Tips on How to Take a History (How to Survive Clinical Rotations #3)

Nothing is more daunting to a newbie clinical vet student that to be thrown into a random room with a client and to accurately assess what is wrong with their pet in 15 minutes or less. Here are some quick tips to make your history taking experience hopefully a little less scary!

-> First of all, what in the world is a history??  Taking a history, in a nutshell, is listening to the presenting complaints and asking the right questions to further assess and lead you to (hopefully) the correct diagnosis. Everyone has been to the doctor and has been a part of a history!  For example, where does it hurt? How long has this been going on? What medications are you currently taking?

-> A good history can be just as vital as your physical and diagnostics. Do not underestimate how important a history can be! You can literally find the diagnosis in the history, if you know what to ask. It may be tempting to skip “the boring” questions (”what medications does Poofy get”, “what does Puddle eat”), but it might just give you a hint into what is going on! 

-> Ask open ended questions! This is SUPER important! For instance, a close ended question would be something that can be answered with a yes or no response, like “So YoYo is vomiting?”  Instead, use a question that requires a more thorough answer, such as “Oh no so I hear YoYo isn’t feeling well. Can you tell me what has been going on with YoYo?”

-> Don’t be afraid to reword your question. For instance, let’s say you ask “Did your pet get into any toxins?” “No.” **Reworded** “Did your pets receive or eat any animal or human medication?” (Or “what medications does your dog get” if you are being proper and using an open ended question!) “Oh yeah he wasn’t feeling well so I gave him 5 ibuprofen…”  

-> Keeping a list of questions to ask in specific situations can be helpful. For example, in a pupper that has been having diarrhea, I learned to ask questions like “What does Tubbers eat normally? Has he had a diet change or human food recently?” “What toys or other objects does Flufferbutt like to chew?” “Has Ubersnoodle been dewormed recently? Do you remember when and with what medication?” 

-> Their answers might change. The most frustrating thing that happens to me is that I will ask something, get response X, and then my attending vet will come in, ask the same question, and get another answer! That’s okay! Sometimes it take repetitive questions for a client to remember something. Have heart, it happens to everyone!

-> Don’t beat yourself up if you forget to ask something. I promise you, even though I have been doing this for almost a year, I always forget to ask something. And that’s okay! It takes time, practice, and experience with other cases to know what to ask and how to ask it. Just like everyone else in clinical rotations, it will come in time. 


Other useful links: Surviving clinical rotations #1 (how to be prepared for clinical rotations), #2 (Presenting a case: Signalment)what is a clinical rotation

All my life I have been a poor go-to-sleeper. People in trains, who lay their newspaper aside, fold their silly arms, and immediately, with an offensive familiarity of demeanour, start snoring, amaze me as much as the uninhibited chap who cozily defecates in the presence of a chatty tubber, or participates in huge demonstrations, or joins some union in order to dissolve in it. Sleep is the most moronic fraternity in the world, with the heaviest dues and the crudest rituals. It is a mental torture I find debasing. The strain and drain of composition often force me, alas, to swallow a strong pill that gives me an hour or two of frightful nightmares or even to accept the comic relief of a midday snooze, the way a senile rake might totter to the nearest euthanasium; but I simply cannot get used to the nightly betrayal of reason, humanity, genius. No matter how great my weariness, the wrench of parting with consciousness is unspeakably repulsive to me.
—  Vladimir Nabokov, Speak, Memory
God damn it. (Tweethearts story for bri)

{A/N: look i have a lot of feelings, also i love @daveeddiggsit so i wrote this…i tried…lin is a twitter addict daveed isn’t so his twitter personality is hard to piece together….anywhore enjoy}

New @clppg merch, modeled by the only one who rocks no pants a hoodie and sneakers
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The outtake photos are just for me…but those are definitely my favorite

