No One Knows Part 2

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader

Warning: Swearing, sexual themes

A/N: So part two ended up being split in half because it got way too long. Plus, this is going to be a 10 part story so… gotta make the chapters last



Part 1

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It was almost time for her to go to work and Eggsy hadn’t ever actually left her apartment. He had left briefly only to go get changed, but then when he came back, he had a ton of shopping bags with him filled with food that she couldn’t afford. He was in a hoodie and a polo shirt with jeans on. Just like the last time she had seen him.

Y/N had scolded him for just up and buying things for her, saying she couldn’t pay him back, but he waved her off and helped her put everything away. He had seemed thoroughly disappointed when he opened her fridge. Bean seemed to be attached to her ex’s legs, but Eggsy didn’t seem to mind.

Y/N gave him strict instructions on what to do with her child until he had to stop her. He simply smiled at her with that reassuring look that made her want to slap him for making her heart pound. Eggsy eventually got her to leave and as she made her way out to the street, she knew that she could trust Eggsy with her child. The man loved children, was great with them. With a deep breath, she went to work like she always did.


Eggsy watched out the window as Y/N walked down to the street and got in a cab. Once she was out of sight, he looked down to see Bean doing the exact same thing as him. Watching his mum leave for work with big hazel eyes. The agent bent down to look Bean in the eyes.

“It’s just you and me now. Your mum gave me a lot of rules, but I honestly don’t remember all of them. Do you?” Eggsy asked. Bean shrugged, looking over the man in front of him.

“Mum usually likes when I sleep at 8:30… but you said we could be tubble.” Eggsy grinned at the little boy before just picking him up and walking into the small living room in the apartment. Bean held onto him while he walked.

“How about pizza for dinner? Does your mum let you eat pizza?” he asked.

“Okay,” Bean said. After making a call to the old pizza parlor he used to take Y/N to, he set Bean on the couch and put on a kids’ show. Bean didn’t seem to interested in it though so Eggsy changed the channel to a movie that technically might not be something a child should watch, but Bean didn’t pay attention to that either. Eggsy waited until the pizza got to the apartment and they ate that he decided to try to engage the smaller boy.

“Hey, Bean?” he called from the kitchen. Bean slid off the couch and peeked his head around the corner to look at his new babysitter.

“Hi, Eggsy,” Bean responded, looking up at him curiously.

“How about we play a game, yeah?” Eggsy offered, a mischievous look in his eyes.

“Like what?”

“Like… hide and seek,” Eggsy responded. Bean moved further into the kitchen.

“Okay. Mummy’s room is off lemons though,” the little boy said, grabbing Eggsy’s hand.

“That’s fine. But I have to tell you. I am a seeking expert,” Eggsy gloated, leaning down to pick up the child. Bean leaned his head on Eggsy’s shoulder comfortably as they moved into the kid’s room.

“I’m a hiding esspert.”

“Then it’s a challenge then,” Eggsy declared, setting the child on the bed and moving to a corner in the room. “I’m going to count to 100 okay? You go hide.”

“Okay.” Eggsy faced the corner and put his hands over his eyes. He started to count at a even pace, listening as Bean got off the bed and left the room all together. From the numbers of sixty to a hundred, the house was utterly quiet. Eggsy pulled his hands from his eyes once he hit a hundred and looked around.

“Ready or not, Bean!” He called as he moved about the room, looking for the small child. He moved into the living room once he didn’t find the kid in his room. It took a little bit, but eventually he found Bean hiding behind some pans under the sink in the kitchen. Eggsy helped the child out of the hiding spot before they continued on, hiding and seeking until it was Bean’s bed time. The boy didn’t fight it, but he did request that Eggsy give him a bath.

Of course once that was done, Eggsy tucked Bean into bed and told him a story of the Kingsman that he didn’t… exactly make up. Once the kid was sleeping, Eggsy plopped himself on the couch and took a short nap while he waited for Y/N to get home from work.


Y/N trudged home after getting out of work, her heels in her hands like normal with the clothes she left her home in her bag that held her normal work attire in it. She quietly entered her apartment, trying not to wake Eggsy and Bean who were more likely in deep sleep. Immediately she smelled the pizza and went to the kitchen to put her things on the kitchen table. She flicked on the light over the stove as she looked in the fridge before taking off her jacket and the fluffy leg warmers that covered her calves, throwing them on one of the chairs.

Clad in only the weird push up bra and the tiniest short shorts in existence, Y/N turned around to go into the fridge and nearly screamed at seeing Eggsy standing by the fridge, looking at her confused, but awake. His eyes traveled over her appearance before his hazel eyes locked back on her face. Her smoky makeup and her little clothing. Her very flushed face at seeing him awake and looking at her.

