tu af am

I’m very proud of these 5. These are 5 young Black adults who have pursued their academic careers in African American Studies. For the record, they are receiving their Masters in this field. They are using the work that they have done to contribute and help liberate Black people all around the world. Some of them want to focus on helping Black children, some want to focus on Black people in East Asia, some want to focus on Black people in the Cayman Islands… But these wonderful people are willing to do the academic, community as spiritual work to help liberate and educate Black people. People ask people in Black Studies, “what can you do with that degree?” whether it’s a BA, an MA, or a Ph. D. You have your answer now- CHANGE THE WORLD, LIBERATE BLACK PEOPLE and HELP THE WORLD BECOME HUMANE. I’m proud to call these people friends and I love them. Me being a member of your TU Af Am family is very proud of you. Love you. YOU ARE WHAT BLACK EXCELLENCE LOOKS LIKE.