tub stopper

romantic idea:

alone, in the tub. couple candles. a wine glass full of mountain dew. a bag of ghost pepper chips. youtube. markiplier. a long letsplay. 

that’s it.

Preview Of Part 2 Of Unfinished Business (Pennywise x Reader)

| So I managed to get some of part 2 written, and thought I’d share what I have so far|

You stretch your legs out as far as they can go, curling your pruning toes over the cold metal tub stopper. You’ve been in the bath for at least an hour now. The water’s still surprisingly warm and the lavender bath oil still smells warm in your nostrils.

You’d stay in here forever if you could. Just relax your cares away, put a washcloth over your face and forget all your problems.

You haven’t had a decent night’s sleep since Pennywise left your apartment. It’s been about a week now. A week you’ve been spending looking over your shoulder.

As far as you know, the rest of the loser’s club are all ok. Bill called yesterday and said he hadn’t seen or heard from the clown and neither had the others. The plan to meet back up in Derry was still on and you’ve already bought your train ticket.

Nonetheless, you’re still terrified. You know the clown could come back at any time and probably easily kill all of you. It’s a reality that’s not easy to live with. You’re so tired.

You sit up in the bath, pulling your knees into your chest, contemplating if you should get out and try to go to bed.

Letting out a sigh, you reach over to pull flip the stopper up to drain the tub, but just as your finger slips underneath the metal switch, an long arm darts up from the water, quickly grabbing you by the forearm.

You scream and flail in the water, trying to get loose. Your arm is slippery from the bath oil, and you manage to get loose.

You immediately fling your upper body over the side of the tub - grunting as the cold porcelain edge hits you in the stomach. You push yourself all the way out - your wet naked body hitting the hard tile floor with a thud.

It’s hard to scramble to your feet. The floor is slippery and your body’s aching. Before you can stand up, the hand wraps around your ankle, trying to pull you back into the tub.

Turning around quickly, you see red, wet stringy hair and glowing green eyes bobbing in the tub. You kick him in the face as hard as you can, breaking free of his grip once. More.

You crawl on your stomach over to the sink cabinet, quickly grabbing a box cutter you kept under there. Sitting up with your back against the cabinet, you raise the sharp piece of metal up, pointing it toward the bathtub - your hand trembling, barely able to hold onto it.

The clown in the tub slowly starts to rise up above the water, eliciting an eerie drippings sound until all six feet five of him has resurfaced.

You just watch in horror as Pennywise throws a leg up over the side of the tub - his movements stiff and Frankenstein like. When his feet touch the tile, he shakes himself dry like a dog just out of a river. Water flies everywhere and you have to squint your eyes almost shut.

The clown starts to walk toward you in a zombie robot like fashion, creeping you out even more.

He stops for a second, twitching his neck and bending down a bit to look at you. “Time to float.” He says, taking another step toward you.

It suddenly hits you…if Pennywise has come back for you, that means your friends are dead.

Tears start streaming down your cheeks as your throat swells up, making you choke up.

“You killed them.” You cry - your voice shaking. “You killed them.” You barely get the words out as you start to sob.

“Boo hoo hoo.” The clown mocks. “You killed them.” His voice mocking in a childlike manner. He gets down in your face, pretending to wipe tears from his eyes.

“Yes, I killed them.” Pennywise growls, curling his fingers around your wet neck. “And now they float. And when I’m done, you’ll float too.” He giggles gleefully.

Sniffling, you squint your eyes at him angrily. “Ff-fuck you.” You choke out - your voice shaking.

The clown cocks a brow - his lip curling into a devious smirk. “Funny you should mention that"….

anonymous asked:

Prompt idea (it's prinxiety btw): How about one where Princey is out doing his thang and fighting and stuff and he was supposed to be back within 2 days but its taking longer and it's been like a week so when he finally comes back Anxiety is all happy and just fluff please. Thank you!

