I need more blogs to follow. ;n;

My dashboard is like 96% with Exo and the 4% are other groups, ughh, so I really do need more blogs that post these groups: ((Would help me ALOT if you could also write which groups your blog contain of, thx♡))
Boy groups :
- Bts
- B.a.p
- Day6
- Vixx
- Got7
- Infinite
- SHINee
- Super Junior (Idc if it’s SuJu M/D&E/K.R.Y or M&D)
- Winner
- Monsta X
- Seventeen
- Up10tion
- Teen Top

Girl groups :
- Exid
- Red Velvet
- TaeTiSeo
- Snsd ( but just with Jessica ok)

Would also be very very nice if someone post about those two Kdramas ;; :
- Sassy Go Go
- The Heirs
And I just look into blogs that REPOST this, not into them who like this post ;-;