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Voltron Marching Band AU

I keep seeing marching band aus out there but I don’t agree with them so I have to make my own. Here goes!

- dedicated tuba
- somehow first chair even though he’s convinced that the rest of his section is better than him???
- he’s very modest
- has lungs like a fucking blimp
- *plays thirty-two 4/4 measures at a super slow tempo*
- *still hasn’t taken a breath*
- always making sure the rookies are taking care of themselves
- “did you eat breakfast today??” “are you drinking water???” “don’t strain yourself too much, but remember to practice! :)”
- the band mom
- has the music memorized the day after he gets it and no one understands
- except pidge
- the only one who doesn’t break a sweat during band camp and the others are so concerned
- “shiro seriously are you dehydrated you’re supposed to sweat how are you not dead”
- shiro: *shrugs* *does the entire routine* *isn’t exhausted yet* *still hasn’t sweated*

- fourth chair saxophone
- would play bass guitar during concert season but he loves his saxophone
- can play alto, tenor, and bari, but alto is his favorite
- “it’s so small omg I love it so much”
- would die for anyone in his section
- has memorized every alternate fingering ever and is happy to share his knowledge
- he’s on the loading crew because he can carry a sousaphone in each hand and a bass drum on his back
- not very good at sight reading
- he has to hear the music before he can play it
- but he plays great by ear
- has never chipped a reed
- ever
- not even at band camp
- pidge is jealous
- just. sounds like an angel when he plays
- takes such good care of his sax by killing literally anyone who touches it
- “did you just dent my saxophone”
- terrified rookie: um I’m sorry omg don’t hurt me I don’t wanna die I’m so sorry I’ll do anything
- most of the younger kids are absolutely terrified of him and he’s okay with this

(I’ve seen a lot of “trumpet keith” aus but honestly?????)
- keith is drum captain
- he plays snare and he fuckin kills it
- keith is not a good leader in most aspects of his life but when it comes to music he’s just so in tune to it and he knows exactly what everyone needs to do to make the music perfect
- one of those people who can tell whether a note is in tune just by hearing it and he hates it
- “pidge you’re out of tune”
- “I just came from the tuner I’m perfectly in tune!!”
- “okay but you’re not you’re a bit sharp actually”
- doesn’t know how to dynamic
- “okay keith that was great but you need to tone it down a bit. play a bit softer, your dynamic is piano”
- “lol what does softer mean”
- he just beats the drum as hard as he can all. the. time
- never officially came out to the band, coran found him and lance making out in one of the practice rooms and afterward lance wrote “keith is gay and dating the color guard master” on the white board
- everyone was confused because “why would he date allura if he’s gay”
- lance was very bitter

- trombone during concert season
- but in marching band he kills with a flag
- so flexible omg
- “keith look what I can do with my leg”
- “please untie yourself you’re going to get stuck”
- (he has gotten stuck before)
- hips made of fucking. rubber or something idk how do they mOVE LIKE THAT
- he and keith are not allowed to be within sight of each other in shows because keith gets so distracted by lance’s Hips From God™
- gives the rookie guard members makeup tutorials
- has a large role in the costume designs for the year because in lance’s rookie year the outfits were clashy and not good and lance was horrified
- he vowed to fix this abomination
- has never dropped a flag. not once.
- he has, however, lost grip of his rifle several times and accidentally nailed someone in the head
- he is the reason all the rifles have grippers now