A/N: i took a Little Bit of liberty with this because i’ve been looking for an excuse to write contemporary fantasy, and you just gave me an in, so thank you. if this does not meet your needs, i am more than willing to fill a new prompt for you . x
Warning: slight depiction of injuries, but nothing extensive; slight depiction of panic attack, but brief
W/C: 2.7K (i’m so sorry jfc)
Pairing: Prinxiety

In which the sides are humans in a contemporary fantasy au; I’m sorry for what you’re about to read

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Little Magic Mike Pt. 2 (Marco Asensio)

a/n: anon here’s your Marco Asensio smut that also doubles as part 2 as requested by another anon, enjoy :)  

The sun burned your eyelids, rudely awakening you from a heavenly sex induced slumber. Last night was unreal. You would have never believed that Marco would’ve ever literally danced into your home while you broadcasted it live for the world to see. Even more unusual was the fact that he liked it, he loved it. Marco let you know as much when he was taking you from behind.

You sat up, securing your unruly hair into a sloppy pile atop your head before tossing the duvet from your naked body. Your arms extended high above your head as you stretched. A nice warm sea salt bath would do you good, it was your day off so you had the time. Not bothering to grab the robe dangling from the closet door, you sauntered hazily to your bathroom.

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Torn Part 8

You can read the other parts here.

You finally made your way to your apartment and Jen gasped in horror when she saw your condition.

“Eric did this to you?” Jen asked shocked as she help you out of his lounge pants and t-shirt. She gasped when she saw all the welts and bruises all over your body.

“I need a hot bath.” You told your best friend.

“How could you let him do this to you?” Jen asked as she followed your naked, swollen body into the bathroom.

“He didn’t do anything to me I didn’t want him too.” You told her as put in the tub stopper and turned on the hot water.

“Have you seen how you look?” Jen pulled you over to the full-length mirror. She was right you were black and blue almost everywhere and welts were forming all over your body. You sighed as you looked over your body and turned to look at your back which showed long nail scratches that were bleeding a little and welting up.

“My God what did he do to you?”

“He made me come at least three times and they were so intense Jen I thought I was going to pass out.” You told her as you lowered yourself in the tub.

“Was it worth it Y/N?”

You looked over at Jen and thought a moment before answering.

“Yes. Yes it was worth it.” You felt your core throbbing and thought of your pain pills.

“If I knew he would be this rough I would told you to go to Four.” Jen said as she looked you over again.

“Jen can you get me some pain pills and a glass of water. Jen was hesitant to leave you but she did as she was told. As you laid in the tub your felt Eric’ cum seeping out of you and plopping down in the water. The warm water felt so good against your bruises and welts. After popping some pain pills you slowly got out he tub and dried yourself. Looking in the mirror, you were glad your face and neck were healing. You could easily hide Eric’s marks with long sleeves. After putting on a sanitary pad and your pajamas, you slowly crawled into bed. You dreamt of Eric all night and woke up sore and wet. You had an orgasm in your dream. Eric could bring you to an orgasm even in your dreams. You winced with pain as you got up to start your day. You were glad the next several weeks you would be sitting at a computer and not training initiates. Your body was sore and stiff. You decided to take the elevator to work and meet Jen there who already started to sprint down the stairs. You leaned back and closed your eyes as the elevator descended and stopped at a lower level where Four got on. Shit! You looked away from him as you knew he was still pissed at you.

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Adventures in Babysitting

Spencer Reid x Reader One Shot

Word Count: 2611

A/N: Spencer Reid with children will be the death of me. Slight, vague-ish Morgan arc spoilers. Tbh, I got carried away with this one haha. Please leave your thoughts, comments, questions, and requests!

Summary: A date gone wrong, an apartment full of hyper little boys, and maybe a couple of snuggles.

The team was spread across the jet in various stages of consciousness. After ending a case in San Diego late the previous night, Hotch set up the team’s flight back home for early the next morning.

You were half-awake, using Reid’s shoulder as a pillow. The young genius was already wide awake, zipping through a thick novel. His steady breathing and rhythmic page turning lulled you into near sleep. You could hear Hotch and Rossi talking about weekend plans and Garcia tapping away at her laptop.

Your eyes cracked open at the heavy sigh from the blonde across from you. JJ had been on the phone earlier and from the disgruntled look on her face, you guessed the call hadn’t gone too well.

“Jayje?” you grumbled, voice thick with sleep. You waved off JJ’s apologies for waking you up, letting out a huge yawn. Spencer flashed you a small grin down as you lifted your head off of his shoulder.

