a network for people who can’t get enough orphan black


    ➳ mbf the original

    ➳ reblog this post (likes are for bookmarks only sorry)

    ➳ members will be announced when I feel enough people applied

what i’m looking for:

    ➳ friendly bloggers!

   ➳ people who love orphan black

    ➳ an organized, neat theme

    ➳ fandom blogs only (sorry)


   ➳ new friends!!

   ➳ a place to talk about orphan black (yay :D)

   ➳ help with edits, fanfics, themes, etc.

   ➳ a place on the network page

upon acceptance:

    ➳ I’ll send you and ask telling you that you’ve been accepted (have your askbox open please!)

   ➳ put a link to the network page somewhere on your blog

   ➳ track the tag #thecloneclubnetwork


im close to my next hundred and also ive been sick and am starting to get rly bored and just wanna do some blogrates so yeah:)


  • mbf me
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  • send me something idk song rec, tv show rec, movie rec, book rec, how your day was, a smiley face, anything:)

example rate below the cut

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excuse the badly edited banner but maaan emma frost though

Welcome to my first solo tumblr awards!
While there are going to be a ton of awards because I’ve designed this to be as multifandom as possible (in accordance to my fandoms - sorry teen wolf or game of thrones or any fandom i leave out), everything is very simple, so just read below.


Must be following emma frost
Reblog this post [likes aren’t counted as an entry, you can use for bookmarking though]
Must reach 30 notes or this didn’t happen
For best creations + original works, please send me a link to your work so you can qualify ^-^
Ends a month from now [October 6] - Winners will be announced the Saturday of that week [October 11]
Winners picked through poll except for Best Blog Overall, Rising Star, Tumblr’s Sweetheart, and Professor’s Favorite
One winner for each category + 3-4 runner ups


Best Icon

Best URL

Best Theme

Best Updates Tab

Best Pages [Tags/Navi + Misc.]

Best Posts [Overall]

Best Creations

  • Fanart
  • Edits
  • Graphics
  • Fanmixes
  • Fanfiction
  • Original Writing [poetry and such]

Best Multifandom


Best Blog Overall

Rising Star [under 500 followers - message me to qualify for this award]

Tumblr’s Sweetheart[over 500 followers - message me to qualify for this award]

Audience Favorite [Send me your favorite blogs, the 5 blogs with the most messages will be entered for this award]

Nicest Blogger [Send me the urls of the nicest blogger you follow/know, the 5 blogs with the most messages will be entered for this award]

Class Clown [Send me the urls of the funniest blogger you follow/know, the 5 blogs with the most messages will be entered for this award]

Professor’s Favorite [My personal favorite]


+Follow from me if not already
Individual spots in Updates Tab
Promos throughout the months of October, November, and December upon request
Bragging rights and my eternal love + friendship


+Follow from me if not already
Group spot in Updates Tab
Group promo the Saturday after winners are announced [October 18]
My eternal love + friendship

It’s our favorite time of the year - oversized sweaters, warm mugs of coffee and hot cocoa, dressing up for halloween, and all that good stuff! So I thought, why not have my first blog of the season now?


mbf mystique
reblogs only please [likes counted as bookmarks]
enter my multifandom awards? [optional but much appreciated]
must reach 15 notes or it falls into the void
ends september 30th - winner picked october 1st
1 winner + 2 runner ups

Looking For

organized, easy to navigate theme [bonus points if it’s pretty i.e. color scheme wise or if it has an updates tab]
friendly and interactive blogger
fandom blog - multifandom is totally fine [i'ma try not to be biased but xmen or marvel blogs will definitely catch my attention]
all in all fabulous posts
a hella icon + url are extras

Voting Process

winner will be selected by me
runner-ups will be selected through poll


spot in my updates tab until December
promos upon request throughout the season of fall
help with anything you need [notes on your selfies, reblogging your edits/graphics, poll help, etc.]
a truckload of food and my everlasting love + friendship


spots in my hall of hella mentions [alongside by multifandom awards runnerups]
individual promos the weekend of announcement
a pile of pumpkin pies and my everlasting friendship

blogrates because i reached .9k followers

and i’m pushing off watching the doctor who episode angels in manhattan. so here’s the dealio:

  • if you want, you can follow mrs. matt smith
  • reblog this post so more people can participate
  • i believe in equivalent exchange, so tell me one of the following:

1. which doctor (9-12) you think i would travel with


2. which wizarding school (beauxbatons, durmstrang, or hogwarts – remember they’re all co-ed) you think i would be best suited for

  • bonus points if give me a reason why (and by bonus points i mean you receive my love)

other things you can do:

blograte sample below the cut

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Nightmares (are feeding on my skin and bones) (1/1)

Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters/Ships: Clara, the Doctor
Rating: PG
Warnings/Spoilers: S08E10, sad!fic, character death
Summary: AU - “I didn’t lie to you, Clara. I know you have no reason to believe me, but please trust that I absolutely thought they would help, that this would work.”
Author’s note: I was in the middle of watching ‘The Web Planet’, and this idea hit. Title from the song 'Nightmares’ by Belle Histoire.