“Y/N… where do you work?” he asked, tone the most serious she had ever heard from him. She looked away, searching for a way out of this conversation and a way to get him to leave her house all at the same time.

“Eggsy, it’s late. What are you still doing up?” She diverted, moving around him to grab her jacket. A hand wrapped around her wrist gently and pulled her to a stop.

“Where do you work?” he asked again, a little more firmly. Y/N sighed, feeling ashamed to be standing in front of the father of her child, who had no idea he was the father of her child, dressed still in her outfit from work after she hadn’t seen him in five years. She grimaced at her thought process.

“I work… at a gentleman’s club about twenty minutes away…” She whispered, not wanting to admit it. “I waitress. But I still have to keep dress code.”

Eggsy stared at her with an open mouth. She stared back, confused before she frowned at him.

“You can’t seriously think less of me for trying to give my son the best I can. If that means working at a gentleman’s club than so be it. But you, Gary Unwin, are not allowed to fucking judge me.” Y/N panted in the effort not to scream at him, but Eggsy slowly moved towards her and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her against his chest tightly. She tensed in his arms before she relaxed against him.

“Fuck, Y/N. I’m so fucking sorry. I don’t think less of you, love and I would never judge you. I just… I feel like this is all my fault.” She pulled away to look at him before she shook her head.

“No, it’s not your fault, Eggsy. Let me go get changed. Maybe we can watch a movie?” she offered him a smile. He nodded and let go of her. Y/N grabbed all her stuff and moved to her room. She changed into her pajamas before going back out to sit in the living room with Eggsy on the other side of the only couch she owned.

They kept the tv on low while they quietly conversed. She learned a lot of what happened to him in the past five years. Of how he met a man named Harry who inherited a tailor shop and hired him. How he met Roxy and became good friends with her while they worked together (boy did she feel stupid about that). How they had a really cool manager named Merlin who was as dorky as he was cool. She also heard a lot of his new girlfriend, Tilde. She nodded along, less worried about him moving on and more that the name sound vaguely familiar.

Eggsy also learned of the bouncer that would walk her to the bus stop and hail her a cab home every night. He learned about all the disturbances that they had from their shitty patrons. How many times she got groped. How many of the actual dancers were parents just trying to make ends meet. He learned that Y/N often only got a couple hours of sleep a night so she could walk her son to school and be awake when he got home.

“So, why Bean?” he eventually asked.

“He was very small and chubby as a baby.”

“Is that what’s on his birth certificate? Cause that’s just cruel of you,” Eggsy tsked, cheeky grin on his face.

“No, Eggsy. God, his name is Gary.”

“That’s even crueler. Why the fuck did you name him that?” Eggsy grimaced. Y/N panicked slightly, not entirely sure how to answer.

“Uh… his father.”

“The prick just gave him the shittiest name in existence and then left? What the fuck kind of man did you left knock you up?” He teased. Y/N reached over and hit his arm in retaliation. They grinned at each other for a little while.

“I can’t believe you’re here. Thank you for watching him. Did you both get into trouble?” she asked, leaning on the arm of the couch they were on.

“Not really. He’s a good kid,” Eggsy paused a moment. “What do you mean?”

“Well, it was hard. You left and I had no idea where you went or if you were even still in London. I haven’t even seen your mum around,” she said, looking at him.

“Yeah, once I could afford it, I got her away from Dean. She lives up near the tailor’s that I work at now,” he said, stretching out his legs.

“I’m glad your life turned around, Eggsy.”

“I don’t know if I should say the same. You work at a fucking strip club,” Eggsy replied. She rolled her eyes at him.

“Yeah, but it pays well and I can afford to send Bean to a good school,” she said. Eggsy watched her silently for a little while as she turned her attention back to the movie they were watching. He didn’t seem to be inclined to talk, just to watch the movie quietly with her now. After about twenty minutes, she started to drift off. She only woke up when Eggsy shook her awake.

“Come on, let’s get you to bed,” He muttered as he helped her up and walked her to her room. He gently tucked her in before going to the couch and laying down on it. He crossed his arms as his thoughts raced. Eventually, even he fell asleep again on her couch in her apartment.


Y/N had woken up the next morning to find Eggsy gone with a note that said he had turned off her alarm since Bean didn’t have school. Bean was sitting in front of the TV with a sandwich, that he had said Eggsy made him before the man left. Eggsy had also left his new phone number and then another number with a phase that she should say in case she was ever in trouble. She kept the note in her purse just in case.

A couple weeks passed until she saw Roxy one day while she was out with her mother and Bean. Roxy looked over to see Y/N walking and called out to her. She wasn’t in a pressed suit like the last time she saw her, but she wasn’t dressed casually either.


“Roxy?” Y/N called, confused at seeing the woman so casual.