Emily had a knowing smirk on her face when you glanced towards her. She was the only one on the team who knew about your more-than-friendly feelings towards Spencer, all thanks to a night that involved way too much tequila and way too little filtering between your brain and mouth.

“Did something happen?” you asked, using a stretch as an excuse to give Emily a warning nudge to the shin. She shook her head before turning her attention to your dissapointed-looking blonde coworker.

“Will and I had plans for tonight but my usual babysitter cancelled and no one else can cover for her.”

You knew that JJ and Will rarely had any alone time while juggling two young boys, so you knew they deserved at least one night out.

“I can babysit,” you offered. You’ve babysat for JJ before and you loved having the boys over at your apartment.

“Really?” The hope in her eyes told you exactly how much time JJ and Will needed some time to themselves. You nodded. “Y/N, you’re a lifesaver. As much as I love my boys, you have no idea how chaotic the house is. If Will and I could just get a few hours of us time…”

“Oh, us time, huh? I plan on having plenty of us time tonight, too” Emily waggled her eyebrows suggestively, poking JJ in the side. JJ laughed, swatting Prentiss’ playful fingers away.

“Take all the us time you need, Jayje. I don’t have anything planned,” you insisted.

“Actually, you do.” Garcia shuffled over from her seat, plopping her computer into your lap. “Y/N, meet Adrian. More specifically, meet him tonight at 8 for drinks.” Your gaze flicked back and forth from Penelope and the handsome smiling face on the screen in front of you.

“Pen…” you groaned. “What did I say about setting me up?” Penelope had a habit of trying to set you up on dates with ‘spectacular, gorgeous’ people. Keyword being trying. You always turned her down, harboring that small flicker of hope that Spencer might reciprocate your feelings.

“Ohhh, come on Y/N! You always say no. Just this once please, please, please, please, please, pl-”

“Penelope, no. I already promised JJ I’d babysit,” you argued. The technical analyst pouted, but perked up once more as she gestured animatedly towards Spencer.

“Reid can babysit! The boys love their Uncle Spencer! Right, JJ? Reid?”

You glanced over at Spencer, who put his book down in favor of observing the conversation around him. Would he saying anything if you went out on a date?

“Y/N, you should go on that date. I’d be happy to babysit for JJ,” he said, launching into a long speech about all the fun he and his godsons could get up to. You couldn’t help the sinking feeling in your stomach. Here he was, the guy you had been crushing on for the majority of your BAU career, encouraging you to go on a date with someone else. Your chances with him were even lower than you thought.

“Right, Y/N?”

“Huh?” You pulled away from your thoughts to see Penelope’s wide smile.

“I see you’re already hypnotized by those beautiful, green eyes.” She took her laptop back and headed back towards her seat. “I’ll come over later to get your hot self ready for your date with Adrian, lovey,” she called over her shoulder.

Emily flashed you a quick look of concern. You ignored her, pulling your blanket up over your shoulders and turning to face the window.

You weren’t sure what was in store for tonight, but you sure hoped it would help you shake the feeling of sadness for the end of a relationship that never even started.

You sighed into your drink, feeling utterly out of place in a bar full of happy, drunk partiers. Garcia had cleaned you up well, but you’d do anything to trade this tight, black ensemble for your favorite oversized sweater and cozy socks.

Handsome, green-eyed, accountant-who-plays-tennis-on-the-weekends (according to Garcia) Adrian was late. It was 5 minutes to 9 o'clock and he had yet to show up.

You sighed, making the executive decision to leave. Garcia was in for a stern talking-to about this supposed “perfect guy” for you.

When the cab driver asked for your destination, Spencer’s address fell from your lips automatically. You usually found yourself at his apartment on Friday nights for takeout and movies. You were sure he wouldn’t mind help with Henry and Michael, anyways.

Almost an hour alone at the bar gave you a lot of time to think about your feelings for Spencer. You figured that if you were able to keep your feelings to yourself after all this time, it wouldn’t hurt it he never found out. He obviously didn’t have the same feelings and that was okay. Your friendship trumped anything else between the two of you.