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blogrates b/c 2 years ago today I made my tumblr account!

(also its the 2 year anniversery of olicity meeting, I made my tumblr the same day they met, how cool is that?!?!)

mbf me

reblog this post 

send me an ask telling me approximatley how long youve been on tumblr or send me a ♔

blogrates will look like this

length: too short | just right | too long
do i get it?
overall: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | omg gimme it right now!

do i get it?
quality: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection
colors: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection
overall: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | omg gimme it right now!

sidebar/header: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection
colors: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection
neatness: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection
overall: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | omg gimme it right now!

updates tab(if applicable)
type: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection
colors: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection
content: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection
overall: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | omg gimme it right now!

are they in my fandoms?
quality: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection
overall: ok | nice | cute | fabulous | absolute perfection


following: no, sorry,ily<3 | +follow | duh | FOREVER AND ALWAYS<3<3<3

blacklist ‘Ali rates’

Hello everyone! Here are the first members of The Time Travellers Network! We have not closed applications yet, so you can still apply

We’ll be admitting people in groups of 10
Thank you all for applying and welcome:


mini song lyric poems

because i have so much homework to due (at least four hours of reading curtesy of my english major) and i really need to buy groceries. adulthood sucks. but i’m too lazy to do anything that i need to do and instead of resorted to staring out the giant windows of my new apartment (holla).

here’s the drill:

  • it’s appreciated if you follow this lazy bum
  • reblog this post, please
  • super on the spot, tell me who you ship with me. no, really, super on the spot, don’t even think about it. just say the first thing that comes to mind when you visit my blog.
  • you will receive a poem using five lines from five different songs
  • this never ends!

other cool things to do:

blogrates bc i need writing inspiration

i have a strict deadline of finishing and publishing a book by summer 2015 and i have so many WIP projects that i don’t really know which one to finish. so i’ve settled on creating a book of short stories and this is where y’all come in.

+ it’s optional to be following moi
+ reblog this to spread the word please!
+ send me a prompt, any prompt, but most importantly, send me a prompt that you’d love to read in a book
+ no need to send names along with the prompts as i’ll be inserting my characters into these scenarios and molding them to fit the storyline (unless you’re perfectly fine with giving me the name of one of you’re original characters)
+ prompts that make it into the book will be credited to the people who sent them in (so if you don’t mind attaching your name to the ask as well that’d be great, i’d rather not use your urls), those who didn’t - y’all will still be thanked and acknowledged :)

+small edit the storyline is officially sci-fi/adventure(or action)/romance, so please keep that in mind

blacklist ‘jasmine rates’

URL: idgi | not my fandom | pretty sweet | that’s one fine url | hOW?!?
Icon: selfie | not my fandom | pretty sweet | that’s one fine icon | tOO PERFECT
Theme: nice | great | pretty sweet | damn this is one hella theme | WILL YOU STOP?!?!
Posts: not my fandom(s) | pretty sweet | hella posts man | can you just nOT??

the confessional game

ayyy so i’ve decided to play a game where i confess all my secrets because why not? worst case scenario nobody plays and i get to keep my secrets. basically, this is personal story time. so here’s the drill~

  • must be following this fake redhead (its not even that red tbh)
  • reblog this post and more secrets are exposed
  • last step, send me this icon: ☂ (it’s an umbrella)

other things to do:


It’s thanksgiving break so I dont have school for a week, yay!!


mbf me

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tell me something exciting that’s happening in your life or send me your fave emoji 

rates will look like this:

url: i dont get it sorry | okay | nice | awesome | ITS FABULOUSLY PERFECT OMG HOW

icon: i dont rate selfies | okay | cute | awesome | WOAH ITS GORGEOUS I LOVE IT WOW

theme: theme garden | okay | pretty | awesome | OMG I LOVE IT BRB STEALING IT

posts: not my fandoms | okay | nice | awesome | GOSH THEY’RE PERFECT LIKE WOW CAN I HAVE YOUR PASSWORD

overall: okay | nice | awesome | FLAWLESS JUST FLAWLESS

following: no, sorry, ily<3 | +f | duh | UNTIL THE END OF TIME

blacklist ‘br’