- second chair clarinet and super salty
- has a photographic memory so she memorizes music like that
- doesn’t understand bass clef and will never try
- “that’s an e”
- “no pidge this is bass. that’s a g”
- “that’s a fucking e fight me”
- absolutely despises first chair clarinet
- “he’s so cocky I hATE HIM SO MUCH”
- really good with rhythms?
- hunk doesn’t understand this
- “hunk all you do is count it. look”
- “can you just sing it for me i’m lost”
- drinks 2948592859$-484 gallons of water per day
- puts on so much sunscreen during band camp that she gets paler
- “pidge why don’t you lay off on the sunscreen and try to get a tan”
- “because, lance, not everyone wants to get fucking sKIN CANCER”
- when she burns she burns bad
- somehow still has a sock tan???
- “heh look pidge’s feet are DARKER than her legs. told you you were getting paler”
- her reeds never last more than two weeks
- they are always broken, usually because she refuses to buy a mouthpiece cap
- “pidge this is why you’re second chair”
- doesn’t do trills. ever. hates trills almost as much as she hates the first clarinet
- coran tried to get her to play bass clarinet in concert once
- her reaction was basically ???????
- “coran i’m three inches tall and have the muscle mass of a corn chip I can barely lift my regular clarinet”
- absolutely lives by the “if you see a word you don’t know look at the director” rule
- no knowledge of musical terms
- “accelerando??? lol what’s that”

- baritone during concert season
- color guard captain
- the master of “spin a thousand times without getting dizzy”
- perfect balance
- has literally stood on three fingers and twirled a flag with her foot and could do it again
- very loud
- she will always be heard
- thinks the rookies are cute but she will not put up with their shit
- “lance stop giving everyone makeovers we’re supposed to be learning the routine”
- has made a flower crown for her flag
- so graceful
- has never fallen
- has dropped the thing she was twirling (flags, rifles, sabres, etc) exactly once and that was because she threw a sabre at lance’s head
- coran was not pleased but it was pretty funny
- can do your hair 101 ways but only one of them is acceptable because we all have to look the same, goddammit lance stop with the braid trains
- doesn’t take lance seriously at all and tbh he doesn’t blame her
- took dance classes as a kid and found that she enjoyed it
- but color guard is where she belongs
- (even if some of her fellow guard members *cough*lance*cough* are assholes sometimes)
- one time a toddler ran out onto the field during a show and hugged allura’s legs and she melted
- “coran can we keep it”
- “her parents are right there”
- “but can we keep it”
- pretends to be Mature and Serious but in reality she’s as much of a dork as the rest of the band
- once she heard a cheerleader say “i’m glad we don’t have to work with the band like the color guard” and she decked them
- has temper issues but is overall a great performer

- the wacky director
- band camp stories take up half the class time
- if someone doesn’t want to play this part again, or is tired of marching this set, all they have to do say “hey coran did ___ ever happen at your band camp” and coran will never shut up again
- this is a risky move though because if he realizes what you’re doing you will never see the light of day again
- the living embodiment of “one more time” *ten times later* “one more time”
- “if you’re not perfect then we’re not competing”
- was humiliated once by a rival school because of an immature band
- will never let it happen again
- tries (and fails) to reference modern pop culture
- “i think you kids will like this song! it’s kind of like that one the kids sing now with the doors and the painting”
- “the what now”
- “you know, the one by those scared parties”
- he means well
- super chill but if you get on his bad side then you will see hell
- jokes around a lot but he is serious when it comes to music
- and if you’re not then coran will not hesitate in kicking you out
- “if you can’t play your instrument then you wON’T PLAY YOUR INSTRUMENT HOW’S THAT BYE FIND A NEW 5TH PERIOD TEACHER”
- a professional Student Roaster™

Dipper and Mabel at Seventeen Headcanons

- After turning 17, Dipper and Mabel receive a special gift from their parents, which turns out to be their Dad’s old car. Though the twins are excited, their parents inform them of the condition that they must share the vehicle. Dipper and Mabel decide to make a compromise with sharing the car by setting up a schedule of who gets to drive and when as well as contacting each other in case one of them needs to be picked up. They stick to their agreement and conflicts over the car are super rare (with the exception choosing bumper stickers and interior design). The streets of Piedmont are no longer safe once the Mystery Twins are behind the wheel of their own car. 

- Ever since their second grade picture day, the twins up their yearbook photo game with each passing grade. The typical picture includes looking at their fellow sibling, posing side by side, and even dressing up in ridiculous costumes. When picture day for their senior yearbook comes around, Dipper and Mabel decide to share one last laugh. Sure they dress up in formal attire for the occasion, but they dedicate their senior quotes to Grunkle Stan. 

