tube names

Opt Out of Society

As a child I was fine
Blissfully passing time
Then came pressure
Life as a teenager
I’ve got to fit in
If I don’t it’s a sin
The cock playing jocks
Chicks in tube socks
Cruel name calling heard
My brain deeply scared
Stupid nerd or a geek
Even a fucking freak
Everything on life’s table
Has to be labelled
Fashion and sex
Made me perplexed
This damn society
Creating anxiety
You say stop your tears
Gotta face your fears
So easy to do
You haven’t a clue
Are we allowed to be
End my life
Perhaps with a knife
Demons in my head
Worse when I’m in bed
But that’s where I stay
Avoid light of day
Impossible to cope
Maybe a rope
I feel more than just sad
You tell me I’m mad
Look at life’s riches
Say you crazy bitches
My life is contracting
Your laws conflicting
But I just want to be me
From your rules set free
Life a misnomer
Feels like a coma
Its dragging me under
Emotions asunder
Music my escape
Salvations gate
Lyrics with meaning
Seep deep in my feelings
Tried my own writing
In ink my thoughts frightening
In the end I just crack
Turning to smack
What’s society all about
Think I’ll just opt out


MARCH recently acquired a one-of-a-kind machine – a custom-made Philbick analog computer made specifically for M.I.T. in 1958.  A large portion of it’s processing is done via operational amplifiers, and almost everything is vacuum tube based (there are a few transistors on this computer though).  It’s a very modular machine, designed to be completely reconfigured and rewired on a task-by-task basis.

It is in serious need of restoration and probably a few dozen or hundred replacement vacuum tubes to bring it back to functional condition.  It also had an era-appropriate oscilloscope used for diagnostics of the computer.  

Imagine pocket-sized Dino taking your tube of your toothpaste and squirting some in little plastic bags.
“Dino what are you doing?”
“The hyungs always complain about how they don’t have enough toothpaste so.. *writes on the bag* I’m giving them each a bag of toothpaste.”
“…why mine though…”
*stares at you*
“Y/n you have a lot of toothpaste! Look at how big this tube is!”
*continues writing names on the bags*

anonymous asked:

[pt.2] but do any of you people realize his 'tube name is a play on his real name? Cuz like "i" for Ian and "dubbbz" for "w" ("w" as in Washcloth or whatever the fuck) So like ,,, Ian Washingmachine TV - bam Just wanted to point that out lol


😍 any name ideas anyone???

Watch on

i want my name to be noel and i want to be luke

Cierra's guide to not sounding like a complete idiot while living in London

Hello Tumblrians,

How are you doing? Are you surviving in-between posts? Are you getting incredibly slightly depressed when you know that you have to wait with bated breath for my next quirky anecdote? Have no fear for I have returned! I will bring you out of your stupor for maybe five minutes while you read this and then send you spiraling back down into the black void of your lonely mind. Apparently I have turned into a wizard while I was gone.

Anywho, I’m back after settling into my place and making a fool of myself by carrying way too many kitchen utensils and bedding home on the tube during rush hour (and the people here aren’t helpful, they just laugh at you…which is why I love them). The other day I took a few moments out of my hectic schedule (it’s not hectic at all, I’m just really lazy) to do some adult things like change all the utility bills into my name and order wifi for my flat. Note: In England, it can take up to three weeks for a company to set up your wifi and those weeks WILL BE ABSOLUTE HELL. I’ve been living off of coffee shop wifi. It could be worse. hashtagfirstworldproblems

Other noteworthy observations:

1. British phone plans are ridiculously cheap compared to ones in the US and I have no idea why. At home I paid a minimum of $75 a month and here I only pay £20 for the exact same service. Fucking capitalism.

2. Dental work is not covered by the National Healthcare System. This probably the reason for the “bad teeth” theme they’ve got going on. WHY ISNT DENTAL WORK EVER COVERED UNDER REGULAR HEALTH CARE PLANS!? EVERYONE HAS TEETH THAT NEED TO BE TAKEN CARE OF! AND SOMETIMES THEY HURT REAL BAD!

3. Contrary to the cell phone service prices, gyms in London are significantly more expensive than in the states. Everyone here is already skinny so they probably have to jack up the prices for the fatties metabolically challenged so they can stay in business.

Now onto the advice portion of my post (I wrote it in the title but got really sidetracked…oops).

If you do not know how to pronounce a word JUST DON’T SAY IT. I guarantee you that you will butcher it and get laughed out of whatever tube station/pub/artesian tea shop you’re in. If you are not sure how a certain word or name (those usually give us Americans the most trouble) should be pronounced, ask someone how to say it or wait for someone to mention it in conversation. 

Unfortunately, the Brits decided that pronouncing words phonetically is just too simple. Tube station names will never cease to plague you. The minute you think you know how to say them all a new one pops up and laughs in you face when you struggle to ask a local how to get to “Southwark” when you should be asking for “Suth-ark”. “Gloucester” is not “glou-ces-ter” but “gla-ster”. And my personal favorite: “Surrey Quays” which is actually “Surrey Keys”. HOW IS “QUAYS” PRONOUNCED LIKE “KEYS”? HOW? THOSE LETTERS DON’T DO THAT. 

All I’m saying is that you will out yourself as an idiot tourist the minute you mangle the name of a popular tube stop or pub. Just pull a Sherlock and pay attention to the way the locals pronounce things. As someone who is desperately trying to not be “that obnoxious American”, I have been doing some hardcore detective work. When I’m on the tube, I obsessively listen to the Siri-like lady who announces each station name so I can pronounce ‘em like a pro.

For my next episode I will be discussing the all important tube etiquette, which is something that all people really just need to learn…in general. 

Okay, I’m out…like a pouting trout..who has gout…yeah.



AFTER ALMOST WAITING THREE WEEKS! IT FINALLY ARRIVED!!  Well the long wait is expected since i live in the Caribbeans.  But here it is!

Around two weeks ago I ordered a poster from squigglydigg​ redbubble account and the wait was killing me.  Now! BEHOLD!

So I went to the post office/work job and quickly noticed a tube under my name.

Immediately I went all HNGGGGGGG.  But before leaving I made some quick prints for me lil crafts.

I spy with my little eye….

Okay, now in my hot roasting car.  Now time to open this motherfucker!!

Oh man!  Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man! Oh man!

His hair….



Now to hang er…stick it it in my wall….

Oh my god….it’s so beautiful….