tuba's dad

Alternate Instrument Names:

Oboe: obi won
Clarinet: squidward
Flute: metal recorder
Piccolo: ear knife
Saxaphone: fuck phone
Barri sax: BIG low fuck phone
Bass clarinet: big squidward
Trumpet: yikes
French horn: bendy straw horn
Trombone: one loud motherfucker
Tuba: band dad
Baritone: smol tuba Bassoon: needy and wants to be included?? Percussion: miles teller


My third part of the series! woohoo!!!

  • Jimin was very happy that jin and taehyung accepted him so quickly
  • He agreed that they would celebrate their birthdays together
  • jimin is the quieter of all three so he has trouble being outspoken
  • His dad wanted someone to learn to play the violin (he asked tae but ‘”no i wanna play the tuba!)
  • His dad wanted someone to learn to play the violin (he asked tae but ‘”no i wanna play the tuba!)
  • Music!teacher yoongi loves jimin’s voice and has him in a few competitions and he’s won them
  • He can play the violin, piano, and chello! 
  • So jimin like his siblings doesn’t wear like fancy shit, like he fucking wears tims everywhere
  • Leather pants for days, his mother tries to make him wear ‘nice’ clothes but whoops
  • Teacher!Namjoon is just happy one of the ‘twins’ take their studies seriously
  • but his favorite class is dance!!
  • He’s very good at arts 
  • Originally their parents just wanted the boys to learn classic dancing but jimin had so much fun dancing!
  • He wasn’t the one to ask to continue dancing though, Taehyung noticed and asked so they could do it together
  • So his parents invited Danceinstructor!Hoseok to teach them three times a week
  • Jimin often goes to town square to watch the circle of teens dancing, he’s never joined but one day day he will
  • He does ballet, hip hop, and contemporary, he dislikes ballroom dancing but he’s good at it
  • He’s very often dancing even their classes are over, he finds that it helps release the build up of stress
  • Okay so one day jimin and taehyung are going to town to go to the market to buy some fruits from the locals
  • and taehyung is being taehyung is looking at all the stalls and is wasting time so he sends jimin ahead to buy the fruits
  • so off jimin goes to buy the fruits, walking to the stalls he sees the group of teens he often watches teens and kinda hides
  • he realizes that they have no idea he watches them and continues on his way
  • buying the fruits while he wishes that he greeted the teens so he could dance he sighs
  • turning around with his big bag of fruits, and preparing himself to go find his brother who most likely walked off
  • Someone bumps into him!
  • Letting out a high pitch squeal because the fruit bag broke and oh no he the apples might bruise and ahhhh
  • But the person who bumped into him manages to grab almost all the apples before they fell
  • Looking at their face jimin realizes that its you, one of the teens from the circle!
  • Apologizing to jimin  you realize that he’s the boy who watches you guys!
  • ‘’You should join us today! We’re dancing at the park, we were all wondering when you’d join’’
  • You told him while handing him his apples and asking the woman who ran the stall for another bag
  • “you saw me?” 
  • he asked, he thought he had been so sneaky but apparently he wasn’t
  • nodding you handed him the bag and waved 
  • “hope you come!’
  • and with that you ran off because you were now late to practice
  • taehyung walked up to jimin and waggling his eyebrows at the boy, making jimin blush in return
  • Taking the fruit to the castle he asked taehyung to accompany him to the castle but tae had gardening lessons 
  • so he went by himself
  • going to the park and then trying to talk himself out of it because all of you were just so good and he just started his lesson a few years ago!
  • but before he could leave he sees you dancing 
  • and is totally hypnotized by your dancing, you realized that he was there so you started waving!
  • ‘’hey! over here!’’
  • freaking out because his chance to leave was gone so now he awkwardly shuffled over to your group
  • Introducing him to your all of your friends, you waited for him to introduce himself
  • “I’m jimin, i just turned sixteen”
  • a gasp came from some of them realizing that he was the prince!
  • “wanna dance with us? We’ve been practicing for a battle for a while, it’s gonna be great!’’
  • you said not really caring if he was the prince, really your life revolved around dancing and you had heard that the prince was good at dancing
  • “okay?’’
  • He hesitantly said
  • clasping your hands together you laughed, making him blush because who is this strange girl?
  • fast forward a month and a half
  • the battle is rapidly approaching and jimin is not ready so he asked you if yould help him 
  • thus here you were in the ballroom
  • His dancing was good but he just looked really unsure of himself
  • “you’re really good at dancing but why do you look so stressed all the time?
  • hearing him mumble something but not hearing what he said you ask him to repeat himself
  • “Because i don’t wanna embarrass myself in front of the girl i like!’’
  • and whoops he just confessed to you, now you’re gonna laugh at him and tell him that he’s dumb and his dancing sucks and kick him ou-
  • “you giant nerd, i like you too” 
  • walking to him and kissing his cheek
  • Oh no where has jimin gone all we see is a bright red firetruck
  • “yo- you, me? huh?”
  • giggling at jimin’s response to your confession because how the hell can he be so cute?
  • Helping him learn his dance, while holding his hands and making him blush 
  • you guys win the battle and he just kinda is so overjoyed he kisses you
  • on the lips!!
  • blushing because he just kissed you in front of everyone, taehyung whistles at you guys and your friends join in
  • He’s very happy he didn’t run away at the park that day
  • what a smol nerd

I can’t do the walk, I can’t do the talk
I can’t be your friend, unless I pretend

So give me the song and I’ll sing it like I mean it
So give me the words and I’ll say them like I mean it
‘Cause you got my heart in a headlock
You stopped the blood and made my head soft
You made my head soft, you made my head soft.

Fandom update: Jacklo is still here and hes still full of sin and trash.

Inspired by the stream this afternoon and my muted crying about how much I still love these two and hoW I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE MY LITTLE ADORABLE SWEET CHILD (whom i rly hope doesn’t hatch out into a complicated design).

And also quiet hopes that Tubs’ schemey schemes make him as antagonistic as the show allows for cus wouldn’t that be a kicker. Lmao (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