The cab dropped you off in front of Spencer’s building. You climbed up the stairs, feeling very overdressed for a usual Friday night with your closest friend. You tugged your dress down uncomfortably before knocking on the door.

As soon as the door opened, you were hit with the overwhelming sounds coming from inside the apartment. A crying baby, a repeated banging noise, loud shrieks of laughter, and strangely enough, wild animal calls.

“Y/N?” Spencer’s eyes did a quick once over, making you feel awfully self-conscious. You pushed those feelings away, observing your friend’s completely disheveled ensemble, hair messier than usual, and what looked like spaghetti sauce on his shirt. The baby in his arms had the same red sauce smeared across his cheek.

“Hi, Spence… um, is that Hank you’re holding?” you asked, confused as to why the smallest Morgan was here.

“Uh, yeah, haha. I received a couple of surprise guests tonight.” He opened the door wider, ushering you in with a jerk of his head. You walked in to take in the scene before you.

“What is going on in here?”

Henry was crawling on all fours around an iPad playing some animal documentary, mimicking the animal noises coming from the screen. He made a very convincing elephant. Baby Michael was rolling around in a pile of pillows, alternating between crying and gnawing on one of his little socks. You did a slight double take at the sight of Jack Hotchner doing a headstand against the wall.

“Hi, Y/N!” he shouted happily. “Look what I can do!” 

It seemed Hank and Spencer weren’t the only ones with spaghetti sauce all over, each boy had red smears on their clothes.

The chaos of the room definitely didn’t match the faint strains of classical music in the background.

“Spencer, why didn’t you tell me you opened a daycare?” you teased, going over to give each of the kiddos a hug hello. You gently tugged the sock out of Michael’s grip and picked him up, bouncing him on your hip to stop his tears.

“Hank came by with Henry and Michael, JJ and Will are on a double date with Morgan and Savannah.” You smiled, glad the two couples had a chance to spend time together. “Then, 30 minutes ago, Jack showed up because Rossi ‘scored’ dates for him and Hotch at some jazz lounge. So I’ve got a full house tonight.” He shrugged as if he had four kids racing around his apartment every night.

“Well, lucky for you, Dr. Reid, I am here to help,” you announced, bumping your hip against his as you made your way to his room. “I’m gonna borrow some clothes, ‘kay?” You closed the door behind you, muffling his response.

“As much as I appreciate your help, what about your date with that accountant guy?”

“How’d you know he was an accountant?” you asked, placing the baby on the bed to search for that shirt you always borrowed when you were over.

“I, uh, asked Garcia earlier. She called to say she couldn’t help babysit tonight and it just, um, came up, I guess.”

You tried not to read into that too much, he was probably just asking as a friend. You opened the door, carefully passing Michael into Spencer’s free arm so you could wash off your makeup in the bathroom.

“Didn’t work out. Stood me up. And now I’m here,” you answered shortly.

After washing your face, you start to run a bath for the two messy babies. “Spence, bring the babies in here for a bath. How’d they get spaghetti sauce on them anyways?”

Spencer laughed, placing Hank and Michael in the shallow water. “Henry was trying out card tricks over dinner and got a bit overzealous in his efforts.”

You couldn’t help but reach up and wipe away a smudge of sauce on Spencer’s cheek. He smiled softly, sending a pleasant fuzzy feeling throughout your body. You quickly turned back towards the boys splashing around in the claw-footed tub to hide the blush on your face.

“Hey, uh, I’m sorry about your date, Y/N.”

You gently rinsed off the giggling babies, sighing deeply. “It’s not your fault he didn’t show up. He just wasn’t the ‘perfect guy’ Garcia told me he was.” Hank and Michael let our twin shrieks of laughter when you ticked their bellies. “Towels?” You unplugged the tub stopper as Spencer picked up Michael to put him into clean clothes.

“C’mere, Hank, Auntie Y/N’s gonna dry you off.” He stretched his chubby brown arms up to you, making you smile. You blew a raspberry on his cheek, pulling his onesie on.

“You deserve better, you know”

You looked at Spencer, with his tousled hair and baby in his arms, eyebrows drawn with concern. Your heart skipped a beat.

