tube amplifier


I’m already trying out different tubes to see what the affect is on the sound. The replacement power tube is an RCA 6AS7G from 1943.  It has a bit of a 60hz hum to it and really bad microphonics, but it sounds great when playing music.  The output tube is an RCA 12AU7 clear top.  This made the biggest difference.  The Electro Harmonix tube that came with it doesn’t sound as good and the treble was somewhat harsh.   The RCA tube mellows the treble and widens the sound stage a bit.   I’m having fun listening.    I really  need a comfortable chair though.  I hate laying on my back on the floor. 


12ax7 12au7 SE amplifier, as easy as it can get. 


I bought an assembled Bottlehead Crack headphone amplifier.  I’ve been wanting to buy the kit and build it, but this one was quite a bit cheaper than the kit because people were skittish about bidding on it on eBay due to the case looking like a Homer Simpson spice rack.   To get to the point though, the amplifier works properly and sounds great.   I’m going to fix the case tomorrow with sanding and stain.    I may drag this to to work so I can listen to it all day during the work week.