tube connections

McCree’s Armor is also a cooling system!

Let me explain my idea here.

On McCree’s model, he’s got these weird tubes, seemingly connected to his shirt. On closer observation that middle part isn’t actually his shirt! I’ve known this for a while, and figured it’s probably just some sort of protective corset/undershirt of a type.

BUT Until now I thought maybe the tubes were decoration, or my favorite thing, he has more cyborg parts under there! Now though, I realize they look kinda like a cooling system of some sort.

He’s a cowboy, he spends most of his time in the hot desert. It’s gotta be hard wearing all that armor in the heat all day every day. So solution? A water cooling system built into the armor to keep him cool in the heat. 

Another thing I noticed is that he seems to have a turtleneck undershirt that’s the same smooth material of that midsection thing, so of course my previous headcanon of it being a crop top button up….

I could mean the tubes are actually a PART of him, or like I think, is just an outer cooling system. Of course I’m still headcanoning McCree as an all right kinda guy now, with his entire left side with bio-mechanical parts. The cooling system theory could really support that lmao

Also, if you notice the tubes don’t plug into his armor at all. Just the undershirt.

The armor totally looks as if it’s built AROUND the tubing, rather than with it being a part of it.

TLDR- McCree could totally be more of a cyborg than just his arm, but he’s got a really neat cooling system built into his armor so his dumb cowboy ass doesn’t die of heatstroke! -thumbs up-

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When I was younger, I was in one of those pool floaties that look like two inner tubes connected with my older brother. Anyway, I guess he forgot ours were attached, because he tried to slip out of it by flipping it up over his head. And it worked, but it sent me flying! I started yelling at him and he freaked out because he didn't even realize he had done it! So, as always, I have to imagine this as a g/t scenario

Oh jee, like a soft ‘n safe trebuchet!
That’d be pretty hilarious, tho probably not for the tiny involved!



I woke and opened my eyes. I did not know where I was. My memory was like fog tattered by mountain crags. I remembered … lights. Activity. Fear. Not my activity, pain or fear. That of others. Frantically struggling.


I was in a hospital bed. The room was semi-dark. A nurse sat in a chair beside me. Middle aged. Filipina. She smiled at me and I saw the mother of all in her eyes. I had been in surgery. Those were the lights and the activity. The fear was that of the surgical staff. They thought they lost me but pulled me back.

I hear machines. They monitor me. I have several tubes connected to my body. I resist the urge to tear them out. My eyes focus. I see my wife and five year old daughter sleeping on a small pallet. I figure I must be very sick for them to let a child into the room. 

Dying. Of course. I am dying and they are there to be with me at the end.

I feel no pain of any kind. I want to speak, to call out, but I cannot. A tube is breathing for me. I can’t speak. The nurse smiles again and it comforts me. I know who she is. She is the mother of all in the guise of a nurse. I can feel no fear. No joy either. 

Dying. I feel … I feel something.

Regret. Sadness that I will never see my sweet Ann grow into a woman. I drift now. Backwards as if onto a cloud. Soft, warm, comfort. Down into the comforting darkness. No more regret. So this is dying. I always thought that it would be frightening. I am not afraid. I look and the nurse is gone. In her place is a figure of a woman with kind eyes. She smiles. I know who she is and call out to her … mother … mother … mother.

She answers me. “What my child?” I ask her “am I to die?” She answered “yes but not this day”. I ask “am I saved for a purpose? What must I do?” She responded as she faded into the mist “Just live my darling child … just live”

With this I awoke.

๑ Samsaran ๑


A small groan left your lips, making Dean’s head immediately snap to your direction. His eyes widened and his breath caught on his throat. He tried to swallow the lump that had formed but it only was stuck there as he held his breath. He felt his heart hammer in his chest, never actually having felt it beat so quickly and hard. He found it hard to breath- or wait, was it because he was holding his breath? He didn’t know. What he did know that you were slowly opening your eyes and were any second given going to face him.