“Thank you, Spencer. But I’m okay. It’s not the first time romance hasn’t worked out for me,” you said airily. You hear the older boys calling for you from the living room. “Duty calls.”

“Look what we made, Y/N!” Henry said proudly.

“We can watch movies in it!” Jack was just as excited by his friend.

A mountain of blankets and pillows and cushions were piled up on the living room floor, swamping the two boys lying in it. The opening sequence of Finding Nemo was playing on the TV.

You and Spencer exchanged looks before joining the boys, placing the babies in the middle of your little nest. It was nice, being snuggled up with all of them. You felt Spencer wrap his pinky around yours and didn’t fight the smile that was taking over your face.

This wasn’t exactly how you thought tonight would end, but it sure was better than anything you’d hoped.

You nuzzled into the soft fabric underneath your cheek, slowly waking from a slumber you don’t even recall falling into. The last thing you remember was Dory and Marlin talking to the Australian sharks.

You lifted your head from where it had apparently migrated onto Spencer’s shoulder during your nap. You rested your chin on his shoulder, opening your eyes sleepily.

“Hi,” you mumbled.

Spencer replied with a grumbly hello.

You sat up, jolting to full consciousness at lack of children around you. “Spence, where are the -”

An extremely smug Derek Morgan stood in the middle of Spencer’s living, holding a sleeping Hank. JJ mirrored his position with Michael in her arms, Henry and Jack giggling behind her.

Their smirks grew even wider when Spencer shifted, bringing his head onto your lap and draping his arm across your thighs.

“Reid,” you hissed, shaking his shoulder roughly, “Reid!

“Rise and shine, pretty boy,” Morgan teased.

That got the doctor’s attention.

“M-Morgan! JJ! How did you get in my - What are you - I-” He scrambled off of you. He tried stuttering out explanations, failing to make sense with his babbling.

JJ held up a hand and gave Spencer a silencing look that only a mother could perfect. “I guess you forgot you gave Morgan an extra key. We just wanted to say thank you for watching the kids tonight, Spence. And I’m glad Y/N came over to… help.” Her eyes twinkled knowingly. “We’ll take the boys off your hands now. Jack’s with me, too, so you don’t have to wait up for Hotch.”

She herded Jack and Henry towards the front door, waving cheekily on her way out.

You gave Derek a pointed look that clearly said GET. OUT.

“Have fun, kids,” he winked and strolled out the door after your blonde coworker.

You could only sit in silence, feeling your cheeks heat up at his implications.

You heard the patter of feet rushing back to the apartment.

Henry stuck his blonde head back into the room. “Y/N! Uncle Spencer likes yooooou!” he sang, before rushing off as quickly as he came.

The slam of the door echoed through the silence between you two.

You fell back onto the bed of blankets, reeling from the little boy’s words. Could Spencer really…?

He copied your actions, his arm pressed up against yours.



“You like me?”

“Y-yes. I do like you, Y/N. A lot. I just thought you’d never see me in that way. But please don’t go on anymore dates. Especially with accountants who don’t realize what an amazing girl they’re standing up at the bar.”

With a sudden rush of new found confidence, you swung your leg over Spencer’s torso, hands boxing around his head. His expression morphed into one of surprise, tinged with a hint of desire.

“No more dates with accountants,” you agreed. “Because I like you, too, Dr. Reid. A lot.”

You cut off his reply with an enthusiastic kiss. His wasted no time in responding, hands coming up under your borrowed shirt to rest upon the bare skin of your back. He seemed timid at first, but you were quick to change that.

Your fevered kissing came to a halt at the sound of both of your phones going off. You groaned and pulled away reluctantly, grabbing your phone from where it was sitting on the couch.

“This is Dr. Reid.”

“Y/L/N speaking.” You jerked the phone away from your ear, protecting your hearing from the high pitch squeals coming from the speaker.

Garcia, you mouthed to Spencer, who had an amused look on his face. Prentiss? He nodded in confirmation.

All you could make out was Spencer, picture, snuggling, and Morgan, but you had a pretty good idea what had her all wound up. 

You locked eyes with Spencer, silently agreeing to deal with your nosy friends later.

“Goodbye, Penny.”

