Since the Tuareg guitar band Tinariwen from Mali was launched into the international stratosphere nearly 20 years ago, it’s become something of a rite of passage for rock musicians to guest on their albums. This time around, for Elwan (Elephants), their eighth international release, they’re joined by Kurt Vile, Mark Lanegan (formerly of Screaming Trees), Alain Johannes (formerly of Queens of the Stone Age) and guitarist Matt Sweeney, who’s worked with everyone from Will Oldham to Run The Jewels.

But that’s all a sideshow: The main draw continues to be Tinariwen itself — with the band’s swirling guitars, rhythms inspired by the gait of camels and gutturally declaimed poetry.

First Listen: Tinariwen, ‘Elwan’

Photo: Courtesy of the artists


‘NOMADNESS’ a photoshoot inspired by tuaregs tribes. 

My first very elaborated shoot. 

Photo and styling By me  ( @stillkeepsomefoolishness) for @architectbehavior

MUA: @lunaticwolf

Model : Ablaye 

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Pero allá, en las ciudades, en los pueblos, e incluso en los minúsculos villorrios, no había paz, ni tiempo, ni espacio, y todo era un aturdirse con ruidos y problemas ajenos; con voces y riñas de extraños, y se tenía la impresión de que resultaba mucho más importante lo que le ocurriera a los demás que lo que pudiera ocurrirle a uno mismo.
—  Alberto Vázquez-Figueroa, Tuareg