Tucker Appreciation Week: Day 5 - Celebration  

I had no idea what I could draw for this day, I was sitting and staring at sai and then this came out

Well it has something to do with celebration :^)

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We can’t produce a waterproof version of the game. But we’ve determined it’s mostly safe for a few rounds near a hot tub. 

To test this, Trin partially submerged the shitty, dispensable card “A rival dojo” in a teacup of warm, unchlorinated water at roughly bathtub temperature.

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To simulate the steaming action of a hot tub, she kept the card near the cup for 15 minutes, which is about as long as two rounds of CAH with five moderately drunk hot tubbers.

We were unimpressed with how the card held up. As you can see, the water permeated the edges of the card and left slight water damage. 

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She then allowed the card to dry. While the card was mostly intact, it still maintained a curve, possibly making it more difficult to store.  

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In light of the evidence, the game would be safe for play near a hot tub with occasional splashing, as long as you are not so drunk as to submerge the deck or leave it in the steam for prolonged periods of time.

Play at your own risk. 

little known danny phantom canon facts

did u know……………………………

  • tubber licked the emergency ham???????
  • students at casper high write fanfic about why dabby carries around thermos, 94% is smut, 6% is angsty hurt/comfort???????
  • biggest writers of this fanfic are nathan and kwan (this is confirmed in s3)?????
  • clockwork enjoys the macarena but doesnt understand the electric slide because it is from another dimension?? he thinks the time warp is cultural appropriation and finds it deeply offensive??
  • dabby has offend clockwork many times with this
  • goth’s fave song is actualy the part of hey ya where they say “alright alright alright alright” but she hates the rest of the song???
  • jack fenton is actually au john cena?
  • vlab only likes packers for aesthetic???
  • vlab ate blood blossoms once and he got indigestion but he also got high and sang dancin in the street for 4 ½ hours thanks jack for the wild party

now u know

The funny thing is,

I don’t think RIB realized how easy it would’ve been to keep the Faberry fandom happy, even with Dianna Agron only guest starring. We knew they were never going to actually put them together (which, ironically, would’ve made it one of the best twists ever), but even little throwaway lines here or there: Rachel saying to Kurt, “Hold on, I’m talking to Quinn” while on her laptop, or Rachel coming in with a suitcase at the beginning of an episode and Santana asking, “How’s Tubbers?”, or Rachel setting up the couch at the end of an episode because “Quinn’s visiting.” We would’ve loved it.

Instead, they tried to throw in a few last minute mentions by Kitty and Sue, with no reactions from the actual ladies themselves or even any interaction between the two of them in the last season, and called it good.


BEHOLD!!! The biggest bunch of cuties you will ever dang see~ Did a super fun collab with @rockinrollsart!!! Oh my god this was so fun!!!! jashdkahsd

Top image: Lines by Rockin, colors by me! Pacifeast AU, tubbies with a blog! The premise is that Papyrus introduces Sans and Toriel to some really supportive feedee/feeder communities and they gain (hah<3) so much support from a bunch of fellow fat-lovers.

Bottom Image: Lines by me, colors by Rockin! Dances with Goats AU, based on an idea from @prismportrait! Eventually Sans’ tummy gets in the way of removing and putting on her ballet gear. Thankfully Toriel is quick to lend a hand (and a cuddle or two <3)


Tucker Appreciation Week: Day 4 - Fandom 

“You shall not pass. So speaks Empress She-Wolf!”
“That may be the hottest geek I’ve ever laid eyes on.”
[Empress She-Wolf morphs into a significantly more wolfy and less humanoid model, roaring.]
“Yeah? How ‘bout now?”
“Yeah, still hot.”

Well Tucker is obviously a fan of comics, don’t know what kind of comics, but he sure enjoyed Empress She-Wolf’s outfit :^)

And a little bonus - the trio as gems…? I don’t know, just a random idea, few days ago I finished watching Steven Universe and also watched Reality Trip because needed some references AND THIS JUST HAPPENED

Tubby (background) and Panda (foreground) are doing everything in their power to help me feel better.
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