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little known danny phantom canon facts

did u know……………………………

  • tubber licked the emergency ham???????
  • students at casper high write fanfic about why dabby carries around thermos, 94% is smut, 6% is angsty hurt/comfort???????
  • biggest writers of this fanfic are nathan and kwan (this is confirmed in s3)?????
  • clockwork enjoys the macarena but doesnt understand the electric slide because it is from another dimension?? he thinks the time warp is cultural appropriation and finds it deeply offensive??
  • dabby has offend clockwork many times with this
  • goth’s fave song is actualy the part of hey ya where they say “alright alright alright alright” but she hates the rest of the song???
  • jack fenton is actually au john cena?
  • vlab only likes packers for aesthetic???
  • vlab ate blood blossoms once and he got indigestion but he also got high and sang dancin in the street for 4 ½ hours thanks jack for the wild party

now u know

jeffrey777lucky  asked:

Ok I got the sashes made! Now hopefully this time you two will be more careful as to not get them ripped due to your bloated guts. *Hands them the sashes*

Ganondorf & Vladimir: THEY FIT PERFECTLY!!! FATTY BUMP!

*the two bump bellies, after which there is an uncomfortable pause*

Vladimir: Umm… that didn’t happen!

Ganondorf: Oh yes it did!

Vladimir: NO IT DIDN’T!

Ganondorf: Admit it! You’re a proud fatty too, Tubbers!



Tucker Appreciation Week: Day 5 - Celebration  

I had no idea what I could draw for this day, I was sitting and staring at sai and then this came out

Well it has something to do with celebration :^)

Lost Forest Fones
  • Sara: There's no hot tub in the studio.
  • Tegan: It's just outside the door of the studio, so we just take a little ghetto blaster with us and we play it while we're in the hot tub.
  • Sara: Yeah, I mean we totally hot tub, like, every day.
  • Caller: Wait, I thought there wasn't a hot tub?
  • Sara: There's not.
  • Tegan: Which is it?
  • Sara: There's no - there is no hot tub.
  • Tegan: Can you imagine us in a hot tub?
  • Caller: I've never seen you in a hot tub.
  • Tegan: Imagine us in bathing suits.
  • Sara: You've seen us in bathing suits.
  • Emy (in background): I've seen it.
  • Sara: Ok.
  • Tegan: I've actually been in a hot tub recently, I'm a big - well we call ourselves tubbers.

odins-footprint  asked:

Sir Ganondorf, I hope you will have a most wonderful Thanksgiving and that you get to feast on all the food you care to eat.... and you too, Vladimir, you cutie! :-)

Thank you for your kind wishes! I promise you that I shall have a most bountiful feast! Both me and Tubbers…

Please don’t lump me in with you. I really don’t want me going bare bellied to be a permanent thing…

((Too late, Vlad. It’s probably gonna happen… *FORESHADOWING*))


 HEYYYYYYY HEYYYY  guys, how are you all? I hope you’re all doing well.     \(^▽^)/ I have a lot of things to celebrate:  i have been here 5 years , i hit 25.6K  AND   MY BIRTHDAY is soo close its on 8 janurery hehehe ,  BTW  this year is almost over  and I decided to make this follow forever to THANK YOU ALL  for making my dashboard awesome everyday (ꈍᴗꈍ)♥  and i’d like to thank my lovely girl, my sweet friendd, myyy ohh what elsee ?myyy babygirll xD  SESUKES ★ *huggsss*  (●´ω`●) soo yeah Happy holidays  and I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends  and that 2017 treats you well   (◡‿◡✿)   i’d like to say thank you to these blogs for making my dash so interesting, and to their owners for having such lovely personalities!  Here’s a list of awesome blogs you should follow .. insp : the graphics idea comes from these lovleyy: tobiohchan and sesukes .

Bold : My Precious Mutual (ノ>ω<)ノ :。・:*:・゚’☆


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BEHOLD!!! The biggest bunch of cuties you will ever dang see~ Did a super fun collab with @rockinrollsart!!! Oh my god this was so fun!!!! jashdkahsd

Top image: Lines by Rockin, colors by me! Pacifeast AU, tubbies with a blog! The premise is that Papyrus introduces Sans and Toriel to some really supportive feedee/feeder communities and they gain (hah<3) so much support from a bunch of fellow fat-lovers.

Bottom Image: Lines by me, colors by Rockin! Dances with Goats AU, based on an idea from @prismportrait! Eventually Sans’ tummy gets in the way of removing and putting on her ballet gear. Thankfully Toriel is quick to lend a hand (and a cuddle or two <3)