[ENG TRANS] TT Showcase - 2yeon is true love 

JH: (Nayeon’s team wins the game and can ask for anything from the opposing team) The winning team.. who wants to go first? 
*NY raises hand* 
JH: Ohhh.. you want to order Yoo Jungyeon to do something right? Okay then first of all Yoo Jungyeon-ssi has to come out… First please come out! 
JY: Why me?? *disbelief* Ah really..
JH: Both of you, don’t fight, 
NY: Come over. Come closer over here! 
JH: Okay no fighting, you can’t fight… What are you going to order her to do?
NY: *nonchalantly* First of all, 5 compliments about me and then piggyback *SMILE*
JY: *nods* Nayeon-unnie is…
NY: Louder!!
JY: 1) She cut her hair and is pretty. 2) Pretty. 3) Pretty.
NY: You can’t repeat it like that
JY: Ahhhhh.. okay fine 2) Her pupils are pretty
NY: I’m wearing lenses -_-
JY: And then 3) Her teeth are pretty 
NY: *unsatisfied because of JY’s lack of sincerity* This isn’t right T_T
JY: Ah, finally 4) I admit, you’re cute ^^
NY: *dies and hits JY* hehehehe OH there’s still 1 left
JY: There’s still one left?? zzz what is it *runs out of good things to say* can you all see it? 
NY: There’s one more! Just say it. You’ve said it to me before, always *shy*
JY: What is it? Your feet is big? 
NY: *sulking* Why are you like that…
JY: 5) You are number 1 (in power/ influence)
NY: Okay now you can piggyback me ^^ 
JY: Aaaaah… heavy ._.
NY: (You have to carry me for) 10 seconds!
JY: Ahhh, really

There’s more of this where Nayeon is wiggling her legs being piggybacked (suuuuper cute) and can I just say how I’m dying at this era ALREADY?

Trans: only2yeon
Source: PC_VizaRD


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