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POST TTV! No pressure, obviously. It's just built so high, I've been refreshing your tumblr on an hourly basis when I know you won't even be posting anything anyway. I dunno how you pull people into your worlds so easily, it's actually incredible. I can't believe you don't have publishers chasing you down constantly. And you do this part-time. I'm in awe of you. We need to get some Tigress merch going I swear...

Aw, thanks so much! Smiling like a loon here :-P. That’s so sweet. I’ve actually considering putting “Resistance” on hold another few weeks to finish TTV. I really think there are only three chapters left to write (so four total to post), and I am finding it harder and harder to balance doing multiple WIPs at once. I used to do it all the time, but for some reason, it’s not so easy anymore!

So we’ll see :-). If life could just settle down, I’d have more time!

  • Friend: Hey why do you like that character so much?
  • Me: Are you sure you're ready for this kind of conversation

Time to unload some more Bionicle fanart:

I made these a couple of months ago after watching the Brickonicle discussion on the TTV podcast. This was before they had settled on final designs for the Toa and decided Lewa was going to be a girl. These seemed to influence their final versions a little.

If you can find these on the TTV message boards you can get a bit of my opinion on these, if you want.

The Final Hunt - Bionicle 2016 Painting

As the Toa gather to finally confront their nemesis, they soon learn they are no match for the mighty Umarak. Underestimating his power, the Toa fail to stay united and one by one fall at his hands. Relishing in his victory, Umarak leaves the pitiful island of Okoto defenseless, traversing back from whence he came and bringing with him trophies of his most successful hunt: six golden masks of power.

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Somebody just got some new masks!!!! @cyber-hand‘s PHENOMENAL Mask of Time (pedastal) version is easily my favorite of the two, evoking a Glatorian “mouth” shaping with the g2 faceplate. His Mask of Fire is SO classic! It looks ten thousand times better on him than the original mask! I couldn’t be happier with these products, and look foward to buying more in the future!

If you feel inclined to share these images anywhere else in the community (instagram, ttv, bzpower, etc.) please make sure to include a link to my blog, or at least a “photos by Cabbieboy” caption please!


About that weird smile: so TTV mentioned a theory about his constant and kinda creepy grin. So in the the part where they are all gathered in the Bounty and they all (mostly) agree to give their lives to Ninjago, there is one voice that isn’t linked up to a mouth. There’s no way that’s careless but it looks like a mistake.


WHAT IF it’s part of Zane’s character that he only has programmed expressions and just “speaks” like other robots INSTEAD of having normal and more humane expressions like in the show? So like he has a happy face, sad face, angry face, serious face, etc- but speaks his dialogue like…well think C3P0 but with facial expressions.

I don’t know…I actually think that’s a really cool idea and twist on Zane. Sure, it makes it more obvious that he’s a robot but I wonder what his movie arc will be. I just thought that was cool and I wanted to share that.


So after I saw @naoscifra‘s beautiful gift I decided to finally translate this and post it (I finished this in June/July)! The original one is in Spanish and it’s part 1 of her birthday gift of last year. It also included a message for her but I won’t translate that part cause it’s for her only :3.
What to tell you Sofi, you know ilu, thanks for the beautiful gift, it made my day!!! TTv TT ♥ And here’s a translation of yours! ♥♥ Hope you like it and enjoy it again!

Also here’s the omake:

Commentary about this AU under the cut

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