Your whole world was a blur in the beginning. Everything made you feel dizzy and the white like a light inside the tunel made you groan even more. It made your head actually hurt. Your left hand immediately moved to your forehead, only to stop midway by something tucking at it. You squinted your eyes at it only to see a small long king of tube connected to your skin. It didn’t take you long to realize that you were in a hospital, the maddening sound of the heart monitor next to your head all the more confirmed that.

You groaned even more, closing your eyes tightly for a second. You let a small breath, enjoying the darkness that easied your headache.  The fact that you could not remember how you’d gotten in this place made it even more worse. A small sound being heard, though, soon got your attention and you recognized it as a footstep.

This time you slowly opened your eyes, blinking several times and as that slow but surely your sight adjusted. It became less and less brlurry and as you moved your head to look at the direction the sound had come from-

And they immediately widened. As you faced just what you thought you’d probably never would.

Your breath hitched on your throat and you blinked several times, not sure if what you were seeing was a dream or real. You were sure you had the samw awestruck look on your face like he did.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, trying to keep your lip from trembling as you said in a barely audible voice.


A small smile tucked at his lips, his voice in a low rough whisper.

“Hey (Y/n)”

And the words appeared on your skin. They appeared on his skin. On your arms, marking you once and forever.


Hey (Y/n)

Like with two real soulmates.

A/N: You tell me if you want this in a full fic!

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What are your boner headcanons? For science obviously lol.


first of all, see this panel, right here? 

the darker, inset bit?

that’s where the dick come out.

the panel slides aside, beneath the armor plating, allowing his spike to pressurize fully.

when not in use or pressurized, the metal plates that form the outside of the spike fold up, kind of. this allows it to fit within the body in a compact fashion, as well as minimizing the chance of battle damage.

“pressurizing” typically refers to the body constructing the spike and making sure the insides are all in the proper place - the transfluid tube connected to the opening in the head, the wiring and such attached on the inside, biolights properly set up and lit, etc. 

when the panel is closed, the body can still send the message to pressurize the spike. well, it can’t actually go anywhere, so pressure will start to build without being able to release and assemble the spike, so things just start pressing against the panel and it’s Uncomfortable™. it can be manually overridden, but that’s annoying and not quite easy.

beyond that, it works pretty much the same way a fleshy dick does, i think. rub rub rub squirt.

A list of things that pissed me off about dsod

(In no particular order)

- aigami made ryou cry
- atem showing up (and not saying a fucking word (I didn’t know coming back to life twice made you too cool to talk to your old pals. bitch))
- duke’s voice
- nobody ever notices aigami talking to himself or disappearing out of thin air?
- why the fuck was Kaiba in space
- why didn’t they show him building his space thing and the giant ass tube connecting it to earth
- atem was white at the end of the movie???
- what happened to the bullies from the beginning of the movie?
- only the puzzle and ring were important to make it into the film aperently
-plot device cube
- ryou’s dad has been dead this whole time apparently?
- ryou, sweetheart, I love you, but what the actual fuck are you wearing?
- why is ryou the only character that isn’t called by his first name??
- diva is such a fucking diva

Over all though, I actually really enjoyed the movie :) I would definitely go see it again tbh

Mad Max and Robocop, a Quest for a Lost Humanity.

Mad Max: Fury Road has some amazing scenes that will go down in cinematic history, much like Road Warrior and Thunder Dome. However, there’s one scene that made me cry both times I’ve watched Fury Road so far. The brave and ferocious Imperator Furiosa, after killing the tyrannical war-lord Immortan Joe, is dying from blood loss. Desperate for her to live, Max takes the IV tube still connected to him from the time he spent as a Blood Bag for the War Boy Nux, and inserts it into her in a hasty blood transfusion.

“Max.” He tells her. “My name is Max.”

After I left the theater, I was trying to place why that line of dialog had moved me so much. Then I remembered.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven, 1987’s Robocop is a dark satire set in the not-so distant future of Detroit. It tells the story of Alex Murphy, a good cop who is brutally murdered, only to be resurrected (without his consent) as Robocop, a twisted cyborg and the ultimate crime fighting machine. If you have not seen Robocop, I highly recommend it, as a fantastic (if not insanely violent) film, but a huge over-arching theme in Robocop is Alex Murphy’s “resurrection.” Not just as Robocop, but as Murphy trying to remember who he used to be before his body was warped and re-imagined to fit the needs of a corrupt and powerful system.

