular tiny studs.

Muse// Kunpimook Bhuwakul

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Summary:An artist who once struggled to find her muse, finds it in a park.

Pairing: Bambam X Reader

Genre: i don’t know honestly, maybe fluff ??

Author’s Note: Bambam is my bias and he doesn’t have enough scenarios written about him, so I am literally going to pile so many scenarios on the blog about him. Rip. sara xoxo

  Sitting in the park, alone and unbothered, was something you frequently did. Whether it was because you were upset and needed time alone, in need of some sort of muse for your drawings, or simply because you wanted to sit and listen to your music in peace. Today, though, you had your sketchbook in your lap , along with the array of different colored pencils, pastels, fine tipped markers, every art supply you owned with you.

“Fuck,” you murmur to yourself as you began to scribble out yet another potential drawing, another page of your sketch book wasted. It had been hard for you to find any type of muse lately, simply because of the fact that you felt as if you had drawn everything you knew.

  You drew the outside of coffee shops you went to, you draw the people in the cities as they cross the streets, you’ve drawn this park at least a thousand times. But, you couldn’t find it.

And then he showed up.

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mermaidskelton  asked:

Hi! I would consider myself a newbie towards Mac, I only know a few songs and I watched one of his documentaries. What are the basics I should know about Mac? Have a great day/night!

[Copied this from a previous post]

umm heres my best Mac Demarco for Dummies Sparknotes whatever list….

Things Mac loves:

-The Simpsons

-Elton John

-Viceroy cigerettes

-Probably goodwill

Signature Looks:

-5 panel hats


-More Denim

-Overalls (specifically black, cameo, and tan)

-Gapped front teeth

-Button up shirts

-White tube socks

-Red vans

-Usually wears the colors dark green, some shade of blue, white, and red

Things to know:

-His girlfriend’s name is Kiki

-The weird faces he makes (*see instagram for reference)

-His instagram is @macdemarco

I was having the thought that Solas seems to be awfully hard on himself in every single one of the fics where he and his past self end up meeting for one reason or another. Even in fics like @feynites‘ Looking Glass AUs where his past self is an arguably sweeter person than his current self. And I was beginning to think he was being unnecessarily mean to what was, for all intents and purposes, just some kid…

But then I got to thinking how I’d react to fucking 16-year-old me popping into my life one day and it all made sense to me.

Lurx: Okay, this has officially been a bad fuckin’ day, I’m gonna go have my oregano time and pass out.

xXAoshi_On_Speed1317Xx: UMMMM… you don’t FUCKING mean FUCKING marijuana do you??? Didn’t you LISTEN in D.A.R.E.????

Lurx: Oh good lord kill me now…

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anonymous asked:

For a prompt! Hartwin - Eggsy gave Harry a supersized shirt with the words SEX MACHINE as a joke. Harry uses it one time as a sleepshirt. Naturally that is that one time that someone tries to kill the Queen and Kingsman needs his Arthur ASAP in the HQ. Merlin and the other knights see him in his shirt and so Harry gets his new nickname. (This could also totally be Percilot or Roxlin or maybe it includes everything but please no Merhartwin.)

I had seen that ‘imagine your otp’ trope floating around tumblr, and I must say it was pretty funny to write it :D

I hope you like it dear anon!

Also, I’ve received 7 prompts in total, including that one, three more of them being from lovely anons. I will be working on them in the order I’ve received them and should be done with all of them sometime in the following two weeks! Stay tuned :D

Quick note before I let you read, this is unbeta’d so I’m sorry for any mistakes there’s bound to be in this.

Warning: While it is merely mentioned, there is some ‘off screen’ consensual spanking in this. I prefer giving you a fair warning in case it really isn’t someone’s cup of tea!


“Eggsy, what is this?” Harry’s distaste at the item he was currently looking at was clear in his voice.

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