CATMAN! (Q’s And C’s Episode 26) 

In which I meow in public and stuff.

little known danny phantom canon facts

did u know……………………………

  • tubber licked the emergency ham???????
  • students at casper high write fanfic about why dabby carries around thermos, 94% is smut, 6% is angsty hurt/comfort???????
  • biggest writers of this fanfic are nathan and kwan (this is confirmed in s3)?????
  • clockwork enjoys the macarena but doesnt understand the electric slide because it is from another dimension?? he thinks the time warp is cultural appropriation and finds it deeply offensive??
  • dabby has offend clockwork many times with this
  • goth’s fave song is actualy the part of hey ya where they say “alright alright alright alright” but she hates the rest of the song???
  • jack fenton is actually au john cena?
  • vlab only likes packers for aesthetic???
  • vlab ate blood blossoms once and he got indigestion but he also got high and sang dancin in the street for 4 ½ hours thanks jack for the wild party

now u know


This is the trailer for a film about a killer tyre. Yeah. A killer tyre. Every bit as crazy as it sounds.

Apparently based on a true story. That’s a fact.

anonymous asked:

I used to eat really healthy and was super happy but over the past year I've started eating huge servings of junk food at once. Not sure if it's binge eating or just a sugar addiction or what but do you have any tips for getting back into eating healthy and relaxing about food again?

Since I’m really busy during the week with practice, internship, class etc.. I’ll make a bunch of chicken for the week and put it in tubber ware. Also I make a lot for dinner so then I have a healthy lunch for the next day. I just constantly eat healthy small meals through out the day..that way I’m never hangry. Don’t deprive yourself from junk food because then when you finally eat it you’ll go crazy and eat a shit ton. Fill your cabinets and fridge with healthy options then it’ll be impossible not to eat them! Get into a routine and it’ll be easy :)

I'm such a Trubbish


My sketchbook and pencil have collaborated on some things.

Things are getting pretty freaky-damn-deaky for my OTP couple. Spent the last half hour giggling like a mad-man.


 No fan has it harder than a fan with glasses. It is difficult to read smut without the images/filthy text being reflected off the lenses.

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