Ive been getting a bit chubbly lately, but it doesnt really bother me much. I feel really good, and my natural reaction to feeling secure is to put on weight. I actually think the weight sort of looks cute on me haha~ ;3

Its annoying that some of my clothes arent fitting right, but my whole body is just so round and pleasantly squishy. Im totally content, like a fat lazy cat =A= Someone come cuddle with me and give me little kisses! 

Oh! hiya, I know you don’t I…I do…yes…I’m pretty sure I do…slightly, a bit…you hear about the stupid shit I say, don’t you? -_-;;; ^^

This is going well. If by ‘well’ I mean bollard to the nuts.

You Know You're A Tubbly When...

Some time ago my younger brother and I began a funny little nickname.  We called each other Tubbly.  I think it started because the only times we would hang out would be to eat, otherwise we despised each other greatly.  It is mainly an expression of endearment at our disgusting eat habits and the genetic miracle that is our actual weight.  Tubbz for short. And you really ought to say it in the voice of Eric Cartman to get the fully effect.  So now I will being to compile a list of “you know you’re tubbly when” anecdotes. 

Thank you & Good Eats.

Wash Day | Marley Twists, My Lazy Hair Go-To

[New Post] Wash Day | Marley Twists, My Lazy Hair Go-To

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I’ve been enjoying having my hair out, styling it, and playing it over the last couple of weeks but I needed a break this week. Solution? Back to marley twists! Here’s my recap. [1] I started off by spraying my hair with water + glycerin (60%/40%), and then applied Aussie Moist on top. For $2.99 a bottle… tube… ? tubble? It’s a detangling, moisturizing gem. [2] After pre-pooing for 30 minutes, I…

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