In the final scene of the movie, Robocop saves the day, shooting the film’s main antagonist (the corrupt senior president of OCP, the company that made him) and rescuing the OCP Chairman. The Chairman looks at Robocop in approval and says “Nice shooting son. What’s your name?” To which Robocop replies, “Murphy.” The film ends right then and there and it’s my favorite ending scene in cinematic history outside of Margaret Dumont getting pelted with fruit in Duck Soup. It’s simply perfect and sums up the entire arc. Murphy has found his humanity again. Fucking perfect.

Much like Robocop, Max Rockatansky’s story arc in Fury Road is not so much about him saving the day (that’s Furiosa’s job), it’s about him discovering his humanity again. From the first scene in Fury Road, Max has been reduced to little more than a feral animal. He even admits as much in his narration that he’s been reduced to simply “survive.” The world Max inhabits reaffirms this as well, having him reduced to a “blood bag,” and then parading him around as a fancy hood ornament. By the time he meets Furiosa and the wives, he’s muzzled, grunting and barely comprehensible in the words he is able to make.

Through Furiosa’s trust of him and the compassion of the wives, Max is able to regain his humanity with his acts of heroics, selflessness and altruism; his final act of willingly giving Furiosa his blood (which was originally being taken from him without his consent) finally restores his humanity and therefore his identity. Max has done what is nearly impossible: He has managed to be kind and compassionate in a world that is not. He is no longer a thing, or a beast. “Max.” He says. “My name is Max.”


Rou had made… well, a bit of a mistake. She had rules. Personal and professional ones that varied pretty greatly. It would be hard for one to actually go against the other but every now and again she found herself at an impasse. Like when she’d been doing some extra work at Starfleet HQ and sensed something… off. So she’d followed it. That had been the mistake and somehow it lead to her being on a derelict ship named the Sanctuary deep in the Alpha Quadrant with seventy three comatose augments and regret. So much regret. She paced the medical hall slowly, head pounding as she thought about what to do next. She placed her hand on one of the tubes, sighing. “What have I done?” she breathed out, feeling a spark of mental connection. The tube made a hissing sound before it slid open, panic shooting through her.

“Oh no no no. You’re not supposed to wake up. I don’t have anywhere for us to go yet. No no, sleep, please?” of course her begging the tube to deactivate would do nothing as the pressure equalized and Khan was awoken.


Outtakes of Eileen Dietz in the original projectile vomiting scene from The Exorcist.

In order to achieve the effect, the actress was fitted with an apparatus created by make-up artist Dick Smith using a heat-forming plastic molded into flat tubes and connected to a nozzle which sat snug in the actress’ mouth. The tubes were then hidden under a partial latex mask appliance, and a mix of oatmeal and Anderson’s pea soup was pumped through the tubes by special effects technician Marcel Vercoutere.

Upon reviewing the dailies, director William Friedkin decided he was not satisfied with the “spray” effect and re-shot the scene with Linda Blair miming the actions as the 13-year-old found the apparatus too uncomfortable to wear. A thicker stream of vomit was then superimposed over the top, making it one of the very few optical effects in the film. However, a close-up shot of Dietz’s footage can still be seen right after the vomit hits Jason Miller in the face.

48. “You think I need you? Because I don’t.” Theo Raeken

There were heavy footsteps above your head, and you looked up slowly, eyes tracking the sound.

“Theo.” You called. “Whatever poison you’re pumping into me doesn’t dampen my hearing. I know you’re here.”

You shifted against the wall, careful not to jog your arm, or the long tube connecting it to the machine beside you. Black liquid rolled from the metal contraption on your arm down your wrist, dripping onto the floor. The heavy silver shackle around your ankle clanked noisily as you moved, but now you were facing the stairs, and you could watch Theo stomp down angrily.

