God damn it. (Tweethearts story for bri)

{A/N: look i have a lot of feelings, also i love @daveeddiggsit so i wrote this…i tried…lin is a twitter addict daveed isn’t so his twitter personality is hard to piece together….anywhore enjoy}

New @clppg merch, modeled by the only one who rocks no pants a hoodie and sneakers
*photo of bri in a clipping hoodie, head down hair peaking out*

The outtake photos are just for me…but those are definitely my favorite

Ya’ll keep asking her names bri…shes a good one…

@daveeddiggs lies i am the worst kind of person…

@cabassabri lies….

@daveeddiggs: don’t tempt the evil in me…we live together i have a full arsenal.

@cabassabri i have just as much on you…miss vegas…

@daveeddiggs don’t you dare

@cabassabri what? This…
*link to vegas fic*

@daveeddiggs you’re dead to me…

@cabassabri ‘vegas D vegas’ i finally understand why it was all over my insta with curry

@daveeddiggs keep going and see what happens

@cabassabri what? Gonna write me out of vegas? Replace your dirty fantasies with curry?

@daveeddiggs fine i warned you
*photo of daveed asleep drooling*

@cabassabri 😨 why…

@daveeddiggs how about
*posts sesame street rap video*

@daveeddiggs mr. 'Sex sex sex sex fuck her till she faints’ nah you all about that tubber duck life

@cabassabri i want a divorce

@daveeddiggs we’re not married

*2 hours later*

Show these shorties how to get that make that work work
*insert photo of bri shock faced with a ring on her finger*

@daveeddiggs and i have been dating for like 2 years…so…

Work_work_: @cabassabri WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US!

@work_work_ you never asked….

Shes stuck with me…forever
*photo of daveed and bri backto the camera with basketball jerseys on, on the back 'diggs’*

Man if all of clippings songs turn into love raps about my ass i swear

@cabassabri every song is about your ass babe…

@daveeddiggs god damn it..

Shes perfect….shes….my world
*photo of bri asleep on daveeds chest hand going through her hair, soccer asleep on them*


Tucker Appreciation Week: Day 5 - Celebration  

I had no idea what I could draw for this day, I was sitting and staring at sai and then this came out

Well it has something to do with celebration :^)


 HEYYYYYYY HEYYYY  guys, how are you all? I hope you’re all doing well.     \(^▽^)/ I have a lot of things to celebrate:  i have been here 5 years , i hit 25.6K  AND   MY BIRTHDAY is soo close its on 8 janurery hehehe ,  BTW  this year is almost over  and I decided to make this follow forever to THANK YOU ALL  for making my dashboard awesome everyday (ꈍᴗꈍ)♥  and i’d like to thank my lovely girl, my sweet friendd, myyy ohh what elsee ?myyy babygirll xD  SESUKES ★ *huggsss*  (●´ω`●) soo yeah Happy holidays  and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends  and that 2017 treats you well   (◡‿◡✿)   i’d like to say thank you to these blogs for making my dash so interesting, and to their owners for having such lovely personalities!  Here’s a list of awesome blogs you should follow .. insp : the graphics idea comes from these lovleyy: tobiohchan and sesukes .

Bold : My Precious Mutual (ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’☆


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BEHOLD!!! The biggest bunch of cuties you will ever dang see~ Did a super fun collab with @rockinrollsart!!! Oh my god this was so fun!!!! jashdkahsd

Top image: Lines by Rockin, colors by me! Pacifeast AU, tubbies with a blog! The premise is that Papyrus introduces Sans and Toriel to some really supportive feedee/feeder communities and they gain (hah<3) so much support from a bunch of fellow fat-lovers.

Bottom Image: Lines by me, colors by Rockin! Dances with Goats AU, based on an idea from @prismportrait! Eventually Sans’ tummy gets in the way of removing and putting on her ballet gear. Thankfully Toriel is quick to lend a hand (and a cuddle or two <3)

expectgayness  asked:

*sends literal crates of various Wonka brand chocolates and candies to the gang. Knowing where it's obviously going to end up*

Zelda: What on earth are we supposed to do with this?

Vladimir: Feed it to the pig?

Ganondorf: Only if you eat it along with me, Tubbers!

Vladimir: Ellch! That’s too much sugar, even for me!

Zelda: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Vladimir: Sis, don’t you dare!

Zelda: You’re the one who said it, dear brother. Not me…

little known danny phantom canon facts

did u know……………………………

  • tubber licked the emergency ham???????
  • students at casper high write fanfic about why dabby carries around thermos, 94% is smut, 6% is angsty hurt/comfort???????
  • biggest writers of this fanfic are nathan and kwan (this is confirmed in s3)?????
  • clockwork enjoys the macarena but doesnt understand the electric slide because it is from another dimension?? he thinks the time warp is cultural appropriation and finds it deeply offensive??
  • dabby has offend clockwork many times with this
  • goth’s fave song is actualy the part of hey ya where they say “alright alright alright alright” but she hates the rest of the song???
  • jack fenton is actually au john cena?
  • vlab only likes packers for aesthetic???
  • vlab ate blood blossoms once and he got indigestion but he also got high and sang dancin in the street for 4 ½ hours thanks jack for the wild party

now u know

The signs as fandoms

Aries: Barneyerz (Barney fandom)

Taurus: Choo choo’s (Thomas the tank engine fandom)

Gemini: Doritas (Dora fandom)

Cancer: Hot pups (Clifford the big red dog fandom)

Leo: Nooties (pingu fandom)

Virgo: Bacon strips (Peppa pig fandom)

Libra: Hue hue blears (Bear in the big blue house fandom)

Scorpio: Superwholock (Superwholock fandom)

Sagittarius: Wonderęéěs (Wonder pets fandom)

Capricorn: Diegotata’s (Diego fandom)

Aquarius: Building blob’s (Bob the builder fandom)

Pisces: Tubbers (Teletubby fandom)

Blame It On the Baby Hormones

She blames it on the baby hormones. It started with the cravings. Her stomach would growl at the thought of salty, sweet things. Sour, pickled things; bacon. She salivates at the thought of crunchy, deep fried pork. She was weak when it came to the want; the fulfillment. Especially when she starts craving Camila Cabello.



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