I think I forgot to post this earlier!

People frequently don’t understand how many revisions and how much  thought can go into designing even a fairly simple character!

Gale, the dancer, started out looking like this:

While we liked the body shape, the rest wasn’t working. She wasn’t nearly as quirky as the other characters, so we more or less went on an adventure to find out her personality. She was briefly a princess, but we hated it, so we went princess > fairy princess > bugcatcher > dancer somehow.

We also wanted her to have a different color palette than the other characters. I really wanted to do her hair purple, too, but couldn’t get it looking good and we really wanted the purple/yellow palette so she ended up blonde. I think she bleaches/dyes it though. :D

Lastly and probably most importantly, I didn’t want her personality to be just “girl” and after reading this article I removed any pointless “female” signifiers from her, such as hearts, flowers, bows, and excessive makeup. You can see them vanish back when I was doing thumbnails, about the time she turns from a bugcatcher into a dancer.

Throw Trucks With Your Mind!
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This is the process of a simple hand-painted tileable texture.

  1. I started by just tossing down a bunch of different browns. I’m not trying to create specific shapes, just to make some variation while avoiding anything that will look weird or obvious when tiled.
  2. I added shadows for cracks and rocks. I sort of start to define shapes here but again, the priority is just making sure it tiles well.
  3. I added highlights on the cracks, edges of the rock-hole-shadows, and along the dirt to define the shape more.
  4. Added rocks!

When I’m doing a tileable texture, I apply an “offset” filter with both directions half  the size of the full image. So in this case, this is a 512x512 texture, so I set the offset filter to 256x256. Once you have applied the filter once, you can do it again with ctrl + f, so I’ll just hit that occasionally while working to make sure I’m covering all portions of the image.

More complicated textures are obviously harder, dirt is about as easy as it gets.


Since we were talking about reference vs tracing, here’s something I blatantly painted over in Photoshop.

Generally, this isn’t the type of thing I do, but this is a promotional image made for work and this sped up my workflow while maintaining a final image very close to the in-game character model, so it worked out here for what my intention was.

Amount of work that went into this image:

  1. I designed the character back in March.
  2. She went through a couple revisions and had the final design approved by the team.
  3. 3D model was sculpted and painted by my coworker Lynda, using at least four different modeling tools.
  4. 3D model was handed off to another coworker, Kiyome, who created her rig in Maya.
  5. Maya rig was given to our animator, Matt, who (after pages of sketching and doing a full animation set for the game) posed her based on a sketch I did and exported her as an fbx.
  6. I imported the FBX into Max, placed lighting, took a render, then pulled the resulting image into Photoshop to paint over.

So this image is only possible because it’s gone through the hands of literally every artist currently employed at my studio. Yep.


Our environment artist will be speaking at PAX Dev and Pax Prime. While we aren’t officially showing the game yet, if you happen to come across him, he’ll have a laptop with the latest build and also these awesome mini prints to hand out!

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We are actually working on her a lot right now. We were hoping she’d be ready for the playtest yesterday, but when we got her in game…

…So hopefully she’ll be ready next week.

As for the tights, due to the way the unwrap was done, this would require completely redoing the unwrap, normal projection, and repainting textures, for a relatively small payoff. Don’t worry though, she doesn’t generally stand completely upright in a skin pose and looks great when she’s actually moving!