“I’m so glad I found you. I wanted to maybe get some lunch with you,” Roxy asked, eyebrows raising in hope. She wasn’t wearing the glasses she had been when Y/N first met her. Did she also not need them? Was it required to wear glasses at the tailor’s shop?

“I… Mum, do you mind watching Bean for a couple hours?” Y/N asked, turning to her mother and her son. Bean waved at Roxy shyly and the woman returned it with a smile.

“Sure, honey. Go have fun!” Her mother smiled at the two ladies. Bean ran to hug his mum when she bent down to give him kisses. Once they were out of sight, Roxy lead the way towards a nice looking breakfast cafe that Y/N felt she had no right to be in. She was wearing a normal t shirt and a pair of patterned leggings. Roxy didn’t seem to care though as they picked a seat and ordered some coffee to start.

“So, how have you been?” Roxy asked, looking up from her menu.

“I’ve been okay. Days seem to go by faster than normal.”

“Well since we’re both here and Eggsy isn’t, I guess I can just come out and say it,” Roxy took a deep breath. “Bean is Eggsy’s son, isn’t he?” She asked. Y/N choked, cough quietly into her hand. She looked at Roxy with surprise.

“Uh… yes… he’s…”

“They look similar. Though, Bean has your nose,” she said, looking completely unfazed.

“You didn’t… tell him did you?” Y/N asked, shifting nervously in her seat.

“No, but he did tell me Bean’s birth name is Gary. Which should have been a dead give away for him, but he’s a little dense.” Roxy was smiling gently at her, ordering what she wanted to eat when the waitress walked up.

Y/N quietly ordered something cheap, not even bothering to check what it was. Roxy watched her for a moment before looking at the menu to see what she was ordering. Then she looked up before the waitress left and ordered more food. Y/N watched with a surprised look on her face.

“You don’t have to choose the least expensive thing on here. It’s my treat.”

“What? No, I couldn’t do that to you.”

“My choice. I’m paying for your lunch,” Roxy smiled, leaning on her elbows with her tea in her hands. Y/N quietly thanked her. They then went on to talk about Eggsy and Bean and then how everything had happened before she found out that she was pregnant. Roxy looked a bit upset when she told her that Eggsy hadn’t ever come back to her, despite her being in the same apartment complex.

“I’m going to kick his ass, I swear,” Roxy hissed after they finished their lunch.

“Please, don’t. It’s weird already now that he’s back, but if I keep this from him, how badly do you think he’ll react?” she asked as they got their things together.

“I think… he’d probably be pissed for not knowing, that he’d eventually get over it and that he will probably want to spend more time with him,” Roxy said after some thought. Y/N smiled, shaking her head. She still didn’t want to tell him. Mainly because she wasn’t sure how long he would be in her life this time.

“I don’t know if I should tell him,” Y/N admitted as they walked out of the cafe after paying.

“I think he should know, but ultimately it’s your choice,” Roxy replied. They decided to drop the subject then. The woman walked her home, talking about everything, but telling Eggsy that he was the father. They separated with a quick hug and she went home to spend more time with her son.

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Could you possibly write some headcannons about everyone from MM as parents? ^^

I love…..my boyfriends and girlfriend….and they’d all be such good parents……….. (no im not crYING UR CRYIN)

~Admin MP


  • My pure innocent son
  • He would be such a good dad?
  • He matures a lot so he feels comfortable being a father
  • Of course, though, he’d freak out at first over it and worry he’s going to mess it up
  • But he’s very patient with his children
  • And he always helps them with their homework, sitting down next to them and going over everything very slowly
  • You know that as soon as his child gave him any form of puppy dog eyes they get whatever they want
  • He’s such a pushover
  • ”Daddy, can we have waffles for breakfast?”
  • ”You had waffles yesterday, you should have something more healthy…”
  • ”Pllllllleeeeaasseee?”
  • The house would be full of animals, honestly
  • They’d have a cat and a dog and probably a hamster (the hamster was one the kid picked out and named Tubbles)
  • He’d be the literal best at comforting his children if they started crying about something
  • Listens to them very seriously when they blubber and hugs them, rubbing their back and whispering that it’s going to be okay
  • Always makes them boxed lunches and they’re super cute!! (adds little notes in there because hes a sap)


  • I’m yelling because he’d be an amazing father
  • Is the master of playing games though?
  • Like, a simple game of tag turns into a giant adventure and there’s somehow pillows involved and invisible trolls
  • He’s also super good at telling bedtime stories 
  • Like, he does all the voices and everything and gets waaay into character
  • Spoils the shit out of his children obviously
  • if they glance at a toy, he’s either buying it for them or making one exactly like it
  • He would totally do that, though– make his kids a bunch of toys
  • Though he has to promise that none of them will breathe fire
  • With his kids, everything is a dramatic event
  • Like, breakfast would be this huge ordeal
  • His kids always have the best time with him because he’s always excited to spend time with them and love them
  • Seven would always make blanket forts for them and they would all pile underneath them, watching cartoons with a giant bowl of popcorn
  • (He loves watching the cartoons just as much as they do)
  • Gets the kids (it’s totally not just for the kids) a kitten and loves seeing their delighted faces when they see it for the first time
  • Dad Jokes.


