Presence 05 Tuarag Men  -  Festival au Desert mali  in Essakane two hours from Timbuktu

"This festival seeks its origin in the big traditional Touareg festivities, as Takoubelt in Kidal and Temakannit in Timbuktu, which represented for a long time a place for decision making and exchange of information among the different communities. At the beginning, there were songs and touareg dances, poetries, camel rides and games"

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Well not really, but it does affect how you work. I’ve always hated travelling with a 40 lb camera bag, just look at the size of that knapsack on my back! Not to mention the size of the Canon 1ds mark III and how it’s difficult to be discreet with it. Looking back at these images makes me realize how grateful I am that I now travel with the Fuji X-Pro-1 system. I don’t have to sacrifice image quality and my bag is about 2 lbs. This just wasn’t possible a few years ago. Fuji, you changed my life!