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Christmas for pets is so much more fun than humans exhibit A: when u buy presents for people there’s all the stress of picking the perfect thing and spending a certain amount of money so u don’t look cheap & presenting it properly & awkwardly watching them open it while continually muttering “I have the receipt…if u don’t like it…” but w/ my rats I know that I can give them a half-empty box of tissues and some banana mash and they’ll just be like “OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE OH MAN OH MAN OH M”

almost everything that I love in one photograph ~ crystals, seashells, plants and antiques 😌 there’s vintage glass ware and trinkets, the ivy plant I just bought, the daisies and wildflowers I picked (some are dried), a few crystals and even some moss and feathers I’ve found 🌿🌸🌾🐚✨

tofucabbagecornflakes  asked:

Hi! Which cons will you be attending this year? Also is there any chance that you'll sell your large prints from last year online?

So far, I’ll be at: Kawaiikon, Fanime, A-Kon, Anime Expo and probably Fan Expo. The only other ones I’m thinking about applying to are Anime Weekend Atlanta, Youmacon and AFA (Singapore). There were several I applied to but didn’t manage to get a table at ;_; 

As for selling large prints online, I probably can but the reason why I haven’t bothered in the past is that the cost is rather high. They have to be rolled and sent in a small box (or tube) so the shipping comes out to the same or more as the print itself (approx. $15) ><;;

Ooooo my God I did not know there More concepts of this Lightbulb child!

Now, here is what I now about the Newton concept:

He was a mad scientist.

He was once a test tube, a box head with screws loose, and a Sackperson.

Here is what I think:


———– Cute.




MSV-06K Zaku Cannon

1/144 Vintage Kit

Completed the vintage kit of what is probably one of my favorite Zaku variants, the cannon type! This was built from an original issue (still had the old little tube glue in the box!). Resculpted the waist and the posing to make it less stiff (the old kits come out of the box with the expressiveness of Lego men). First time making my own trees for the base, used the technique of twisted wire like model railroaders do. Lots of hidden work with styrene sheet and epoxy sculpt, especially in the feet and waist. Painted with Gaianotes Tank Color, enjoy! And thanks for looking… almost at 600 followers, I’ll be doing something special when I hit that number!

For this project you will need: 

  1. Rigid Cardboard tube 
    Get them from any fabric store, particularly on recycling day.
  2. Builders tube 12" 
    Hardware stores everywhere
  3. Puzzle Mats 
    Or EVA foam of some sort
  4. Foam Core
  5. Hot Glue + Glue Gun
  6. Hack Saw
  7. Box Cutter
  8. White Wood Filler + Dry Wall Sand Paper
  9. Gesso
    Or other primer
  10. Paint
    Acrylic or spray paint would work best

Step 1: Cut the cardboard tube and builder’s tube to the size you want using the hack saw. 

Step 2: Measure out and cut circular holes through the builder’s tube with the box cutter. Slide the cardboard tube through and glue into place.

Step 3: Measure and cut out foam core circles for either end of the hammer head. Fit them on with hot glue. Measure and cut out puzzle mat to desired size and shape for the handle and bumpers, glue on with hot glue.

Step 4: Apply the wood filler into the cracks around the hammer bumpers and handle. Allow to dry, then sand with dry wall sandpaper for a smooth clean finish. Cover with gesso primer.

Step 5: Trace your pattern onto the hammer (if applicable) and paint. 

Step 6: Love your beautiful hammer.


Two little gouache studies I did today. One flat line work and the other loose and painterly. Done in Holbein Acryla Gouache. This paint is like an acrylic-gouache-hybrid. It paints like gouache, but dries so that it cannot be reactivated with water. So far I like it– the above two studies are my first time really using it.. so I definitely need a lot more practice!

A note about this gouache: If you are interested in using it, buy the individual tubes and not the box set. In my experience, the box set has lower quality paints that are too thick …and diluting with water just makes them chunky. They are not easy to work with. The individual tubes have such smooth paint and are much easier to work with. You never want to be fighting against the material you are using.

You know when you start letting people do things for you, that you use to do for yourself? It almost feels like you’ve forgotten how to do those things.

You didn’t forget.

Inhale… Exhale.

You know how to do what you’ve done.




I am exhausted and and in a mood, and there was this prompt: “Describe in detail the most boring thing imaginable.” So okay.


Helena reads labels. Any tags or packaging, really: cereal boxes, toothpaste tubes, drug facts… even shampoo bottles. “Lather, rinse, repeat if desired,” Myka had heard her mumble to herself once as she beheld a bottle of Pete’s anti-dandruff shampoo.

“What are you doing?” Myka had demanded, the first time she’d heard murmurings that went something like “machine wash cold with like colors gentle cycle do not bleach warm iron if needed.”

“Ascertaining,” had been the answer.

“Ascertaining what, exactly?”

