tube audio

The Vinyl Me, Please pressing of Nina Simone Sings the Blues on a friend’s reference stereo.

Here’s the gear list below in case you’re curious.

Speakers: ANK Audio Kits Audio Note AN-E Kit 4 Speakers

Phono Stage: Abbingdon Music Research PH-77 Reference Phono Equaliser (tubes)

Pre-Amplifier: ANK Audio Kits L5 The Mentor Line Stage (tubes)

Amplifiers: ANK Audio Kits Interstage C-Core 300B Parallel Monoblocks (tubes)

Turntable: VPI Aries 3 with SDS (Synchronous Drive System)

Cartridge: Lyra Kleos 

There’s also a Nakamichi Dragon tape deck on the bottom.


This is the amplifier passed down to me from my father, dating back to the mid-60′s.  This post wouldn’t be complete without an excerpt from the amp’s user manual.  This is how the introduction reads:

With your purchase of a FISHER instrument you have completed a chain of events that began many months ago, in our research laboratories.  For it is there that the basic concept of the equipment you have just acquired came into being – its appearance, its functions, its quality of performance, its convenience of use.

But the end step – your purchase – is merely a beginning.  A door has now opened, for you and your family, on virtually unlimited years of musical enjoyment. Recognizing that one of the keys to pleasurable ownership is reliability, we have designed this instrument to give long and trouble-free service.  In fact, instruments we made over twenty-three years ago are still in use today.

Remember always that we want this equipment to give you the best  performance of which it is capable. Should you at any time need our assistance toward that objective, please write me personally.

AN IMPORTANT SUGGESTION: Many hours have been spent by our engineers and technical writers to create this instrument book for your guidance and enjoyment.  If you want the most of your Fisher, there is only one way to obtain it.  With the equipment before you, please read the booklet carefully.  It will be time well spent!

Avery Fisher, Founder and President

“(Read fan’s request)Jaebum-ah please show us prove it in original version”
JB : wait a sec….
*searching on his phone
JB : ah, I got it!

Prove it JB ver :
Look at me for a sec, don’t be too awkward
Don’t worry, your heart wants me so be honest
You knew since you saw me first
I hope that you become sure of yourself, that’s all
That the background picture in your phone is me
That you will hold my empty hand
It’s just that you are the only one, out of many things
It’s just your heart you know you know

Chorus :
I don’t wanna put a burden on you
I just wanna know little more about how you feel
While holding your soft hands
I wanna know how you feel
I trusted that we’re going to be together
Little more little more I want you baby
Little more little more one more step

I don’t have to worry that you see us more casually
Forgot it, I think I’m way more serious
I can see you once and walk pass but no
I want to keep you by my side and see you
I want you to be the one to pick out my clothes
That I walk this path, you’ll be next to me
It’s just that you are the only one, out of many things
It’s just your heart you know you know

Don’t give up.

You’re fighting to over come mental obstacles, physical obstacles, emotional obstacles. 

You’re fighting because you deserve better than what you’ve been given. 

You’re fighting because you know that you have a greater purpose in life than what you’ve had in your past. You are beyond the past and you have yet to determine your future. Your mindset will create your future. Right now there are opportunities and options around you. You always have options. If you are stuck in place, it’s because you choose to remain in that place. Life has presented you with difficult choices and all you have to do is choose. Choose what path you wish to take, you may have to leave your comfort zone, it is necessary for your growth and you must keep pushing yourself, this is how you obtain power. You are powerful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have the strength within you to make your goals and dreams a reality. Take time for yourself, listen to inspirational videos on you tube, audio books, read 10 to 15 pages of positive writings and I guarantee that you will begin to feel your life changing for the better. You can do this. You will do this. Create the kind of mind state you deserve and watch yourself begin to succeed. You may fail a hundred times but success comes when you are resilient. You can start out doing something and not knowing anything about it and do it badly but eventually you will learn and you will do it right. Failure is a part of life but you will succeed so long as you keep trying so believe in yourself. Don’t give up. 

fingertainting  asked:

4, 5, 12, 14??

4. How do you calm down after a meltdown?

Usually with my iPad. I like to play Two Dots and Bejeweled Blitz, or if I’m really bad off, more soothing games like Thisissand, or looking at my night sky/star/planet viewing app.

Sometimes I’m too overloaded for that, or I can’t read or my eyes won’t track or whatever, and then I usually get into bed with my big pillow support thing to lean on, and my softy blanket, and my cats, and Marvin brings me some tea or an apple the way I like it (all cut up into pieces, with a wooden toothpick to eat them). I like to have to lights off and just be in the dark relaxing.

5. What method(s) of communication do you prefer?

TYPING. Even when I can’t handwrite, I can usually type. Although, typing on my iPad keyboard is pretty hard. It’s small, and it’s difficult for me if I can’t exctually feel physical buttons or keys.

But I like to use my mouthparts too. I like delayed echolalia and fun scripting with Marvin. And I like to use my mouthparts to talk at groups of people, like at a conference or things like that. My words kind of fall apart when it comes to one-on-one conversation.

And my stimming and the way my body moves is a whole language of its own, which Marvin is getting great at understanding.

12. What are some of the things that allistic people often expect you to do that make no sense to you?

Answered here:

14. Describe a place/room/situation that would be sensory heaven to you

A room with light wood flooring, smooth walls in muted brights and earth tones, and no lamps or overhead lights. Just huge windows, so it’s all natural light. The room is soundproofed, and I have Marvin’s really nice sounding CD player/tube amp/other audio type things in there with me, and my favourite CDs. There is lots of trees and greenery out the windows. My cats are there with me, with their favourite furniture and toys and things to stim with.

In the middle of the room is a huge nest of softy and silky pillows, those super nice throw blankets that are so soft they don’t even feel real, and hanging sheets and fabric around it to make a fort, and lots of white fairy lights for when the sun goes down. There is also a cradle chair and some kind of cute whimsical swing for me to swing on. My stuffed animals and box of stimmy things are there, and my books, and my art supplies. And my iPad, of course. And my ukulele and keyboard!

There are my favourite herbs along the windows, and some flowers too! And there’s a mini fridge (that magically doesn’t make any noise or even have that electronic whine) with frozen cream puffs, and soda water in all kinds of fruity flavours, and mango Fruttare popsicles, and ice cream cake. And Marvin comes to hang out and watch Daredevil with me, and he brings Bun Thit, and Malai Kofta with saffron basmati rice, and Gimbap for us!

Now I’m sad because what I’ve dreamed up is so beautiful and I’ll never have it. But it was fun to think of! Thanks :D