No! No! Wait! Y/N, wai-” You hung up the phone and tossed it to the side next to Spencer’s discarded phone.

“So where were we?” Spencer asked cheekily, stroking his fingers against your waist.

“Let me give you a little hint.” You reconnected your lips hungrily.

Yup, you could deal with Garcia and Prentiss later. Much later.

Seriously. Spencer with kids kills me. In a good way. 

Play the Ace pt 3

{A/N} If you’ve stumbled across this and haven’t read the first two parts, click here!

Warnings: Light cursing. Again

“Baby, are you okay?” a sweet, familiar voice asks from the doorway.

You gasp and sit up, completely surprised to see him standing there.

“Bruce.. You.. I thought you weren’t coming home until later.” Your voice trails off, your eyes glaze over as your eyelids droop. Taking a deep breath, you try to get out of your head and back to normal, focusing on him again and setting the bottle aside.

“Not tonight,” he says, walking into the bathroom and loosening his tie, “Business finished a little, earlier, than usual.”

Wayne Enterprises was the most unusual company you have ever had the luxury of dealing with. You always thought if you didn’t know any better, you’d think he was cheating on you. Though you’ve vowed into the loner life, you can’t get over how great he is. He’s a nice guy with a great job, and a great face. So why does the Joker keep popping into my head?

He unbuttons his dress shirt, taking it off and hanging it over a divider screen, exposing his washboard abs as he moves under the lighting to sit on the edge of the tub.

“You look like you just saw someone get hit by a bus,” he says, a concerned look on his features.

“Thanks, babe,” you mutter through a sarcastic grin.

“You know what I mean,” he says, laying a hand gently on the back of your head as he starts to pet you, “it’s just not like you.”

You shrug softly, the warm water rippling against your skin. Normally, the loving gesture of his hand caressing your hair and neck would be fine. In fact, right about now you’d be leaning into his touch. But suddenly, you’re craving something rougher.. Something that’ll almost hurt- and you’re craving it quite terrifyingly so.

The thought of your own desire makes you shudder, causing him to pull his hand back, his fingers placing themselves upon your chin to gently make you face him.

“What happened, {Y/N}?” he asks, more concern written all over his face.

Bruce was caring and compassionate towards you. For being a multibillionaire, you question why half of the time. He’s prim, proper, and even though you know you can’t go out and act a fool under his watch, sometimes you have a few drinks with the band after a gig. He knows of this small habit, and you use it to your advantage in an instance like this. You shake off his fingers, grabbing his hand with your own and grinning. Pull yourself together, you think.

“I had a couple of drinks at the club I played tonight. No big deal. I’ve been a little shaken, I think I had too much or something.”

You exhale, even you’re buying what you’re selling and you sink back into the water. You notice his eyes trail to the wine bottle and back to you, and he cocks a brow.

“And continued to shake yourself farther in the tub?”

He elicits a small laugh from you, his eyes softening as he hears it. Nodding a few times while he stands up and makes his way towards the shower, turning the knobs carefully and sliding out of the remainder of his clothes. You bite your lip as you watch him hop into the shower. Every move he makes is perfection, and your thoughts wander back to the Joker again. The pale face, tattooed and glorious. His crimson painted lips.. It’s all so rough, but there’s something about it that excites you. ‘Damaged’, in script written across his forehead.. I wonder why that is..

“{Y/N},” Bruce calls from the shower, causing you to jump again slightly, “Why don’t you dry off and get to bed. We’ve got a busy day ahead tomorrow.”

“Good idea,” you say, grabbing a fluffy white towel from the side of the tub. You pull the stopper and stand up, drying off a bit before you wrap it around your warm body, sinking your toes into the plush bath mat.

You grab another towel to soak up the excess water from your hair, and walk over to the shower, sliding the glass door and leaning against the wall with a grin. Bruce’s eyes meet yours, a smirk on his lips while you eye him. The look on his face is sultry as he leans in and plants a soft kiss on your lips, causing you to melt under his own. Something in your brain clicks, and you decide to deepen the kiss, getting a bit rougher as you begin to bring yourself closer to him. Your fingers trace along the muscles on his shoulders, and the face you can’t manage to forget is clear in your mind. Something in you knows thinking of him is wrong, but if you could just feel that possessive grip again..