Slightly offended: “The details.”


“It all.”

In the kitchen, as whispers, Myka hears, “vitamin A palmitate.” And “modified wheat starch.” In the laundry room, “only non-chlorine bleach if needed.”

Myka thinks, Okay, you glorious nutbar. I can work with this. So, for the first time since her macaroni-based DNA model in sixth grade, Myka undertakes a craft project. She buys the finest-tipped Sharpie she can find; she cuts a small rectangle of glossy fabric; she measures a length of yarn.

Helena comes to bed on an ensuing night and stops cold. She asks, “What on earth is around your neck?”

“The details,” Myka says, as deadpan as she can.


“It all.” She can’t maintain it. “Okay, not all. Some. Maybe.”

Helena crouches beside the bed, touches the glossy tag. That is enough to make Myka’s blood speed, but Helena also concentrates as she reads, and Myka thinks she might now die. “This is… rather explicit,” Helena says.

“The details,” Myka breathes. “Tend to be.”

“Rather explicit,” Helena repeats, “and rather unlike you.”

“You don’t like it. Okay, never mind, because you don’t like it.”

“I did not say that.” Helena places her body very near Myka’s.  And then, in same low hum in which she declaims information regarding net weights and expiration dates, she begins, “Remove articles of clothing with alacrity…”


Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Benefit Cosmetics’ latest mascara offering is Roller Lash, a curling and lifting mascara designed for those who would like to bypass lash curlers in their daily routine.

It does this with a specially-designed curved “Hook n Roll” rubber brush which catches, grips and coats every lash. The formula is also designed to set and hold curl better than traditional formulas.

The Good:

  • First, the main thing I noticed about it was that it did grip a lot of lashes and did a great job of extending and thickening them. You can build it up to quite a good length, and also build up for quite a lot of dramatic volume. In these regards, it’s quite similar to They’re Real Mascara, except this formula sets a bit stiffer, so it does hold curl longer, and the curved brush and shorter bristled sides make it easier to control along the lower lashes.
  • This mascara also does stay on pretty well. There’s nothing on the tube or box which says this is waterproof, but in my experience it hasn’t smeared or run when wet, and it does take a bit of massaging with an oil-based remover to get it all off.

The Cons:

  • If you have stubborn lashes, you will still need to hang on to your lash curler. The main factor that decides whether someone’s lashes curl easily by just using mascara is how fine the lash strands are. For those with coarser lashes, it’s hard for it to hold a curl without the use of a crimping motion (something that presses down from the top and forcibly bends the lash strand upward). Roller Lash does extend lashes and lift them slightly, but it can’t really create much of a curl where there isn’t one. 
  • Another thing is - compared to Badgal Lash or They’re Real, I personally find this does have a bit more of a tendency to make some of your lashes clump together. Not exceedingly bad clumping, mind you. But you might get a few strands bunching together into a cluster here and there. Some people actually like that effect because it’s a much more dramatic look, so it might not be too much of a problem for everyone. My personal preference is for very fine tapered lash tips and a “fluttery” look (my favorite Benefit mascara is still Badgal Lash after all these years). Just take note based on your preferences.


I do really like the formula and the visibly lengthening/thickening effect this gives with a single coat, and it does lift and hold curl well on medium to fine lashes. It’s also great for girls who want moderately dramatic lashes.

But using the curved brush on its own can only lift, and won’t really curl. The only thing I’ve known to be able to hold a curl all day on stubborn, short, straight lashes is a heated curler applied AFTER mascara. But that aside, this is actually really good at gripping and coating all your tiny lashes, so I have to say it does a good job of maximizing whatever you do have.

All in all, I would say its worth checking out because it really enhances your lashes and adds quite a lot of length and volume quickly. If you want a subtle, natural-looking look, this wouldn’t be the best mascara. 

And I definitely wouldn’t get it just because you’re hoping that a mascara will be able to curl stubborn straight lashes on its own without a separate curler.

Cardboard Box || Sebastian and Paige

Sebastian stood from his bed and looked around his room. With a heavy sigh he went into his closet and grabbed a cardboard box, he held it in his hands. She’s got tons of these, he thinks to himself before setting it on the foot of his bed. He walks around his room grabbing anything that belonged to Paige. A couple shirts and pairs of underwear make a temporary home in the box. A tube of lipstick and her keys–she always locked herself out of her office–make it in there too. He surveyed the area a couple more times before deciding no more of her belongings had stayed in his room. He walked into his bathroom. His large hands gripped the sink as he looked into the mirror. “Why am I doing this?” He mumbled under his breath. He took a few slow breathes before grabbing the box and walking out of his apartment. It wasn’t a long walk from Apartment 2 to Apartment 5, where Paige lived, but it gave him enough time to start to get a bit emotional. He pressed his finger against the door bell before straightening up, he held the box in front of him as he waited for her to answer the door. effyespaige