So, how do you feel now that you’ve gotten an interview with TTV? I assume that you really don’t care, and it wasn’t actually much of an interest you had.

How about them Halo videos? Fun stuff.

it was fun, my day took a turn for the worst and i was pretty upset (though i tried not to sound like it) so it was helpful to do something nice

halo is good

  • Friend: Hey why do you like that character so much?
  • Me: Are you sure you're ready for this kind of conversation

So after I saw @naoscifra‘s beautiful gift I decided to finally translate this and post it (I finished this in June/July)! The original one is in Spanish and it’s part 1 of her birthday gift of last year. It also included a message for her but I won’t translate that part cause it’s for her only :3.
What to tell you Sofi, you know ilu, thanks for the beautiful gift, it made my day!!! TTv TT ♥ And here’s a translation of yours! ♥♥ Hope you like it and enjoy it again!

Also here’s the omake:

Commentary about this AU under the cut

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1961 - At the start of the Gemini program, it was considered to have the two-man capsule land on a runway, instead of the usual spashdown in the ocean. As proposed, a Rogallo wing would deploy after the capsule entered the atmosphere, allowing the capsule to safely land on wheels or skis in a controlled descent.

The Gemini Test Tow Vehicle (TTV)-1 Paraglider was a manned-test article, dropped from a helicopter at Edwards Air Force Base, used to test the controlled landing concept. The design was dropped in favor of the more traditional parachute landings, but offers an interesting insight into what could have been.

The TTV-1 capsule is on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space’s Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center.


‘WTF Hair’, a quick review of the new ninja team, featuring a terrifying Zane, a messed up Kai I am too tired to fix, a somewhat strange variant of both Cole and Nya respectively, a Lloyd who seems fine I guess, and finally a Jay who actually seems like a pretty great redesign imo.


About that weird smile: so TTV mentioned a theory about his constant and kinda creepy grin. So in the the part where they are all gathered in the Bounty and they all (mostly) agree to give their lives to Ninjago, there is one voice that isn’t linked up to a mouth. There’s no way that’s careless but it looks like a mistake.


WHAT IF it’s part of Zane’s character that he only has programmed expressions and just “speaks” like other robots INSTEAD of having normal and more humane expressions like in the show? So like he has a happy face, sad face, angry face, serious face, etc- but speaks his dialogue like…well think C3P0 but with facial expressions.

I don’t know…I actually think that’s a really cool idea and twist on Zane. Sure, it makes it more obvious that he’s a robot but I wonder what his movie arc will be. I just thought that was cool and I wanted to share that.


figures it comes out right as i mention it, here’s the TTV interview with the clip of anonymous.

The Final Hunt - Bionicle 2016 Painting

As the Toa gather to finally confront their nemesis, they soon learn they are no match for the mighty Umarak. Underestimating his power, the Toa fail to stay united and one by one fall at his hands. Relishing in his victory, Umarak leaves the pitiful island of Okoto defenseless, traversing back from whence he came and bringing with him trophies of his most successful hunt: six golden masks of power.

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