Mabel Pines: My Ex-Wife still misses me…

Mason ‘Dipper’ Pines: …BUT HER AIM IS GETTING BETTER!!!

- Mabel and Dipper initially freak out during college application time, but they seek assistance through their guidance counselor. With the twins motivating each other, as well as help from the school, they manage to send in all of their applications before Thanksgiving. Once the Pines residence start receiving an abundance of large and heavy envelopes in the mailbox, Dipper and Mabel are ecstatic to learn that they got accepted into college. Mabel is especially overjoyed, having previously doubted her academic knowledge but worked hard to get good grades anyhow. Mabel decides to attend San Francisco State University with a high interest in its art program. Dipper goes to University of California at Los Angeles to work for his degree photography and media production like he always dreamed of. 

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Allegro con fuoco

@nothingcanbreakthemapart asked : “Orchestra player/pianist and concertgoer for Klaine”

And i’m only too happy to write it ^^

“Touch Pavarotti and die.”

Puck quickly moves away from the bass drum and glares at Kurt. “Come on, man,” he replies, “you have to stop being so overprotective of your drums. It’s not like I can make it go out of tune just by touching it!”

But Kurt is already rubbing his hand over the sheepskin. “There there, Pav,” he coos at his biggest drum, “the bad man is gone now.”

Puck rolls his eyes and returns to his seat, a couple of feet away from Kurt, blowing a loud note with his trombone.

“Whatever,” Kurt mumbles, straightening up his white shirt and waistcoat while concertgoers trickle down in the room, taking their seats and looking at the empty stage with wide eyes.

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phan-tho-amirite-deactivated201  asked:

Could you please write about freshman Dan starting band camp and playing tuba but struggling to carry it, then junior tuba player Phil helping him (Dan is immediately smitten) and offering to help him one on one. Thanks!

Your trivia prize: (American AU)

“Play the tuba mom said. Your dad played and now you will too,” Dan muttered to himself, struggling to carry the heavy instrument. At fourteen, he was a scrawny little thing. He hadn’t played sports since fifth grade gym and video games on his beanbag chair were more his thing. 

Unfortunately, he had shown an aptitude for music at an early age. He played piano first, then the organ for his grandma’s church every so often. Dan couldn’t play either for the school band of course… and he needed more activities for his college application so, of course, the tuba was the next logical solution. Dan’s shoulder’s ached and his chest heaved trying to march and play the damn thing. He set it in his mind right then and there that he was switching to flute even if it got him stuffed in a locker once a day for the rest of high school. This was too freaking heavy.

“Freshman tuba in the black!” the first chair tuba called to him at the end of the school fight song. First chair was a guy named Phil, junior class giant, easily six feet tall already. From the first day of band camp, Dan had been making a fool of himself in front of the guy. He flustered easily, messed up his steps, went off beat, and was generally a major fuck up. 

“Yeah?” Dan replied, helplessly. 

“How’s the memorizing going?” Phil asked, concerned. “I know it’s tough the first year but eventually you can play these songs in your sleep.”

“It is, kinda…”

“Once you have the music memorized,” Phil smiled. “Your marching will get better too.”

“I hope so. I think I actually want to try another instrument.”

“Yeah… Like what? Piccolo?”

“Flute actually,” Dan blushed. “I’m not that lazy.”

Phil laughed with the most charming deep chuckle. “Come on, I can’t lose a tuba to the flutes. I’ll never forgive myself.” 

Dan put down his tuba as the weight strained him too much. 

“Listen, Dan right?” 

Dan nodded, surprised that Phil knew his name.

“You have a great sound and you clearly have the fingering down but I can still help you out when you have some free time. We’re not just a marching band. We are the marching band. We have competitions and march in parades and all that good stuff. Last year, we were in New York, this year L.A. I don’t want to see you struggle to keep up. I’m afraid you’ll abandon us completely.”

Dan took in his words and wanted to agree to the extra help immediately but decided to play it cool. “That would be great. Yeah, I’m totally up for getting help… from you… I mean… shit…”

Phil smiled again. “Alright freshmen, tomorrow an hour before camp?”

Dan agreed and decided right then and there to never pick up a flute.