Bruce pulls away abruptly, and you hear a short laugh. Opening your eyes, your expression is completely confused. He turns the knobs off and takes a towel, wrapping it around his waist and walking out of the shower past you as he shakes his head. The water glistens on his body, and the smell of his soap lingers in the entire room.

“What was that for?” You ask, disappointed to say the least.

“We’ve got all night tomorrow night, babe. On top of that, I could feel you swaying from the booze, and your fingers were trembling,” he says as he shoots you a look through the large mirror lined with light bulbs.

Suddenly you realize that the thought of him had you exhilaratingly nervous, adrenaline pumping anxiously while you were touching Bruce as though he were the Joker. You blink a few times, pretending to be completely unaware of what he’s talking about. A smile parts his lips as he walks back into the master bedroom to find a pair of boxers to sleep in. You throw the extra towel over the divider and follow his lead, your thoughts going crazy as you try to conceal them.

This is not acceptable, you think as you pull out a {F/C} bra, matching panties and sweat pants from the immaculate dresser, leaving the towel hanging on a knob as you slip into your clothes. He was wealthy, but that didn’t change your tastes in comfy PJ’s in the least. You are better than that.. that thing that grabbed you today. This must be his game.. the way he toys with people. But.. god.. I haven’t been-

Bruce hugs you from behind, scooting you over to the bed and laying you down. You let a small laugh leave your lips and nod slowly.

“I know, I know, I’ll be a bitch in the morning if I don’t sleep now. Well, an even bigger bitch.”

He laughs, shaking his head as he runs a hand back through his dark hair. “You’re not a bitch. But I do need you alert for the company get together tomorrow. I don’t really want to be there enough as it is, but having you there and coherent will help, at least.”

You grin, he needs you more than he lets on, and you think it’s absolutely adorable. For a moment, you forget about the encounter you had today and roll over to his side of the bed as he gets in. You wrap an arm over his chest and lay your head on his shoulder, feeling the warmth of his fingers slide along your back. Your eyes close as you begin to think of something to wear tomorrow. Maybe something blood red.. is your last thought, paired with an image of the Jokers lips.

You wake up the next morning and the curtains have already been opened. A grin spreads lazily across your features while you roll over, expecting to see Bruce. You sit up when you see that he’s already left. Your brow furrows, and you pick up a note laying on his pillow, noticing his rough but small handwriting.

“Had to head in early, I’ll meet you at the party. I love you, Bruce.”

You sit up and sigh. Surely one day he’d be there when you wake up. A sharp pain floods over your arm, you curtly clutch it with your opposite hand, inhaling sharply. Fuck. Your mind disconnects again as his face invades your thoughts. You begin to squeeze your arm slowly, letting the pain intensify. The expression on your face only cringes slightly before you quickly let go. What the hell are you doing? Getting out of bed, you bring a hand to your temple and make your rounds to the closet, pulling out a short crimson party dress and heading to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

Looking in the mirror you almost don’t recognize yourself, turning to view your appearance at different angles, deeming yourself hot enough. The bruise on your arm has darkened considerably, but you don’t care. You couldn’t bare to cover it. You already knew Bruce wouldn’t be too thrilled with you ‘slutting it up’ for a daytime gathering, but this time, something in you changed. You wanted to be shown off, desired.. lusted after.

Spritzing your {F/S} perfume all over yourself, you come out of the bathroom and slip into your favorite black stilettos. Your heels clack through the penthouse, and you grab your clutch and keys from the shelving next to the door. Alfred must’ve picked up after me. Even after being with Bruce for a year and a half now, you still felt bad when you forgot to clean up after yourself and Alfred had to. You lock the door behind you - knowing that Bruce absolutely needs to have your home secure at all times, something you often tease him about - and walk across the small room to the elevator doors. DING. The doors open and you see the elevator attendant, a lovely and familiar face.

“Hey, Max.” You smile and he returns it.

