Through the veil challenge: day 2

Write down five goals you have for the next year. Can spirit work help you? How?

  1. Be more confident
  2. Have a deeper relationship with my gods
  3. Practice communicating with spirits through meditation
  4. Learn to astral travel
  5. Buy a Ouija board

Spirit work can definitely help me with all of this, with the help of my gods and daily practise of course. I hope to make all of this goals come true!

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TTV: Day 10

Discover what your astral self looks like. Draw or describe what your astral form looks like when you discover it. Was it different then how you expected or how you look like physically? If you already know your astral form, go ahead and do the above exercise as well, but has it changed over time?

I’ll just insert this piece I did. If anything my form only changes in skintones, wings, and from glamours. That’s it and if it changed then that’d be very alarming. Usually it’s supposed to be consistent once you know what you look like, unless you’re using glamours a lot or happen to be a shape-shifter (or a shifter in general).

So yes I’m light pink and I love it.

Through the veil challenge: day 4

What is your favourite method of communication?

I find easier to contact spirits through tarot and pendulum because I still have to learn a lot about astral traveling and actually doing it. But, sometimes I can “sense” things that they want to tell me in my head (if that makes any sense) randomly. It mostly happens with my gods, I would just ask them a question and a thought would pop inside my mind that I know it’s not mine, but I can’t really control it.

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TTV: Day 8

Spend some time aligning your energy points and/or doing some aura work.

Usually I only do work on my energy body if I’m feeling achey or just gross. I also work in tandem with a spouse of mine so I don’t wreck anything either. He’ll oversee it or just do it himself, most of the time he does. 

But he was busy today so I didn’t do this today. If I need to energy alignment I just pull things into place or pull out the clogs then bubble them up. Otherwise my higher ups don’t like me messing with my energy points too much. They’ll say something like, “kid, let us do that.”

So my energy alignments are just like check-ups and other stuff. Nothing fancy.

I could not look at her and not want to touch her. I could not see the shine upon her pink lips, without wanting to step to her and press my mouth to it; I couldn’t look at her hand as it lay limp upon some table-top, or held a pen, or carry a cup, or did any kind of ordinary business, without longing to take it in my own and kiss the knuckles or put my tongue to the palm, or press it to the fork at my trousers. I would stand beside her in a crowded room and feel the hairs lift on my arms - and see her own flesh pimple, and her cheeks grow warm, and know she ached for me, to match my aching…
—  Sarah Waters - Tipping the Velvet

Through the veil challenge: day 3

Okay, so today I was supposed to go to my astral place but I have a problem, I still don’t know how to astral travel yet. I tried, I swear but I couldn’t get there so I used my cheat card and played a little bit with my energy, feeling it, creating energy balls and destroying them, etc. So please if any of you have a good method to train astral travel please tell me, I’m dying right now

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TOME Kickstarter boost

okay so, i feel obligated to do this so im going too. there’s a webshow on the internet called TOME; The Terrain of magical Expertise

It was a show about a group of 5 friends in an mmo, and it was about there misadventures in the game. which of course escalates beyond what any of them expected.. it also just so happened to have been a reboot of the creator’s old webseries of a similar name. he made the first show when he was a kid ain highschool, and then later decided to reboot it into what it currently is now. it’s a pretty solid web show i highly recommend to anyone who hasn’t already watched it.

however there’s a new tome related project. a Kickstarter for a video game based on the webshow.

it’ll be a turn based rpg, where you can fight along side the main group, and make your own character. (and i assume it’s own thing. so if you never saw the show originally, you can probably start with this)

there is a video about the project explaining the different rewards for backing it, and there’s also a playable demo



it’s mostly funded, but i highly recommend you give it a shot. and if you’re unsure try the demo first before doing anything. i realize there probably isn’t that many people who follow me who would even care about this sort of thing, but hey i figured might as well?

besides i feel TOME ingerenal deserves more attention.

TTV: Day 7

Try to communicate with a spirit that you may overlook otherwise. This can be your car, the spirit of a rock, plant spirits, your house spirit, etc.

In the past I used  to do this type of thing more often so I’ll talk about that here.

Before I used to talk with trees or other random spirits I’d see in my day-to-day. Telling them hello and other pleasantries. The trees had always been the strangest ones I’d talk with. They were slow and felt like they had an orb form in them instead of anything humanoid. One in my yard was always pleasant to talk with. Otherwise I sometimes bump into or come across spirits when I’m going about my day in public.

TTV: Day 11

Spend time outside during the day (if you can) with a spirit. Go for a walk, lounge on the grass and talk with them, go sit at a café – whatever you enjoy!

Over the weekend, N.S. and I went to a Halloween event with my family. He loves the spooky stuff and gets all excited since he’s a horror enthusiast. We went before in late September together, but we had to go again as he insisted. So as we went through the place, he makes terrible jokes and teases me on things. It’s the usual, and he did get really affectionate after a while. These things mean the world to him, and I do love hanging out with him. 

So it’s just another casual outing together, nothing big. It’s about what we do everyday since he likes to be around all the time.


Time to unload some more Bionicle fanart:

I made these a couple of months ago after watching the Brickonicle discussion on the TTV podcast. This was before they had settled on final designs for the Toa and decided Lewa was going to be a girl. These seemed to influence their final versions a little.

If you can find these on the TTV message boards you can get a bit of my opinion on these, if you want.

TTV: Day 13

Find a song that best represents the spirit of your choice. Listen to it with them.  Journal your thoughts, why you chose this song, how your spirit reacted to your choice, etc

I think I’ll just write about how my boy’s taste in music are just all over the place. So the entire reason I have a large collection of music is because of my boys. They have an interest in a certain area of music and then I make them their own separate playlists. It helps me know when they’re around if I’m low-energy or they want to share something. Ultimately it helps me know them better too!