“What’s got you in such a bad mood?” You asked as he stormed past you, slamming something onto the table. “Touchy subject?”

“It’s nothing.” He snapped. “Everything’s fine.”

“Really?” You asked. “Because I heard you want to break into Eichen to free Lydia.”

He froze for a second, back to you, and then gave a jerky nod, continuing whatever it was he was doing.

“Because you want the hellhound right?” You asked, watching him carefully.


“Because you want to steal his powers so you can fight the beast?”

“Shut up.”

You shifted against the wall. “It’s a very clever plan. Except…” He turned around to look at you, and you smiled. “Intrigued?”

He growled. “Shut up or I’ll paralyze you.”

“Then you won’t hear about the claws.” You sang, stretching your legs out in front of you and studying your chipped nails.

“You think I need you?” He growled. “Because I don’t.”

You just shrugged and let the silence stretch out, smiling as you heard his heartbeat increase.

“Fine.” He sighed. “What do you know?”

You raised an eyebrow. “Unplug me from this thing and I’ll tell you.”

He crossed his arms in front of you. “What do you know?”

“The claws are dangerous. That’s all I’m saying until this thing is removed from my arm.”

Theo sighed, and then crouched down in front of you. “Tell me what you know.” He pulled your arm into his lap and started removing the metal bracing.

“The claws will, ow,” you winced when he started to pull the tube out of your arm. “The claws will kill you. It’s like a donated organ. If it doesn’t match, your body will reject it.”

“How do you know it won’t match?” He asked, eyes focused on your arm.

“Because the claws were designed for a werewolf, Garuda hybrid. Are you a werewolf Garuda hybrid Theo?”

He just glared.

You shrugged. “You of all people should understand how transplants work. You stick those things on like a pair of fake nails, you die. Sorry.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Theo asked. “I’d think you want me to die. I am keeping you prisoner down here.”

“True.” You nodded, flexing your fingers. “But you and your pack can beat the beast. You’re maybe our only chance. And I can help you.”

The Temple is a Ship

A friend of mine gave me a very good theory and it has to be heard.

Remember the Gem Warship the Homeworld Gems flew in?

We can see clearly that the ship is in a shape of a hand.

Now let’s look at the inside of said ship.

Here is the outside of the temple

We can all see the temple is a statue of an eight armed woman (possibly the fusion of the Crystal Gems). Also notice that it’s in ruins from aging and the entrance is turned into a beach house.

Here are some images of the inside from “Together Breakfast” and “Monster Buddies.”

Now does anyone notice anything similar between the warship and the temple?

They both resemble body parts. The ship is a hand, more precisely made from gem technology. While the temple is in the shape of an eight armed gem warrior. However, shape is made of stone, meaning the shape could have been formed later on.

Also notice the tubes on both places. The tubes are connected to every part of the chambers. Just like arteries or veins in the human body. Plus it is how power is transferred from the source

Since the ship and the temple are similar, what if the temple was a ship? They have the same function as a base and have shape of body parts. Before the temple became a temple, it was a warship. What it looked like before is unknown, but the similarities are noticeable. Therefore, the temple was a ship that transported Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems to Earth and then became a base for them.

Olicity: What Matters Most

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Promt: Oliver save one of his children from getting hit by a car by pushing them out of the way and take the hit himself.

He snaps awake to a darkened room, several points catching on his skin as he realised he was snagging tubes that were connected to his arms, one in his chest that drew a ragged gasp from his parted lips. A hand finds his cheek while another settles on his chest, and he knows that touch, he knows it better than he knows his own mind, and he calms beneath it, one thought and one thought over in his head.

“Tommy!” he gasps.

“It’s okay, he’s okay, he’s okay,” Felicity repeats, and his eyes find hers.

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Did you know that a nautilus swims using jet propulsion? It expels water from its mantle cavity through a siphon located near its head, adjusting the direction of the siphon to swim forward, backward or sideways. 

To control its buoyancy, the nautilus pumps fluids in and out its shell chambers, which are connected by tubes called “siphuncles.”