“Hi, {Y/N}!” He was enthusiastic as always. He couldn’t have been older than you, and occasionally when he’d get off work you’d play cards, have a couple of drinks and catch up. Especially when Bruce would be extra late. He reminds you of yourself- he’s got the same upbringing, and you have a lot in common. He’s also been a true friend, which is something you just haven’t experienced before in someone who you weren’t romantically involved with.

“You look nice! Going down?” He asks, as usual.

You crack a grin and shake your head.

“Not on you.” You nudge him as you joke. You always try to come up with something sarcastic to say. You are in the penthouse after all, there really isn’t an ‘up’ unless you were going to the roof. “Thanks, though. Bruce and I are attending a gathering at Wayne Enterprises.”

He tilts his head and presses the button for the lobby, his expression completely unimpressed, “Oh, Miss {Y/N}, would you like another glass of our finest champagne? Please, do come with us to winter in Aspen!” he mocks in a British accent, causing laughter to erupt between them as the elevator slides downwards.

“I know, those things make me so uncomfortable! But, it’s my duty as his girlfriend.”

He nods with the toothy grin that always cheers you up. “I get that. Hey! Did you see the news today? Batman is upping his search for the Joker. Hear he’s been practically stalking these streets for him. Do you think we’ll see him? Oh, do you think we’ll get to see a fight!? Just imagine that, huh…”

You checked out the moment you heard ‘the Joker.’ Max keeps carrying on as you fast approach the ground floor, strangely hoping he would be okay. Batman had been after him for years, but somehow they always seemed to miss each other. At least, that’s how it looks to the public.

DING. The doors slide open again and you’re still clouded in your thoughts.

“Yeah, it would be crazy..” you say quietly, “Thanks Max, I’ll see you later.”

He looks at you, puzzled, “You need an escort to the parking garage?”

You shake your head, your nose scrunched a bit. He smiles again and waves goodbye as the doors close. Everyone in the large, opulent lobby greets you with smiling faces while you pass them by. You return the smile, but it’s void of any sort of genuine emotion. The doors on the right of you lead to a flight of stairs to the parking garage and you walk through them, heading for your car. Your eyes are on your phone as you look through news articles about Batman and his plans, your heels are the only echo, and you relax slightly knowing you’re the only one here.

As you approach your car, you click the button on the hub to unlock it. Suddenly, you hear that velvety voice emerging from behind a pole next to your car, causing your breath to hitch. You look up slowly as he speaks.

“Well, well, we meet again, doll face. Didn’t I say it would end up this way? Oh, I sure did..”

Unexpected Gifts (3x10: The New Neverland)

This one-shot is part of Twenty First Century Man, a series of canon compliant one-shots that explores Hook’s thoughts and feelings as he adapts to the Land Without Magic. Check out the master-post for a complete list of one-shots in this series.

Unexpected Gifts
Episode 3x10: The New Neverland
Rated: G

Hook + modern grooming practices

Thank you to @dramawiie for suggesting modern eyeliner/Sephora, and to @euphoric-melancholyy for suggesting modern razors!

Hook forced himself to turn away as Bae approached Emma. It didn’t matter that he was right Emma, that she wouldn’t let her former lover back into her heart very easily. He still should have expected that Bae wouldn’t back down so easily from what was, in retrospect, a rather obvious challenge. He’d hoped that Bae would have gone another route, insisting that he didn’t need Hook to back off to win Swan’s heart, as opposed to jumping at the opportunity to move in while Hook stayed back.

But he was a man of honor once again. He couldn’t go back on that promise he’d made to himself; it didn’t matter that he’d made such a promise in Bae’s memory, when he was mistakenly presumed deceased. What mattered was that Swan was starting to see him as a good man, not just a pirate, and he couldn’t allow himself to slip back into the darkness out of anger and wounded pride.

Besides, it was inevitable that Bae would disappoint Swan. And while there was no guarantee that she would come running into his waiting arms when it happened, there was an undeniable connection between them. He’d felt it on that beanstalk, on his ship, in the jungles of Neverland, when she’d kissed him—

He needed a distraction.

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whatareyoudoingferret my Louie loves to “hide” water bottles, tennis balls, and a teddy bear behind the couch. He hasn’t stolen anything crazy but he loves to try and steal the rubber tub stopper and hide it crazy places so we can’t find it…lol