First of all, thank you very much for helping me to post these gifs, it was really hard with all the size things and renders, I tried 4 times ! Now I know =)

So, baby pigeons loves to follow people to get their attention, and they will wait for you to notice them, even if you are really busy !!

It’s a funny exercice I often make, I take a photo of a random place and then I try to build a story with it … That often ends with birds bouncing !

In this case I wanted to use a illustration for the background (I didn’t made the background, Ghibli’s studio did) and I animated the characters on it, I wanted it to look like an anime and a cartoon in the same time =)

I posted it because many of you asked me how I could animate on other programs (because of the post with the “OH SO” talented pro animator telling me that I was wasting my time and that my animation program “censored”, I just hope that he will see this post !)

I made these animations with TVPaint and to be honest I animate exactly the same way as if I would animate this on my Nintendo DSi, good or bad programs doesn’t exists, all are great and we just need to know how to use them =)

Now some French translation =)

“Mais … ils sont trop mignons !” means “But … they are so cute !”

Cute for boys is “mignon” and for girls is “mignonne”

This boy is cute - ce garçon est mignon !

This girl is cute - cette fille est mignonne !

Voila ! Hope you will like these gifs, I may post some more like these in the futur =)