Tubaria confragosa 

These little mushrooms are Tubaria confragosa (Inocybaceae), a species characterized by their hygrophanous, brown cap (that change color as it loses or absorbs water), with fine fibrils or whitish scales in the beginning, and having a ring well defined. This mushroom often fruits in large numbers on wood chips in temperate regions.

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Photo credit: ©Gaétan Lefebvre | Locality: Quebec, Canada (2012)

Tubaria punicea 

It is a rare and beautiful mushroom in the Inocybaceae Family, recognized by a dark-red to reddish-purple cap, vinaceous gills that at maturity become ochre-brown to cinnamon-brown from spore deposit, and a vinaceous, fibrillose-striate stipe.

This species is known only from coastal regions of California, Oregon, and Washington, in the United States; fruiting from late fall to mid-winter.

Reference: [1]

Photo credit: ©MaKeR i | Locality: unknown