  • She’s already the mom friend so u kno she’s gonna be a bomb ass mom
  • And she really is
  • Jaehee loves her children to death, she’d give them so much affection all the time
  • Like, her kids would be around her and she’d just press kisses to the top of their heads as they run around because she’s so happy?
  • If they get in trouble, though, you know they’re helping out at the coffee shop (and they can’t take home any pastries with them)
  • She’d be strict, but she’d also be very fair and loving
  • Anytime they achieve something, though, she’d be the first one to congratulate them and insist that they celebrate 
  • Whenever they go on trips or anything like that, she has literally everything in her bag
  • “Mom, your bag is so heavy!”
  • “That’s because I’m a prepared woman and everything we need is in there.”
  • “Mom are we really going to need an inhaler? None of us have asthma!”
  • “you never know!”
  • Surprisingly, she takes a lot of pictures
  • She just wants everything to be documented so she can look back on them later
  • Also, she’s very very protective
  • If her kid is crying and some jerk makes a nasty comment, she is ready to throw down
  • She’s the best mom to go to if you forget to do a project at the last minute
  • Seriously, she can whip out a tri-fold poster board complete with popup pictures in an hour and a half


  • He was so nervous that he was going to be a terrible father
  • Seriously, he had so many doubts in his head and felt very hesitant
  • But he also did a bunch of research and read parenting books and his therapist told him he was going to be a great dad
  • So he started to believe in himself more
  • And he really is a good dad, like, he’s super sweet to his kids
  • H o n e s t l y he’s so sweet
  • He gives them piggy back rides, he carries them to bed when they fall asleep on the couch, he puts them on his shoulders at the zoo
  • Anything they want, he’s willing to deliver
  • If they were like “hey dad go get us the moon” he’d be like “brb”
  • Ever since he learned good coping skills from his therapy, he’d use that with his kids
  • He’d help them figure out what their emotions are and what they can do to make it better
  • And he’d be so calm and patient too, he’d crouch next to them and just help them out in a soft voice
  • Loves taking his kids outside and having picnics and flying kites and of course, cloud watching
  • Reads out loud to his kids a lot, especially longer, more complicated books, but they love it
  • (Reads Harry Potter of course)
  • Falls asleep on the couch with the kids more often than not (IT’S SO CUTE???)
  • Dresses like a dad sometimes

~Admin MP


  • Zen is the kind of parent that would pretend that he isn’t a helicopter parent
  • But like everyone knows that he is
  • He always is checking in on his kids no matter what
  • “Who are you going to be with?”
  • “When are you coming back??”
  • “Is it all girls or all boys??”
  • “It’s a mix? Well what is the % of girls to boys? Is it 1:1 or 2:3 or like what???”
  • He does this all out of love though
  • He just wants to protect his kids with all that he has
  • He also would build them up a lot
  • “Oh my god, you look beautiful in that outfit today! You are just killing it honestly!”
  • He would always make sure that if they were feeling down on themselves to build them up and never rip them apart, because he knows what it is like to have your family make you feel small.
  • And god forbid they get a S/O honestly


  • He would spoil these kids like no other????
  • Anything these kids asked for they would get
  • Clothes, jewlery, shoes, pets, ANYTHING
  • Fuck he would buy them a car at 3 years old if that is what they said they wanted
  • He also wouldn’t be too overbearing tho
  • He would want to know where they are going but he would trust their judgement as to who they were going to be hanging out with
  • He would also make sure he was there for EVERY bed time, every game, every performance, anything that they had going on he was right there with a video camera getting the whole thing
  • He would make sure they had the best of everything
  • The best schools, babysitters, cars, EVERYTHING
  • But he would make sure that they didn’t act like spoiled brats
  • Because that is just not classy at all


  • V is like the perfect dad honestly
  • He is the most supportive
  • Loving
  • And Caring father that you could ever ask for
  • He would give his kids amazing advice for everything
  • He would always be the voice of reason when something goes wrong in their life
  • V would also be that day that when his kid is crying he just opens the door slightly, slides in a piece of cake, and then closes the door.
  • He would for sure talk to them later about it, but for right now he knows that they need their space.
  • Oh and also
  • “Dad I’m hungry”
  • “Hi hungry, I’m blind!”

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